Black Satan

Black Satan symbol

Once again the evil group Shocker was reformed this time using the name Black Satan.

Mr. Titan episodes 1-13, 17-23 General Shadow episodes 13-39

Stronger fights three high ranking officials of Black Satan, Mr. Titan (episodes 1-13 and 17-23), General Shadow (13-38) and Dead Lion (25 & 26). Mr. Titan's full name is One-Eyed Titan but his subordinates usually address him as Mr. Titan.

Mr. Titan human form

Mr. Titan was played by Hamada Akira. General Shadow was played by Hirou Kawarazaki with Hidekatsu Shibata providing his voice. Mr Titan could disguise himself as a normal human, General Shadow never did. Mr Titan and General Shadow were rivals, when it looked like one might defeat Kamen Rider Stronger the other would intervene to make sure that didn't happen (just like Gill Hakaida and Shadow Knight wouldn't let the other defeat Kikaida-01).

Kamen Rider Stronger vs Hundred-Eyed Titan Hundred-Eyed Titan vs Kamen Rider Stronger

One-Eyed Titan was defeated in episode 13 only to return in a new more powerful form, Hundred-Eyed Titan, in episode 17. He could peal off the extra, small eyes to throw them like grenades.

Dead Lion episodes 25 and 26

Shortly after the death of Hundred-Eyed Titan, General Shadow is pushed aside again, this time by Dead Lion (height 180cm, weight 97kg), a Black Satan officer from Egypt.

The monsters in this series were "Kikaijin" (machine men), they were based on animals, arachnids, insects and plants. The Black Satan monsters were:

Jackal Kikaijin Wolf Scorpion

Episode 01: Jackal Kikaijin (height 195cm, weight 82kg)
Episode 02: Wolf Kikaijin (height 173cm, weight 50kg)
Episode 03: Scorpion Kikaijin (height unknown, weight unknown)

Turtle Pufferfish Jellyfish

Episode 04: Turtle Kikaijin (height 178cm, weight 65kg)
Episode 05: Pufferfish Kikaijin (height 165cm, weight 52kg)
Episode 06: Jellyfish Kikaijin (height 169cm, weight 55kg)

Aligator Venus Flytrap Mantis

Episode 07: Aligator Kikaijin (height 189cm, weight 150kg)
Episode 08: Venus Flytrap Kikaijin (height unknown, weight unknown)
Episode 09: Mantis Kikaijin (height 182cm, weight 72kg)

Condor Chameleon Spider

Episode 10: Condor Kikaijin (height 168cm, weight 65kg)
Episode 11: Chameleon Kikaijin (height 178cm, weight 68kg)
Episode 12: Spider Kikaijin (height 167cm, weight 64kg)

Squid Gorilla Beetle

Episode 13: Squid Kikaijin (height 185cm, weight 77kg)
Episode 14. Gorilla Kikaijin (height 165cm, weight 90kg)
Episode 15: Beetle Kikaijin (height 187cm, weight 96kg)

Mosquito Bat Stingray

Episode 16: Mosquito Kikaijin (height 177cm, weight 62kg)
Episode 17: Bat Kikaijin (height 169cm, weight 73kg)
Episode 18: Stingray Kikaijin (height 190cm, weight 105kg)

Toad Antlion Shark

Episode 19: Toad Kikaijin (height 181cm, weight 120kg)
Episode 20: Antlion Kikaijin (height unknown, weight unknown)
Episode 21: Shark Kikaijin (height 177cm, weight 78kg)

Caterpillar Moth Crab Armadillo

Episode 22: Caterpillar Kikaijin (height 173cm, weight 67kg)
Episode 23: Moth Kikaijin (height 195cm, weight 103kg)
Episode 24: Crab Kikaijin (height 186cm, weight 81kg)
Episode 25: Armadillo Kikaijin (height 181cm, weight 98kg)

Satan Bug

Episode 26: Black Satan's leader was Satan Bug (suit actor: Ozawa, Sh˘ji; voice actor: Naya, Gor˘)
Defended by revived Condor Kikaijin, Mosquito Kikaijin, Bat Kikaijin, Stingray Kikaijin, Toad Kikaijin

Black Satan soldier

Black Satan soldiers - episodes 1 through 26

Black Satan's soldiers were black cat men.

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