Crisis Empire

Crisis Empire

A group of aliens attempt to invade Earth. They attempt to justify the invasion and planned extermination of the human race by claiming that their home planet is being sucked into a black hole and that humans don't really care about the Earth so its right for the Crisis Empire to take it over. The leaders of Crisis Empire were:

Grand Lord Crisis

Grand Lord Crisis - ruler of Crisis Empire. Heard in episode 42. Appears in episodes 46 & 47. Voice provided by Naya, Gor˘!

Crisis Warlord Jak

Crisis Warlord Jak - commander of the invasion force sent to conquer earth. Appears in episodes 1-46. Played by Takahashi, Toshimichi. For his final battle with Kamen Rider Black RX, Crisis Warlord Jak is altered, made more powerful.

Colonel Maribaron

Colonel Maribaron - sorceress, second highest ranking officer of Crisis. The only Crisis Empire officer to appear in all 47 episodes. Loyal to Crisis Warlord Jak even over Grand Lord Crisis. Actually cares about her fellow Crisis officers and is upset when they are killed. I wanted her to kill Dasmada (see below) rather than for RX to do it. Only Crisis officer not killed by RX. Played by Takahata, Junko.

Captain Gedorian

Captain Gedorian - in command of alien lifeforms unit. Appears in episodes 1-42. Played by Watanabe, Minoru.

Captain Gatenzone

Captain Gatenzone - the robot in charge of other robots. Appears in episodes 1-43. Played by Kitamura Takayuki.

Naval Captain Bosgan

Naval Captain Bosgan - armed with jagged demon sword and dagger, commands Man-Beast unit. Appears in episodes 1-44. Played by Fujiki, Yoshikazu.

General Dasmada

General Dasmada - Grand Lord Crisis' right-hand man. Sent to Earth after the take over is constantly delayed by Kamen Rider Black RX. Most wicked of the lot. Has no compassion for the other Crisis officers when they are killed. He betrayed Crisis Warlord Jak. General Dasmada had a dark secret (spoiler warning) which is only revealed at the end of the series. Appears in episodes 28-47. Played by Tetsuya, Matsui.


Service droid Chakrum, announced Crisis Warlord Jak when the commander appeared before his subordinates. Brought messages from Grand Lord Crisis. Appeared in most episodes.

Crisis Empire not only had cybernetic mutants but actual robots as well. In many ways Kamen Rider Black RX was more like Ch˘jinki Metalder then any of the previous Kamen Rider series, although Crisis Empire did have soldiers like all the previous Kamen Rider series except for Kamen Rider Black. Crisis Empire monsters are Kaiman Senshi (Demon Warriors).

Skull Devil

Episodes 1, 2, 9, 19 & movie: Skull Devil

The first Crisis Empire monsters to arrive on Earth actually defeats Minami, Kotaro before he can henshin into Kamen Rider Black, but of course it is destroyed after Kotaro is mutated into Kamen Rider Black RX. There were also two Skull Devils that did not have the horns.

Kublican Harmful Giscon

Episode 2: Kublican
Episode 3: Harmful Giscon the Knight of Wind

Gun Gadin Harmful Gamoss

Episode 4: Gun Gadin
Episode 5: Harmful Gamoss

Burrowing Ten Bujin

Episode 6: Burrowing Ten
Episode 7: Bujin

Harmful Might Acchi Pecchi

Episode 8: Harmful Might
Episode 9: Acchi Pecchi & Skull Devil

Dogmarogum Scrap Demon vs RX

Episode 10: Dogmarogum
Episode 11: Scrap Demon

Zuno Warrior Flamey Grammy

Episode 12: Zuno Warrior
Episode 13: Flamey Grammy

Death Garon vs Roborider Triplon Version 1 Triplon Versions 2 and 3 vs Biorider

Episode 14: Death Garon
Episode 15: Death Garon & Triplon Versions 1, 2, 3

Neck Sticke vs Roborider Combined Triplon

Episode 16: Triplon Version 1, 2, 3 & Neck Sticker
Episode 17: Triplon Version 1, 2, 3 & Combined Triplon

Flying Squirrel Beast vs RX Black Zell vs Roborider

Episode 18: Flying Squirrel Beast
Episode 19: Black Zell & Skull Devil

Bya Fiend Shadow Beast vs Biorider

Episode 20: Bya Fiend
Episode 21: Shadow Beast

Ant Runt Shadow Moon vs RX

Episode 22: Ant Runt & Shadowmoon

In episode 22 Crisis Warlord Jack tired of his subordinates failure to kill RX assigns the task to Minami, Kotaro's old enemy Shadow Moon.

Harmful Brass Rin Back

Episode 23: Harmful Brass
Episode 24: Rin Back

Harmful Mantis Gill Hamrful Gingamu vs Biorider

Episode 25: Harmful Mantis Gill & Hamrful Gingamu
Episode 26: Hamrful Gingamu

Mat Bot Gimera Gomera

Episode 27: Mat Bot & Shadowmoon
Episode 28: Gimera Gomera

Episode 27 features the final battle between Kamen Rider Black RX and Shadowmoon.

Mun Degande Meta Snake

Episode 29: Mun Degande
Episode 30: Meta Snake

Erigitron Rock Devil

Episode 31: Erigitron
Episode 32: Rock Devil

Gazoregezora Shurai Being

Episode 33: Gazoregezora
Episode 34: Shurai Being

Will Fiend Balun Bolun

Episode 35: Will Fiend
Episode 36: Balun Bolun

Harmful Nimp Devil Beastman Ninja Corps

Episode 37: Harmful Nimp & Devil Beastman Ninja Corps

Sky Springler

Episode 38: Sky
Episode 39: Springler

Harmful Jaguarma vs Biorider 100 Eyed Hag

Episode 40: Harmful Jaguarma
Episode 41: 100 Eyed Hag

Gedeoll Ridoll Hell Gademu vs Biorider

Episode 42: Gedeoll Ridoll - last of Gedorian's alien lifeforms
Episode 43: Hell Gademu - last of Gatenzone's robots

Gran Zairus

Episodes 44 & 45: Gran Zairus, The Crisis Avenger

In episode 44 Grand Lord Crisis sends his most powerful weapon, Gran Zairus, The Crisis Avenger, to Earth to kill Kamen Rider Black RX.

Spirit World Demons fake Rider 1 vs real Rider 1

Episode 45: Spirit World Demons & False Rider

In episode 45 Maribaron, believing Kamen Rider Black RX to be dead, uses her magic to bring back the spirtis of 10 monsters previously killed by RX, to kill the other 10 Kamen Riders. Because they're dead spirits they are all a grayish-white in color. The Spirt World Demons are: Skull Devil (episodes 1 & 2), Meta Snake (episode 30), Zuno Warrior (episode 12), Harmful Nimp (episode 37), Mantis Gill (episode 25), Burrowing Ten (episode 6), Erigitron (episode 31) and Ant Runt (episode 22). Harmful Nimp impersonated Kamen Rider 1.

Jack Midora Grand Lord Crisis

Episode 46: Jack Midora
Episode 47: Grand Lord Crisis

In episode 46 Grand Lord Crisis increases Crisis Warlord Jak's power so Jak can confront RX and the other 10 Kamen Riders. In episode 47 Grand Lord Crisis takes on Kamen Rider Black RX himself.

Chaps Chaps

Chaps, Crisis Empire's robotic soldiers which wore three different colored uniforms, black and white, silver and white, gold and white. There were more of the black and white then the other two. For the last 4 episodes the Chaps all wore gold capes.


Many monster photos provided by Basri Ispandi author of Dedicated To Black.