Delza Army

Delza Army symbol

Kamen Rider Stronger and Electric Wave Human Tackle thought their battle was over once Black Satan had been defeated. They were wrong.

General Shadow episodes 13-39

General Shadow grows increasingly dissatisifed with his position in Black Satan until ultimatly he abandons it. After the defeat of Black Satan by Kamen Rider Stronger (in episode 26) General Shadow becomes the chief officer of the Delza Army. The other Delza Army officers were:

Staff Officer Kotetsu (Steel) Division Commander Arawashi (Wild Eagle) Doctor Kate) Major Skull

Staff Officer Steel - episodes 27 through 29 (height 190cm, weight 304kg)
Division Commander Wild Eagle - episodes 27 through 29, 39 (height 178cm, weight 80kg)
Doctor Kate (voice by Soga, Machiko) - episodes 27, 29, 30 (height 168cm, weight 54kg)
Major Skull - episodes 27, 30, 31 (height 187cm, weight 42kg)

Baron Rock General Wolf Commanding Officer Black Snake Woman

Baron Rock - episodes 27, 31, 32 (height 192cm, weight 1.7t)
General Wolf - episodes 27, 32, 33 (height 190cm, weight 80kg)
Commanding Officer Black - episodes 27, 33, 34 (height 192cm, weight 87kg)
Snake Woman - episodes 34 & 35 (height unknwn, weight unknown)

(Altough some of the officers listed above schemed against General Shadow behind his back, none was brave enough to openly disobey him. The officers below openly challanged General Shadow's leadership.)

Marshal Machine Armored Knight Commander Jijaku

Marshal Machine - episodes 35 through 39 (height unknwn, weight unknown)
Armored Knight - episodes 36 through 39 (height 196cm, weight 120kg)
Commander Jijaku - episodes 36 through 39 (height 210cm, weight 105kg)

Staff Officer Steel soldier Division Commander Arawashi soldier Dr. Kate soldier Major Skull soldier

Each of the officers were served by their own soldiers, who could be identified by the different masks they wore. Staff Officer Kotetsu's soldiers carried chains as weapons. Division Commander Arawashi's soldiers could fly.

Baron Rock soldier General Wolf soldiers Commanding Officer Black soldier Snake Woman soldier

Baron Rock and his soldiers could transform into rocks. General Wolf's soldiers carried spears. Commanding Officer Black's soldiers carried guns. Snake Woman's soldiers could transform into snakes. The soldiers were loyal not to the Delza Army but to their imediate commander. So they would only cooperate with each other if the officers were working together.

Marshal Machine soldier Armored Knight soldier Commander Jijaku soldier

Just as there had been a rivalry between Mr. Titan and General Shadow there were rivalries among the Delza Army officers. Staff Officer Kotetsu and Division Commander Arawashi fought over which would kill Stronger. Staff Officer Kotetsu and Doctor Kate wouldn't let the other defeat Stronger. Major Skull and Dr. Kate worked together but after that Baron Rock interrupted Major Skull's battle with Stronger. General Wolf tried to get Baron Rock to revolt against General Shadow. Finally General Shadow loses control to Marshal Machine (wearing costume: Ishizuka Nobuyuki, voice: Ichikawa Osamu), who came from Egypt.

Shark Antlion Gorilla Moth Crab Beastman

In the final episode Black Satan monsters Shark Kikaijin, Antlion Kikaijin, Gorilla Kikaijin and Moth Kikaijin are restored, as are Delza Army officer Division Commander Arawashi and (oddly) the Geddon monster Crab Beastman from Kamen Rider Amazon episode 9.

Delza Army General

The true leader of the Delza Army was the Delza Army General (suit actor: Nakamura Bunya; voice actor: Naya, Gorô) a stone giant controled by the same evil being which created Shocker, Gel Shocker, Destron, Government of Darkness, Geddon, (Garanda Empire?) and Black Satan. Only after the Delza Army was destroyed by the combined forces of Kamen Riders 1, 2, V3, 4 (Riderman), X, Amazon and Stronger did their true enemy show itself.

Delza Army General

The Delza Army General was in reality just a robot, controled by the true Dai Shuryou (Great Leader), a giant alien brain.