Destron symbol

Destron was an international organization bent on conquering the world, through terror and destruction. Destron was formed under the guidance of the mysterious Great Leader (Dai Shuryou) by surviving members of Gel-Shocker. Although Destron had branches in every country and seeked to dominate the entire planet its main headquarters was in Japan and so Japan was Destron's primary target. Destron was divided into 4 sub groups, the Mechanical Army, the Fang Tribe, the Wing Unit and the Armored Division. Initially the kaijin of the Mechanical Army followed the orders of the unseen High Destron (Great Leader) without any direct supervision, but after repeated failures of the kaijin High Destron summoned Doktor G from Destron: Germany to take charge of the day to day operations of Destron: Japan.

Destron Legionaries Destron scientist

The bulk of Destron consisted of the Destron Legionaries, soldier who all wore the same black uniform. Destron would abduct young, healthy human males to convert into Destron Legionaries. Destron scientists, dressed in white, were apparently volunteers loyal to Destron's goals. Occasionally other scientists with specialized knowledge would be abducted and forced to serve Destron against their wills.

Mechanical Army (Kikaig˘seikaijin)

Hasami Jaguar Kame Bazooka Kame Bazooka back side

Scissors Jaguar: episodes 1 and 2 and movie "Movie version Kamen Rider V3" (Gekijo-ban Kamen Raida V3) (height 194cm, weight 86kg)
        killed Kazami Shiro's father, mother and sister

Turtle Bazooka: episodes 1 and 2 and movie "Movie version Kamen Rider V3" (Gekijo-ban Kamen Raida V3) (height 175cm, weight 63kg)
        destroyed by self-detonated nuclear device within its body

TV Bae TV Bae Ika Fire Ika Fire backside

TV Fly: episodes 3 and 4 (height 174cm, weight 50kg)
         hypnotizes patients at a hospital and guests at a hotel to force them to join Destron
Squid Fire: episodes 3 and 4 (height 210cm, weight 75kg)
        created at Destron controlled hospital for the purpose of killing Kamen Rider V3

Machine Gun Snake

Machine Gun Snake: episode 5 (height 165cm, weight 53kg)
        trying to steal a scientist's theories about a new energy source to replace nuclear power. the live snakes that appear on camera are non-venomous rat snakes not cobras

Hammer Kurage Knife Armadillo Nokogiri Tokage

Hammer Jellyfish: episodes 5 and 6 (height 178cm, weight 94kg)
        appears after the death of Machine Gun Snake (episode 5) to contiue the mission to gain a new energy source for Destron (episode 6), it could transform its hammer into a flail (steel ball on a chain)
Knife Armadillo: episodes 7 and 8 (height 160cm, weight 66kg)
        a dead man brought back to life through the invention of an articial heart, captured by Destron and sent to find the surgeon who saved his life but went into hiding after Destron attacked his lab
        can transform himself into "Steel Cannonball" which V3 has to train to to overcome, defeated but revived only to die again (episode 8)

Electric Saw Lizard: episodes 7 and 8 (height 159cm, weight 51kg)
        Destron's first female monster, abducts the scientist's sister and son while V3 is training to defeat Knife Armadillo (episode 7), captures a "badly wounded" Kazmi, Shiro (episode 8)

Lens Ant Destron Rangers Kamisori Hitode

Lens Ant: episodes 9 and 10 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 180cm, weight 70kg)
        fires heat rays from it spinning lenses, crushes rocks will powerful claw, captures Junko and Shigeru who disobyed orders to stay safe at Boys Rider Squad HQ to watch motorcycle race,,
        ordered to kill Tachibana, Tobei and three members of the Boys Rider Squad who are looking for Junki and Shigeru (episode 10)

Destron Hell Corps: episodes 9 & 10
        falling back on one of Shocker/Gel-Shocker's favorite tactics, Lens Ant abducts motorcycle racers and turns them into Destron's Hell Corps. They're assigned to kill Kazami, Shiro/Kamen Rider V3.
Razor Starfish: episodes 9 and 10 (height 170cm, weight 59kg)
        ordered to fight Kamen Rider V3 along with Lens Ant when V3 enters a Destron base looking for Lens Ant (episode 9), it can immediatly regenerate its Razor arm when broken and sprays a burning foam
        from its chest (episode 10)

Ice Pick Shark Kamen Rider V3 and Drill Mogura

Ice Pick Shark: episodes 11 and 12 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 175cm, weight 70kg)
        created by a marine biologist adbucted by Destron his first act for Destron was to murder his creator, generates blinding "Pickaxe Flash", actually fights Kamen Rider V3 underwater
Drill Mole: episodes 11 and 12 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 200cm, weight 79kg)
        a man obssessed with Tama, Junko and jealous of Kasami, Shiro whom he believes to be her boyfriend is caputred by Ice Pick Shark and transformed into Drill Mole, a Destron cyborg mutant with
        an unquenchable hatred of Kasami, Shiro/Kamen Rider V3. Drill Mole abducts Junko in an attempt to force her to marry him

Doktor G

Doktor G (Dokutoro Gee) - episodes 13 through 30
Destron's first Eminent Chief, from Germany.
Played by Senba, Jotaro who adlibed Doktor G's
drawing out of his enemy's name, "Kamen RaiiiiiidÔ V3!"

Doktor G was an evil knight, he wore armor carried a shield and was armed with a battle axe, a short sword and a knife. In the comics his scorpion shapped helmet could transform into a deadly scorpion, but this did not happen on TV. Doktor G used a mixture of technology and black magic to create his monsters. Although he does not appear until episode 13 it seems likely that monsters from the first 12 episodes were also his. The Destron Legionaries under his command carried knives. Doktor G is my favorite Kamen Rider villain. He first appears at the end of episode 13 but does not have his first encounter with Kazami, Shiro/Kamen Rider V3 until episode 14. His final battle against Kazami, Shiro/Kamen Rider V3 (episode 30) is the best boss battle.scene.

Magnet Wild Boar and Kamen Rider V3 Gama Boiler

Magnet Wild Boar: episode 13 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 185cm, weight 50kg)
        impersonates a creature of folklore said to appear every 30 years, terrorizing a mountain village before moving on to Tokyo, as Destron: Japan prepares for the arrival of Doktor G!
Toad Boiler: episode 14 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 135cm, weight 79kg)
        designed by Doktor G as a weapon intended to kill Kamen Rider V3, Toad Boiler wants to die in battle with Kamen Rider V3 as his death will somehow mean V3's death as well

Burner Bat Missle Lizard

Burner Bat: episode 15 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 167cm, weight 48kg)
        uncertain as to whether Kamen Rider V3 survived his battle with Toad Boiler and Doktor G, Burner Bat is searching for Kazami, Shiro to finish him off in case he did or his body if he didn't
Missle Lizard: episode 16 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 180cm, weight 80kg)
        destroys a jet plane in flight, kills one witness and hunts down the other who tells a fisherman and his grandson (a member of the Boys Rider Squad) what he saw so targets them too

Spray Mouse Chain-Sickle Lady Bug Needle Blowfish

Spray Mouse: episodes 17 and 18 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 180cm, weight 59kg)
        kills then impersonates a priest (who quoted Revelation 22:11 before his murder) in order to use its "Devil Spray" to contaminate newlyweds with a deadly virus, mistakenly targets a friend of Tama, Junko
        tries to kill Chain-Sickle Lady Bug, real dissension in the ranks or attempt to trick Kamen Rider V3? (episode 18)

Chain-Sickle Lady Bug: episodes 17 and 18 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 211cm, weight 77kg)
        after Spray Mouse's blunder alerts Kazami, Shiro to Destron's latest scheme Chain-Sickle Lady Bug is sent to kill Kazami, Shiro so he cannot interfere when Spray Mouse begins a full scale assault
        on Tokyo (episode 17), surrenders to Kamen Rider V3, agress to betray Destron but is this a real change of heart or was it part of Doktor G's evil scheme? (episode 18)
        (depsite the monsters name it disguises itself as a man not a woman and its voice is clearly male not female)

Needle Blowfish: episode 19 (height 168cm, weight 58kg)
        toredoes ships and abducts any people on shore who may be witnesses to use as slave labor

Guillotine Zaurus Poison Needle Spider Water Gun Sea Lion

Guillotine Zaurus: episodes 20 and 21 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 175cm, weight 65kg)
        tries to kill Kazami, Shiro before he can discover and defeat Destron's plans for the island of Shikoku (episodes 20 & 21)
Poison Needle Spider: episodes 20 and 21 and Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 165cm, weight 53kg)
        injects Tachibana, Tobei and Tama, Junko with a mind control drug to get them to serve Destron
        (Poison Needle Spider's human form in the Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie was played by Nakamura, Bun'ya who later appears in the series as Marshal Armor)

Spear Gun Sea Lion: episode 22 (height 192cm, weight 50kg)
        sprays poison gas out of its mouth and fires missles from its arm, protecting a Destron outpost which is under the island the where the Boys RIder Squad's Summer Training Camp was taking place

Cannon Buffalo Propeller Beetle Cockroach Spike

Cannon Buffalo: Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons movie (height 195cm, weight 95kg)
        searching for Satanium, a newly discovered mineral more powerful than uranium
Propeller Beetle: episode 23 (height 172cm, weight 61kg)
        captures men to turn into Destron Legionaries and women to drink their blood to empower himself, ordered by Doktor G to drain the blood of his own sister
Cockroach Spike: episode 24 (height 168cm, weight 49kg)
        abducts women to test its bacteria filled spray on, trying to improve it before carrying out a large scale assault on Tokyo

Boomerang Mantis Heater Cicada Destron Ranger

Boomerang Mantis: episode 25 (height 170cm, weight 62kg)
        Patrols Mt. Omi, the Destron Rangers training grounds and kills anyone who discovers what Destron is doing there, targets Boys Rider Squad member and his older brother
Heater Cicada: episode 26 (height 163cm, weight 55kg)
        causes throats to burn with unquenchible thirst so people will drink the water the Destron Rangers have poisoned
Destron Ranger Corps: episodes 25 & 26
        The Destron Rangers don't look any different than the Legionaries, they've just received special training from Boomerang Mantis, first squad goes after Kazami, Shiro and a wounded Boys Rider Squad
        member while second squad sets out poison Tokyo's water supply

Colonel Zol, Ambassodor Hell, Doktor G, Doctor Death, General Black

Restored Shocker Eminent Chiefs Colonel Zol, Ambassodor Hell, Doctor Death and Gel-Shocker Eminent Chief Black Shogun: episodes 27 & 28
        Brought back from the dead to carry out Destron's Operation: Japan Annilation. Along with Doktor G each Eminent Chief is to see to it that the population of 5 cities in Japan are wiped out using
        the nerve gas Girard Gamma.s Doktor G is assigned Tokyo. Colonel Zol, Hokkaido. Ambassodor Hell, Kyusuh. Doctor Death, Osaka. Chugoku, Black Shogun.

Ring Throwing Stag Beetle Poison Dahlia, King Fiddler Crab, Newt Gesu, Poison Sea Urchin

Ring Throwing Stag Beetle: episodes 27 and 28 (height 170cm, weight 80kg)
        assisted by restored Shocker mutants: Poison Dahlia (Kamen Rider episode 32), King Fiddler Crab (Hell ( episodes 72, 73), Newt Gesu (episode 77), Poison Sea Urchin (episode 78).
        (Poison Dahlia is one of Colonel Zol's monsters, King Fiddler Crab, New Gesu and Poison Sea Urchin are all Ambassodor Hell's monsters, Dr. Death and Black Shogun have none of their monsters)

Camera Moth Kit

Camera Mosquito: episode 29 (height 168cm, weight 51kg)
        Doktor G's final mutant, it can impersonate anyone it photographs and can protect holographic images, ordered to destroy microfilm containg Destron secrets obtained by INTERPOL's Destron Hunters

Doktor G Kani-Lazer

Crab Laser: episode 30 (height 176cm, weight 51kg)
        After the deaths of Colonel Zol, Ambassodor Hell, Doctor Death and Black Shogun followed by the destruction of Destron's Mutant Factory, Doktor G loses favor with the Great Leader. There is only one way
        he can redeam himself, fight Kamen Rider V3 in a battle to the death. Doktor G summoned the spirits of dead, evil warriors to transform him into Crab Laser for his final battle against Kamen Raiiiiiida V3.

After Doktor G's death the voice of the Great Leader is heard: "Rider V3! Doktor G's demise concludes Destrons first offensive!". "I have created a new, reorganized Destron. The second offensive is about to commence. You will see how frightening that will be, Rider V3!"

Fang Tribe (Kibazokukaijin)

Baron Fang Baron Fang

Baron Fang (Kiba Danshaku): episodes 31 through 35
Destron's second Eminent Chief, from Africa.
Played by Played by Go, Eiji.

in episode 32 Baron Fang wore a tuxedo before switching back to his normal costume for eisodes 33, 34, 35

Baron Fang was the leader of the Fang Tribe, the members of which were cultists practing an evil magic called Doovoo [not to be confused with Voodoo]. Baron Fang wore a leapord's skin and was armed with a spear which could fire explosion charges. Empowering his monsters required Baron Fang to make a blood sacrfice of some innocent victim. Baron Fang's monsters were not at all like Doctor G's. Baron Fang's monsters were all based on animals which have fangs or tusks. They carried out their evil schemes to the sound of African drums. The Destron Legionaries who served under Baron Fang carried fang-shapped weapons.

Skull Boar Will-o'-the Wisp Walrus Snow Wolf

Skull Boar: episodes 30 & 31 (height 179cm, weight 67kg)
        appears only briefly in shadow at the end of episode 30 to show that even after the death of Doktor G, Destron will go on
        takes over a village but one of the few girl members of the Boys Rider Squad alerts headquaters

Will-o'-the Wisp Walrus: episodes 32 and 52(height 177cm, weight 66kg)
        impersonates a friend of Tachibana, Tobei in order to target members of the Boys Rider Squad who were once again together for training
Snow Wolf: episode 33 (height 175cm, weight 69kg)
        forced a scientist and his daughter, a friend of Tama, Junko, into setting a trap for Tama, Junko; Tama, Shigeru; Tachibana, Tobei and Kazami, Shiro,
        Snow Wolf met Hongo, Takeshi (Rider 1) who returned to Japan from Australia, and Ichimonji, Hayato (Rider 2) who returned to Japan from America he fought all three Kamen Riders and was killed
        "by a combination of Rider Throw" (from Kamen Rider 1) and "V3 Spinning Chop".

Primordial Tiger Smilodon Primordial Tiger Smilodon

Primordial Tiger Smilodon: episode 34 (height 185cm, weight 65kg)
        in both human and monster forms Primordial Tiger Smilodon rode a fang-shapped motorcycle.
        Primordial Tiger Smilodon spit fire. although Baron Fang refered to it as "The Sorceress Queen of the Fang Tribe" and it wa female in human form in monster form its voice was clearly masculine
        Primordial Tiger Smilodon took on all 3 Kamen Riders, falling to "Rider Triple Power",before the Double Riders left once ago to deal with Destron operatives in other countries

Baron Fang Vampiric (or Bloodthirsty) Mammoth

Vampiric (or Bloodthirsty) Mammoth: episode 35 (height 199cm, weight 89kg)
        After his Fang Tribe was wiped out by Kamen Rider V3, Baron Fang called on the spirits of Doovoo to give
        him the power to transform into the Vampiric Mammoth, so that he could take revenge on V3.

After Baron Fang's death the voice of the Great Leader is heard once again: "Rider V3...listen well! The Tusk Tribe is no more... But a group even more fiendish than the Tusk Tribe will soon appear before you. Led by Archbishop Wing, they are the Winged Corps!"

Wing Unit

Archbishop Wing: episodes 36-40

Archbishop Wing (Tsubasa Daisojo): episodes 35 through 40
Destron's third Eminent Chief, from Tibet.
Played by Fujino, Sachio.

Archbishop Wing was the leader of the Manji, an ancient cult of vampires. He is first seen briefly and in the dark at the end of episode 35 after Baron Fang is killed.. He is not sceen clearly unti episode 36. He carried a bird-headed, spiked staff. Except for one plant based monster, Archbishop Wing's monsters were all flying creatures. The Destron Legionaries who served under Archbishop Wing wore black robes similar to his. They removed them for combat.

Flame Condor Tree in the Clouds Flying Squirrel Murderous Poison Moth Man-Eating Banana Plant

Flame Condor: episode 36 (height 185cm, weight 80kg)
        kills business owners who wont hand their business over to Destron, burns them to death
Tree in the Clouds Flying Squirrel: episode 37 (height 156cm, weight 48kg)
        produces a poison gas, plans to set off a volcanic explosion to spread the gas, abducts Shigeru, his cousin and his grandfather
Murderous Poison Moth: episode 38 (height 1695cm, weight 66kg)
        siphons electricy from a power planet and kills workers when they discover it, adbucts a boy's father
Man-Eating Banana Plant: episodes 39 and 52 (height 169cm, weight 59kg)
        this poisonus plant monster abducts humans to shrink them down for easy storage so they can be used in the future to create more mustants
        Man-Eating Banana Plant breaks the pattern of winged monsters because episode 39 of Kamen Rider ;V3 was actually a remake of Kamen Rider episode 4, which featured the plant monster Sarasenian.
        Several episodes of Kamen Rider V3 were remakes of popular Kamen Rider episodes. In the 1970s Toei did not air reruns, instead they took stories that were favorites of the Japanese audience and
        repeated them in later series with new characters. Popular Kamen Rider V3 stories will be repeated in Kamen Rider X.

Archbishop Wing: episodes 36-40 Zombie Bat

Zombie Bat: episodess 40 and 52 (height 213cm, weight 63kg)
        Archbishop Wing takes on his true form, Zombie Bat, in his final battle with Kamen Rider V3 (episode 40). The revised version is just another monster, no connection to Archbishop Wing (episode 52).

Armored Division

Marshal Armor (Gensui Yoroi)

Marshal Armor (Yoroi Gensui): episodes 41 through 52
Destron's fourth and final Eminent Chief, from Mongolia,
pronounced "Destron" as "Deeeaaaastron".
Played by Nakamura, Bunya

Of course Marshal Armor wore (plate) armor. He carried an oversized spiked mace in one hand. Marshal Armor practiced black magic. His monsters were all heavily armored. They were physically the most powerful monsters Destron unleased.

Garumazillion Snail Buraa Sickle Neck Turtle

Garumazillion: episode 41 (height 215cm, weight 87kg)
        ordered by Marshal Armor to lure Kazami, Shiro into a trap by releasing a Destron slave so it can find Kazami, Shiro
Snail BurÔ: episode 42 (height 165cm, weight 87kg)
        places eggs inside residents of an apartment complex to turn them into slaves, a slave dies trying to kill Kazami, Shiro and her sister blaming him seeks vengence
Sickle Neck Turtle: episodes 43 and 44 (height 170cm, weight 65kg)
        sent to kill escaped Destron scientist Yuki, Joji using nerve gas (episode 43), starts killing innocent people (episode 44)

Rhino Tank Coelacanth Kid Destron Riderman

Rhino Tank: episodes 45 and 46 (height 158cm, weight 90kg)
        disguised as Santa Claus abducts children to train them to serve Destron, immune to "Mach Kick" and "Hurricane Dash" (episode 45), reassinged to concentrate on killing Kamen Rider V3 (episode 46)
        defeated by a combiniation of Riderman's "Net Arm" and Kamen Rider V3's "V3 Spinning Kick"

Coelacanth Kid: episode 47 (height 180cm, weight 80kg)
        Coelacanth Kid impersonates Yuki, Joji to infiltrate Boys Rider Squad headquarters and transforms into Destron Riderman in attempt to lead Kazami, Shiro into a trap

Starfish Ogre Chameleon Vampire Chameleon

Starfish Ogre: episode 48 (height 180cm, weight 89kg)
        sends mutant starfish to kill every person in Tokyo, defeated by combination of Riderman's "Net Arm" and Kamen Rider V3's "V3 Three Step Kick"
Chameleon: episode 49 (height 180cm, weight 89kg)
        shoots Yuki, Joji in the head and injects children with hypnotic drug
Vampire Chameleon: episode 50 (height 180cm, weight 89kg)
        after being defeated by "V3 Kick" Chameleon is restored with increased power, killed again with "V3 Full Revolving Kick"

Marshal Armor (Gensui Yoroi) Crayfish Demon Crayfish Demon

Crayfish Demon (Zariganna): episodes 51 and 52 (height 179cm, weight 87kg)
        Marshal Armor became Crayfish Demon in his final battle against Kamen Rider V3. He could remove his shell and use it as a shield and a thrown weapon and he spit flaming foam from his mouth.
        hIs scheme to destroy Tokyo with a nuclear tipped rocket (appears) to cost the life of Yuki, Joji/Riderman (episode 51), V3 declares Riderman to be "Kamen Rider #4" after his apparent death.
        defeated by Kamen Rider V3 he retreats to Destron base, and begs the Great Leader to save him, instead the Great Leader executes him for his cowardice (episode 52).
        Strange that altough Destron used the scorpion as its symbol it had no scorpion monsters

High Destron bodyguards High Destron

High Destron & Bodyguards: episode 52

When Kamen Rider V3 finally entered Destron's headquarters to confront High Destron aka The Great Leader (Dai Shuryou) he first had to fight his way past Great Leader's bodyguards. Once he got passed these superior Destron warriors all V3 found was the skelton of some kind of fanged creature. There was a beating heart in the skeleton's chest and a tape recorder in its skull. With the destruction of this strange creature Destron was no more, but the Great Leader would rise again as the power behind another evil group, the Government of Darkness, faught by Kamen Rider X (this not revealed until the end of Kamen Rider Stronger when its revealed that all the evil groups were created by the Great Leader even though he is not acutually seen or heard from in Kamen RIder X or Kamen RIder Amazon).

"Destron Praise Song" Lyrics

Destron symbol

Mutant names translated by James Holman.
Photos of Archbishop Wing, Marshal Armor (normal forms),
High Destron and b/w logo provided by Igadevil

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