Garanda Empire

Garanda Empire symbol

The Garranda Empire was after both Gaga, worn by the 10-Faced Demon, and Gigi, worn by Yamamoto, Daisuke/Kamen Rider Amazon.

Emperor Zero

Emperor Zero (Hirohisa Nakata) had the Ten-Faced Demon's bracelet stolen when Geddon was defeated, then tried to get Gigi from Amazon. Emperor Zero's lance could fire energy bolts that could destroy his own muntants and force Kamen Rider Amazon back into human form.

Garanda Empire monsters are all based on animals, archnids and insects and are called "Jųjin" (Beastman). The Garanda Empire monsters were:

Beastman Bee Japanese Water Beetle Toad Beastman

Episode 15: Beastman Bee (height 193cm, weight 102kg)
Episode 16: Japanese Water Beetle Beastman (height 250cm, weight 160kg)
Episode 17: Toad Beastman (height 180cm, weight 900kg)

Tiger Beetle Beastman Owl Beastman Mushroom Beastman

Episode 18: Tiger Beetle Beastman (height 210cm, weight 150kg)
Episode 19: Owl Beastman (height 193cm, weight 87kg)
Episode 20: Mushroom Beastman (height 192cm, weight 88kg)

Sea Anemone Beastman Flying Squirrel Beastman Salamander Beastman Imitation Rider vs Amazon Rider

Episode 21: Sea Anemone Beastman (height unknown, weight unknown)
Episode 22: Flying Squirrel Beastman (height unknown, weight unknown)
Episode 23: Salamander Beastman (height unknown, weight unknown)
                    Salamander Beastman becomes Imitation Rider.

Kamen Rider Amazon vs Emperor Zero

There is no Beastman in episode 24, Amazon battles Emperor Zero and Shin Emperor Zero. In this series no monster appears more than once, except for Mogura Jųjin.

Shin Emperor Zero

In episode 24 after he's killed Emperor Zero, Kamen Rider Amazon is confronted by a hooded figure, who is the true leader of both Geddon and the Garanda Empire. When Garanda Emperor removes the hood he looks exactly like Emperor Zero. He tells Kamen Rider Amaazon that he is Shin Emperor Zero, the Real Emperor Zero. The other one was a fake.

Garanda soldier

Garanda Soldier - episodes 14 through 24

Garanda Empire soldiers were male.