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Geddon was formed in the jungles of the Amazon.

Gorgos, the Ten-Faced Demon

Gorgos, the Ten-Faced Demon, leader of Geddon is not the leader of Shocker (Kamen Rider), Destron (Kamen Rider V3) and Government of Darkness (Kamen Rider X), although Naya, Gorô who had provided the voice of the Great Leader in the other series was the narrator in this one. One of the voices of the Ten-Faced Demon sounded like General Armor from Kamen Rider V3.

Geddon's monsters are all based on animals, archnids and insects and are called "Jųjin" (Beastman). The 14 monsters were:

Spider Beastman Bat Beastman Mantis Beastman Centipede Beastman

Episode 01: Spider Beastman (height 190cm, weight 105kg)
Episode 02: Beastman Vampire Bat (height 148cm, weight 55kg)
Episode 03: Mantis Beastman (height 196cm, weight 98kg)
Episode 04: Centipede Beastman (height 186cm, weight 97kg)

Mole Beastman Beastman Porcupine Snake Beastman

Episode 05: Mole Beastman (height 190cm, weight 102kg)
Episode 06: Beastman Porcupine (height 183cm, weight 103kg)
Episode 07: Snake Beastman (height 172cm, weight 290kg)

Crocodile Beastman Crab Beastman Black Cat Beastman

Episode 08: Crocodile Beastman (height 105cm, weight 220kg)
Episode 09: Crab Beastman (height 190cm, weight 93kg)
Episode 10: Black Cat Beastman (height 181cm, weight 75kg)

Snail Beastman Fire Ant Beastman

Episode 11: Snail Beastman (height 204cm, weight 156kg)
Episode 12: Fire Ant Beastman (height 201cm, weight 98kg)

Beastman Snake Dragonfly (larva) photo Beastman Snake Dragonfly (adult) photo

Episode 13: Beastman Snake Dragonfly [Larva] (height 183cm, weight 105kg)
Episode 14: Beastman Snake Dragonfly [Adult] (height 197cm, weight 132kg)

Amazonian Warrior

Amazonian Warrior - episodes 1 through 14

Geddon's soldiers were female warriors.

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