Geldam was formed in Africa but had agents in South America, Europe, the United States, Australia and some parts of Asia (but not Japan). After Kamen Rider 1 returned to Japan after fighting Shocker in Europe, Kamen Rider 2 followed Dr. Death to South America. Kamen Rider 2's battles with Geldam are not shown but he effectivly devistated the group just as Kamen Rider 1 destroyed Shocker.


Kani-Koumorii (Crab-Bat) - episodes 78, 79, 80, 97

Kani-Koumori (Crab-Bat), the last Geldam mutant went to Japan to attempt to kill Kamen Rider 1. Destroyed in episode 80. A second version appears in episode 97 as a Gel Shocker cyborg (wearing yellow boots).


Photo provided by Igadevil.