Go Go Kamen Rider

"Go Go Kamen Rider"

"Go Go Kamen Rider" was simply episode 13 of the series shown on a movie screen. It featured Tokageron and 10 revived previously killed Shocker monsters.

Sasori-Otoko Komorii-Otoko Shinigami Chameleon Kumo-Otoko

When revived Sasori-Otoko and Komorii-Otoko are unable to penetrate an electromagetic force field, Shocker scientists create Tokageron, a lizard monster using a famous soccer player so that it can kick a device capable of bringing down the shield, as no other Shocker monster has the strength to do so. Shinigami Chameleon and Kumo-Otok are sent to abduct the soccer player.

Sarasenian Hachi-Onna Yamogeras Kamakiri Otoko Gebacondor Cobra-Otoko

When Taki breaks into what he believes may be a Shocker base he finds himself in a room full of "statues" of Shocker monsters. The owner of the place claims to be a collector and demands that Taki leaves, so he does. After Taki has left the "statues" come to life.


The "collector" is of course Tokageron. Kamen Rider loses his first battle with Tokageron.and has to train to gain a new combat move.

Kamen Rider 1 (old)

Being simpley epsisode 13 this "movie" of course features Kamen Rider #1. Taki, Kazuya (Chiba, Jiro) is actually the main character because Fujioka, Hiroshi who played Hongo, Takeshi already had the motorcycle accident which removed him from the series until his leg healed.