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Government of Darkness Soldiers

Like Shocker, Gel Shocker and Destron,Government of Darkness had it's soldiers. They not only carried spears but were often armed with pistols and machine guns.

Government of Darkness' first 16 cyborg mutants were based on Greek and Roman mythology, after that they're a cross between animals and historical or fictional figures.


Neptune Pan Hercules

Neptune: episodes 1, 27 & movie (height 178cm, weight 83kg)
Pannic [Pan]: episode 2 & movie (height 184cm, weight 92kg)
Hercules: episodes 3, 21 & movie (height 177cm, weight 54kg)

Medusa Cyclops

Medusa: episodes 4, 21, 27 & movie (height 197cm, weight 105kg)
Cyclops: episode 5 & movie (height 188cm, weight 145kg)

Minotaur Icarus

Minotaur: episode 6 (height 189cm, weight 98kg)
Icarus: episode 7 & movie (height 170cm, weight 73kg)

Apollo Giest

Chief of Security Apollo Giest: episodes 8-14 (height 185cm, weight 75kg)

Atlas Mach Achilles

Atlas: episode 8 & movie (height 150cm, weight 60kg)
Mach Achilles: episodes 9, 10, 21, 28, movie (height 180cm, weight 80kg)

Prometheus Hydra

Prometheus: episode 10, 21 & movie (height 196cm, weight 102kg)
Hydra: episode 11 & movie (height 182cm, weight 79kg)

Chimera Ulysses

Chimera: episodes 12, 27, movie (height 173cm, weight 80kg)
Ulysses: episode 13, 21 & movie (height 166cm, weight 75kg)

Apollo Giest

Revived Apollo Giest: episodes 16-21 (height 190cm, weight 85kg)

Chronos Cerberus

Chronos: episodes 15 & 16 & movie (height 184cm, weight 76kg)
Cerberus: episode 16 & movie (height 179cm, weight 81kg)

Alseides Cadeus

Alseides: episode 17 & movie (height 175cm, weight 65kg)
Cadeus: episode 18 & movie (height 168cm, weight 79kg)


Ogle-Dagger Salamander-Gong

Ogle-Dagger: episode 19 (height 175cm, weight 69kg)
Salamander-Gong: episodes 20, 28 (height 181cm, weight 92kg)
Revived Hercules, Medusa, Mach Achilles, Prometheus: episode 21

King Dark

King Dark: episodes 22-35

After the defeat of Apollo Giest in episode 21 Kamen Rider X hears the voice of King Dark (Wada, Fumio), mocking him. King Dark (height 6 meters, weight 5 tons) is first seen in episode 22. Kamen Rider X first meets King Dark in the movie and then again in episode 32. The final battle comes in episode 35.

Genghis Khan-Condor Toad-Goemon

Genghis Khan-Condor: episode 22 & movie (height 191cm, weight 86kg)
Toad-Goemon: episodes 22, 23 & movie (height 173cm, weight 61kg)

Scorpion-Geronimo Horned Beetle-Lupin

Scorpion-Geronimo: episodes 22, 23, 24 (height 196cm, weight 89kg)
Horned Beetle-Lupin: episode 22, 25 (height 180cm, weight 86kg)

Franken Bat

Franken Bat: movie (height 180cm, weight 79kg)

Starfish-Hitler Spider-Napoleon

Starfish-Hitler: episode 26 (height 183cm, weight 91kg)
Revived Neptune, Chimera, Medusa: episodes 27
Spider-Napoleon (height unknown, weight unkown), Revived Mach Achilles & Salamander-Gong: episode 28

Chameleon-Phantom Government of Darkness Rider vs X-Rider

Chameleon-Phantom (height 178cm, weight 84kg) / Government of Darkness Rider: episode 29

Leech Dracula Lizard Viking

Leech Dracula: episode 30 (height 169cm, weight 73kg)
Lizard Viking: episode 31 (height 178cm, weight 76kg)

Ant-Capone Centipede Youkihi

Ant-Capone: episode 32 (height 169cm, weight 78kg)
Centipede Youkihi: episode 33 (height 164cm, weight 59kg)

Tiger Nero Scorpion-Geronimo Jr

Tiger Nero: episode 34 (height 180cm, weight 78kg)
Scorpion-Geronimo Jr.: episode 35 (height 194cm, weight 88kg)

Dr. Norai, true leader of Government of Darkness

Although the final episode (35) of Kamen Rider X reveals the insane Dr. Norai (once a friend of Jin, Keisuke's father) to be in command of the Government of Darkness, the leader of the Delza Army, in Kamen Rider Stronger, will claim to have formed all the terrorist groups from Shocker through the Delza Army, that includes the Government of Darkness.

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Mutant names translated by James Holman. Logo provided by Igadevil.