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Gel-Shocker was formed by merging the remaining forces of Geldam (a terrorist group based in Africa) and HREF="shocker.htm">Shocker when their leaders realized that Shocker was being destroyed by Kamen Rider 1 and Geldam by Kamen Rider 2 (off camera). The first act of the new organization (after the death of Hell Ambassador) was to eliminate Shocker Japan's soldiers and scientists.


Kani-Koumorii (Crab-Bat) - episodes 78 and 79 (last surving Geldam G˘seikaijin goes to Japan)
Geldam and Gel-Shocker's G˘seikaijin were based on a combination of two creatures.

Gel-Shocker Soldier Gel-Shocker Soldier Gel-Shocker scienists

Gel-Shocker soldiers were stronger than the Shocker soliders but were dependent on a drug which they had to take every three hours
or they would die and their bodies burst into flamen. In later episodes the Gel-Shocker soliders were purple instead of blue.
Like Shocker, Gel-Shocker had its science corps as well.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (General Black) - episodes 80 through 98 and Kamen Rider V3 episodes 27 & 28
Gel-Shocker's Eminent Chief, from Africa.
Played by Matasaburo, Tamba,
who adlibed Black Shogun's facial tic.

Sasori-Tokages Gurage-Wolf Ino-Kabuton (Pig-Elephant Beetle) - episodes 83 and 98

Sasori-Tokages (Scorpion-Lizard) - episode 81
Gurage-Wolf (Jellyfish-Wolf) - episode 82
Ino-Kabuton (Rhino-Elephant Beetle) - episodes 83 (murderer about to be executed is taken from prison to create this G˘seikaijin) and 98

Isogin-Jaguar Utsubo-Kames Washi-Kamakiri

Isogin-Jaguar (Sea Anemone-Jaguar) - episode 84 - (unsual for a Gel-Shocker G˘seikaijin his boots were pink not yellow)
Utsubo-Kames (Moray Eel-Turtle) - episode 85 - (violent criminal transformed into this G˘seikaijin)
Washi-Kamakiri (Eagle-Mantis) - episode 86

Delivery Man of Death Kumo-Lion Neko-Yamorii Canary-Cobra

Delivery Man of Death - episode 87 (delivers letters predicting the receipiant's death)
Kumo-Lion (Spider-Lion) - episodes 87 (makes the predictions come true while the Delivery Man watches) and 98
Neko-Yamorii (Cat-Gecko) - episode 88
Canary-Cobra - episode 89 - joined briefly at the end by Nesu-Condor

Nesu-Condor Nesu-Condor Mukades-Tiger Shonen Gel-Shocker Tai Shocker Rider #1

Nesu-Condor (Mouse-Condor) - episodes 89 and 90
Upgraded Nesu-Condor (Mouse-Condor) - episode 90 (upgraded with a beak weapon,after failing to kill Tachibana, Tobei)
Mukades-Tiger (Centipede-Tiger) - episodes 91 & 98
Shonen Gel-Shocker Tai (Boy's Gel-Shocker Squad) - episode 91 (brainwashed members of the Boy's Kamen RIder Squad)
Shocker RIder (#1) - episode 91 (appears briefly at the end)

Baitori-Hachis Shocker Rider #1 Ei-Dokuga Namecushi-Kinoko

Baitori-Hachis (Venus Flytrap-Bee) - episode 92, 93, 98
Shocker RIder (#1) - episodes 91-94
Ei-Dokuga (Stingray-Poison Moth) - episodes 93, 94, 98
Namecushi-Kinoko (Slug-Mushroom) - episodes 93, 94

Shocker Riders Shocker Riders

Shocker Riders - #1 episodes 91-94, #2, #3, #4,#5, #6 episodes 93 & 94
The six evil riders (In first photo they are in reverse order from #6 through #1)

Kara-Ocksu Saboten-Bat

Kara-Ocksu (Crow-Ox) - episodes 95 and 98
Saboten-Bat (Cactus-Bat) - episode 96 and 98

Black Shogun Hell-Chameleon

Hiru-Chameleon (Leech-Chameleon) episodes 97 and 98
Black Shogun monster form, used against both Kamen Riders

Revived Kani-Koumorii Mukades-Tiger Kara-Ocksu Ei-Dokuga
Saboten-Bat Baitori-Hachis Ino-Kabuton (Pig-Elephant Beetle) Kumo-Lion

In episode 97 Hiru-Chameleon was assisted by revived G˘seikaijin: Kani-Koumorii (Crab-Bat) (episodes 78 & 79) (now has Gel-Shocker yellow boots)
in episode 98 Hiru-Chameleon was assisted by revived G˘seikaijin: Mukades-Tiger (Centipede-Tiger) (episode 91), Kara-Ocksu (Crow-Ox) (episodes 95), Ei-Dokuga (Stingray-Poison Moth) (episodes 93, 94), Saboten-Bat (Cactus-Bat) (episode 96), Baitori-Hachis (Venus Flytrap-Bee) (episode 92, 93), Ino-Kabuton (Rhino-Elephant Beetle) (episodeS 83) and Kumo-Lion (Spider-Lion) (episodes 87) - surpringly Black Shogun is killed before his seven revived monsters

Shocker/Gel-Shocker leader - episode 98

After defeating Black Shogun the Double Riders finally
confronted the Great Leader of Shocker and Gel-Shocker

Gel-Shocker symbol


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