Unlike the evil groups in all the other Kamen Rider series, the Gurongi are not terrorists or aliens bent on world domination, they are a savage race supposedly from ancient times, somehow revived in modern Japan. The Gurongi are unique in that they speak their own language in addition to speaking Japanese.

At first the reason for the Gurongi brutally murdering humans is unknown. Me Karume Re tells the police (in episode 22) that it is just a game, but there is in fact more to it than that.

N Daguba Zeba, the leader of the Gurongi and the first to awaken, revives the others, over 200 of them, but he then slaughters most of them himself. Leaving only about 40 to terrorize the humans.

The Gurongi were divided into seven ranks, the Be, the Zu, the Me, the Go, the Nu, the Ra and the N. Each Gurongi kills humans in order to increase in rank. The Be and Nu were are killed by N Dakuva Zeba. The Be were never seen in the television series, one appeared in a stage play. Only one Nu appears in the TV series. The Zu want to move up to Me. The Me want to move up to Go. Each Go wants to be the one to challenge N Dakuva Zeba for the leadership of the Gurongi and the power to destroy humanity totatly. When the Zu are wipped out by Kuuga that leaves the Me free to attempt to reach Go status. When the Me are wiped out by Kuuga then the Go appear. There are only 2 Ra, the rose tattoo lady and the scorekeeper. There is only one N, the leader N Dakuva Zeba.

Just as the first part of a Gurongi's name indicates its rank the third part tells what kind of creature it is:
Ba - insects and arachnids
Da - mammal
Gi - fish and aquatic life forms
Re - reptiles & amphibians
Gu - birds and things with wings
De - plant

B-1 B-1

Ra Baruba De, the woman with the rose tatoo, seems to be a referee, she decides who gets to attempt advancement. At first each Gurongi keeps track of its own score, later the official scorekeeper, Ra Dorudo Gu, appears to keep the tally himself (episode 23). Nu Zajio Re [salamander] (episodes 12, 21-41) , the last of the Nu, makes the Gurongi weapons.

The police not knowing the creatures names classified each Gurongi as "Number #". The first Gurongi to revive, was classifed as "Number 0" instead of 1. The numbers used by the police do not neccesarily match the appearance of the Gurongi in the series. There were apparently more Gurongi encountered than were actualy shown in the series. We do not see Number 7-13, 15-20, 27-30, 32-35 or 40. Number 2 is Kuuga Growing Form and Number 4 is Kuuga Mighty. For some reason Ra Baruba De is classified as B-1 and Ra Dorudo Gu as B-9.

Zu Gumen Ba Zu Gohma Gu Zu Mebio Da Zu Bazoo Ba

Number 1: Zu Gumen Ba [spider] - episodes 1 and 2
Number 3: Zu Gooma Gu [bat] - episodes 2, 8, 21, 22, 36 through 39
Number 5: Zu Mebio Da [leopard] - episodes 3 and 4
Number 6: Zu Bazoo Ba [grasshopper] - episodes 5 and 6
                                                                                        Number 7: Zu Gujiru Gi [whale] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 8: Zu Garuga Ta [kangaroo] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 9: Zu Miuji Gi [manatee] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 10: Zu Gazubo De [pitcher plant] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 11: Zu Daago Gi [octopus] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 12: Zu Nezuma Da [rat] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 13: Zu Jamoru Re [gecko] - not seen on tv

Me Hachis Ba

Number 14: Me Hachis Ba [hornet] - episodes 7 and 8
                                                                                        Number 15: Me Agon Gi [sea devil] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 16: Me Aguri Da [anteater] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 17: Me Ibae Ba [fly] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 18: Me Gaage Re [lizard] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 19: Me Mugado Ba [centipede] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 20: Me Gorige Ba [coakroach] - not seen on tv

Me Kiga Gi Zu Zain Da Me Piran Gi

Number 21: Me Kiga Gi [squid] - episodes 9 and 10
Number 22: Zu Zain Da [rhinoceros] - episodes 11 and 12
Number 23: Me Piran Gi [pirahna] - episodes 12, 13 and 14

Me Kiyardo Gi Me Gatora Da Me Kinoga De Revived Me Kinoga De

Number 24: Me Kiyardo Gi [hermit crab] - episodes 15 and 16
Number 25: Me Gatora Da [tiger] - episode 17
Number 26: Me Kinoga De [mushroom] - episodes 18 and 19
Number 26: Revived Me Kinoga De - episode 20
                                                                                        Number 27: Me Gaera Re [frog] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 28: Me Zoebi Gi [lobster] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 29: Me Uzaa Da [rabbit] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 30: Me Demudo Ba [ladybug] - not seen on tv

Me Garume Re

Number 31: Me Garume Re [chameleon] - episodes 17, 21 and 22
                                                                                        Number 32: Me Ginee Da [fox] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 33: Me Gegura Gi [jellyfish] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 34: Me Gaperi Gu [pelican] - not seen on tv
                                                                                        Number 35: Me Juuma Da [zebra] - not seen on tv

Me Karima Ba

Number 36: Me Karima Ba [praying mantis] - episodes 23 and 24

The last Me and most of the Go carry weapons. The last me is armed with a bladed weapon, the first Go a blow gun, the second Go a whip. Go Badaa Ba rides a motorcycle.

Number 37: Go Buuro Gu [owl] - episodes 25 and 26
Number 38: Go Bemiu Gi [sea snake] - episodes 27 and 28
Number 39: Go Gamego Re [turtle] - episodes 29 and 30
Number 40: Go Jiino Da [wild boar] - episode 30.5 (video special)

Go Badaa Ba

Number 41: Go Badaa Ba [grasshopper] - episodes 27, 31, 32, 33
Number 42: Go Jaraji Da [porcupine] - episodes 34, 35
Number 43: Go Zazare Ba [scorpion] - episodes 36, 37, 38, 39
Number 44: Go Jaaza Gi [shark] - episodes 40 and 41

Number 45: Go Babere Da [buffalo] - episode 42
Number 46: Go Gadoru Ba [rhino beetle] - episodes 36, 37, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46
                                                                                        Number ??: Be Jimin Ba [water flea] - stage play

N Daguba Zeba

Number B1: Ra Baruba De [rose] - episodes 1 through 46
Number B9: Ra Dorudo Gu [condor] - episodes 45 and 46
Number 0: N Daguba Zeba [stag beetle] - episodes 47 & 48
                    (Ra Baruba De is never actually seen in her monster form. Ra Dorudo Gu is the scorekeeper.
                         N Daguba Zeba was the first to revive and he revived all the other Gurongi.)

My thanks to Pomai Souza for the pictures, Igadevil and Tetsuya Sawaki for the monster names and episode numbers, and Shinhayata for the names of the monsters not seen on tv. Note: in Japanese names the letter "G" could also be the letter "K", so some would spell the names differently.