Jin Dogma

Jin Dogma symbol

The defeat of Dogma Kingdom by Kamen Rider Super-1 did not bring peace to Japan, for an even worse group took it's place, Jin Dogma, lead by Admiral Akuma.

Admiral Akuma

Episodes 24-48: Admiral Akuma
Trumpets would play to announce his
appearing before his subordinates.
Admiral Akuma was played by Kaji, Kentaro.

Jin Dogma officers

Episodes 24-46: Princess Phantom (Youkai Oujo)
Episodes 24-46: Commander Will-O'-The-Wisp (Onibi Shirei)
Episodes 24-47: Doctor Ghost (Yurei Hakase)
Episodes 24-48: Staff Officer Witch (Majo Sanbou)

Instead of appearing one at a time the Eminent Chiefs of Jin Dogma appear all at once. Princess Phantom was played by Yoshizawa, Yuki. Commander Will-O'-The-Wisp was played by Kawarazaki, Hiro. Doctor Ghost was played by Suzuki, Kazuo. Staff Officer Witch was played by Todo, Yuko.

Jin Dogma Jin Dogma Jin Dogma

Episode 24: Kiraanaibu
Episode 25: Jishakugen
Episode 26: Kaen Uotsuchi

Jin Dogma Jin Dogma

Episode 27: Gurasankiddo
Episode 28: Bideon

Jin Dogma Jin Dogma Poison Spray

Episode 29: Amagansaa
Episode 30: Mahharooraa
Episode 31: Poison Spray (Supureedaa)

Jin Dogma Jin Dogma Red Danger

Episode 32: Tsuribotto
Episode 33: Rajigoon
Episode 34: Red Danger (Reddodenjaa)

Jin Dogma Jin Dogma Jin Dogma false Super-1

Episode 35: Isugirochin
Episode 36: Hasaminburaddo
Episode 37: Komasandaa & Robot Super-1 (Robotto Suupaa 1)

Jin Dogma Jin Dogma Jin Dogma

Episode 38: Kogoenbee
Episode 39: Furankeraitaa
Episode 40: Shabonurun

Jin Dogma Jin Dogma Jin Dogma

Episode 41: Kiimanjoo
Episode 42: Dokurobooru
Episode 43: Goorudaa

Jin Dogma Jin Dogma

Episode 44: Hashigoun
Episode 45: Shookakingu

Onibibinba Satan Doll Golden Ghost

Episode 46: Onibibinba (Commander Will-O'-The-Wisp's monster form)
Episode 46: Satan Doll (Princess Phantom's monster form)
Episode 47: Golden Ghost (Doctor Ghost's monster form)

Majiyoringa Satansnake

Episode 48: Majiyoringa (Staff Officer Witch's monster form)
Episode 48: Satansnake (Admiral Akuma's monster form)

After everyone else has been killed Admiral Akuma became Satansnake to kill Kamen Rider Super-1.


Episodes 24-48 Jinfighters (the soldiers of Jin Dogma)


Leader names provided by IgaDevil. Actor names provided by aria! Monster names provded by Shin Hayata.