Kamen Rider V3 title screen

Kamen Rider V3 ran February 17, 1973 - February 9, 1974 (52 episodes)

Character Actor
Kazami, Shiro Miyauchi, Hiroshi
Kamen Rider V3 (episodes 1&2) Nakamura, Yu
Kamen Rider V3 (episodes 3-52) Nakayashiki, Tetsuya
Kamen Rider V3 (motorcycle stunts) Kumasawa, Tushiaki
Tachibana, Tobei Kobayashi, Akiji
Tama, Junko Ono, Hizuru
Tama, Shigeru Hideki, Kawaguchi
Doktor G (episodes 13-30) Senba, Jotaro
Sakuma, Ken (episodes 29-32, 35, 36) Kawashima, Ken
Baron Fang (episodes 31-35) Go, Eiji
Archbishop Wing (episodes 36-40) Fujino, Sachio
Marshal Armor (episodes 41-52) Nakamura, Bunya
Yuki, Joji (episodes 43-51) Yamaguchi, Akira
Voice of Great Leader Naya, Gor˘
Narrator Nakae, Shinji

Kamen Rider V3

Kamen Rider V3 has the skill of Kamen Rider 1 and the strength of Kamen Rider 2 thanks to his "Double Typhoon" belt. Kamen Rider V3 is 180 cm (5 ft 10 inches) tall, weighs 75 kg (165 lbs) and can jump up to 60 meters (approx. 197 feet).

Kazami, Shiro

After Kazami, Shiro (Miyauchi, Hiroshi) witnesses the murder of a man by the new terrorist group Destron, attempts are made on his life, Destron wants no witnesses to their crimes.


After Shiro's family befriends a young woman, Tama, Junko; who stumbled on the location of Destron's base, they become Destron's next victims.

Hongo Takeshi, Kazami, Shiro and Ichimonji Hayato

Hongo, Takeshi (Kamen Rider 1) and Ichimonji, Hayato (Kamen Rider 2) aware that someone is after Kazami, Shiro watch over him but do not realise until too late that his father, mother and sister are also in danger.


Destron mutant Scizzors Jaguar breaks into the Kazami home and stabs to death Shiro's parents, Tatsuji and Aya and younger sister Yukiko. Shiro comes home in time to see his family murdered and would have been Destron's next victim if his chemistry teacher, Hongo, Takeshi; had not arrived and transformed into Kamen Rider 1. Kamen Rider 2 soon shows up as well. After Destron forces are driven off Shiro asks the Double Riders to make him a cyborg, so he can avenge his family. The Riders refuse, telling Shiro he does not want to know the pain of never being a normal human again and to allow them to do the fighting. He does not listen, which is fortunate for them.

Kamen Rider transformation

Riders 1 and 2 locate and enter Destron's headquarters only to discover they have been led into a trap. A laser designed to destroy cyborgs is turned on them. However, Kazami, Shiro seeking revenge on Destron has also located this base and finding the Riders in danger he shoves them out of the way of the laser--taking the blast himself, saving their lives. To save his they have no choice but to change him into a cyborg. Charging his "Double Typhoon" henshin belt with energy from both their belts, the Double Riders leave Shiro on the operating table, to go fight Bazooka Turtle who is firing on their location. In the midst of the battle Bazooka Turtle is surprised by the sudden appearance of a new, and deadlier, foe, Kamen Rider V3!

Kazami, Shiro

We see Kazami, Shiro transform into Kamen Rider V3 for the first time in episode 2.

Triple Riders: Riders 1, V3, 2

At the end of episode 2 Kamen Rider V3 Riders 1 and 2 appear to be killed when Bazooka Turtle's internal nuclear device detonates but they actually survived to fighr Destron (off camera) in Australia (Rider 1) and America (Rider 2). In episode 33 the Double Riders return to Japan to help Kamen Rider V3 deal with Baron Fang. They stay through episode 34. After helping V3 defeat Primordial Tiger Smilodon the Double Riders leave Japan again, not returning until Kamen Rider X needs help dealing with Government of Darkness.

'V3 Kick!'

Kamen Rider V3's special combat techniques include: "V3 Kaiten (Rotating) Double Kick", "V3 Drill Attack", Rider Enshin (Centrifuge) Kick", "V3 Screw Kick", "V3 Kaiten (Rotating) Kick", "V3 Hanten (Mid-Air) Kick", "V3 Kick", "V3 Kirimoni (Slice) Hanten (Mid-Air) Kick", "V3 Kaiten (Rotating) Sandan (Gun Shot) Kick", "Big Sky Punch", "Big Sky Kick", "V3 Body Attack", "Hurricane Last Dash" (riding Hurricane), "V3 Triple Punch", "V3 Sky Kick", "V3 Mach Kick", "V3 Double Attack", "V3 Kirimoni (Slice) Kick", "V3 Sandan (Gun Shot) Kick" and "V3 Full Kaiten (Rotating) Kick".

Rider Triple Power

Kamen Riders 1, 2,and V3 together had the "Rider Triple Power" attack.

Double Typhoon

Kamen Rider V3 has many other special devices and abilities. The most important is his henshin belt "Double Typhoon" which gives him the skill of Kamen Rider 1 and the strength of Kamen Rider 2. On one side of "Double Typhoon" is an energy converter which allows V3 to gain extra energy from external sources.


V3's antenna allow him to communicate with Kamen Riders 1 and 2, Boys' Kamen Rider Squad base and the radio pendents carried by squad members.

V3 Hopper

One V3's most used devices (at least in earlier episodes) is "V3 Hopper", a portible mini-satellite which allowed him to track Destron's movements.

Scramble HopperScramble HopperScramble Hopper

"V3 Scramble Hopper" scrambled the brains of Destron Legionaries.

V3 O SignalV3 Red Lamp Power

"V3 O Signal" is a monster detector. "V3 Red Lamp Power" reflects an enemy's attack back at him.

V3 Red Bone PowerV3 Barrier

"V3 Red Bone Power" generates a burst of energy. "V3 Barrier" is an energy shield.

Special Armored MusclesCell Strengthing System

"Special Armored Muscles" could deflect bullets. "Cell Strengthing System" allowed V3 to deflect edged weapons.

Reverse Double Typhoon

"Reverse Double Typhoon" releases all of Double Typhoon's energy in a massive attack. After using this Kazami, Shiro cannot henshin into Kamen Rider V3 for three hours. V3's most powerful weapon but also the one most dangerous for him to use.

Tachibana, Tobei Junko and ShigeruBoys' Kamen Rider Squad

Kamen Rider V3 is assisted in fighting Destroy by Tachibana, Tobei (Kobayashi, Akiji); Tama, Junko (Ono, Hizuru); Tama, Shigeru (Kawaguchi, Hideki) and the Boys' Kamen Rider Squad. The Boys' Kamen Rider Squad headquarters is hidden inside Tachibana, Tobei's Central Sports shop. Junko operates their radio system. Her younger brother, Shigeru is a member of the Boys' Kamen Rider Squad and someties assists Junko. The original plan called for Shiro and Junko to actually become romantically involved but this idea was dropped after episode 12. Junko gets over her crush on Shiro and his supposedly hidden feelings for her never materalize, instead they become more like brother and sister.

V3 training

    Kamen Rider V-3 experienced similar battles of Kamen Riders I and II. While battling the Knife Armadillo, Kamen Rider V-3 realized the weakness of his shoulders. In order to magnify his strength. he engaged in rigorous training, comparable to steel or iron capacity.
-- from an article in the Star-Bulletin & Advertiser, 1970 something.

When V3 needs training he turns to Tachibana, Tobei who previously trained Kamen Rider 1. This training did not result in a new body for V3, it just strengthend him.


Kamen Rider V3's motorcycle was called Hurricane. Hurricane had a top speed of 600k/h (approx. 373 mph). V3 is my favorite Kamen Rider and Hurricane is my favorite motorcycle.

Hurricane speed indicatorHurricane speed indicatorHurricane speed indicator

Just as V3 has his "Double Typhoon" Hurricane has a single Typhoon, which changes color to indicate what speed Hurricane is traveling at. Blue indicates Hurricane is traveling at 200km/h (approx 124 mph), yellow 400km/h (approx. 249 mph) and red 600km/h (approx. 373 mph).

HurricaneKazami, Shiro on motorcyclke

Hurricane could drive itself and came when V3 called for it. Kazami, Shiro rode an ordinary looking motorcycle that could transform into Hurricane when he transformed into Kamen Rider V3. [Miyauchi, Hiroshi did his own stunts as Kazami, Shiro including riding the motorcycle hands free but it was professionl stunt driver Kumasawa, Tushiaki who rode Hurricane as Kamen Rider V3.]

Doktor G - episodes 13-30 Baron Fang (episodes 31-35)Archbishop Wing - episodes 36-40Marshal Armor - episodes 41-52

Destron mutants are based on animals, insects and plants. V3 encounters 4 high ranking leaders of Destron: Doktor G (episodes 13-30), Baron Fang (31-35), Archbishop Wing (36-40) and Marshal Armor (41-52).

3 Kamen Riders

In the movie Kamen Rider V3 Vs. Destron Demons Kamen Riders 1 and 2 show up at the end to help V3 fight several revived Destron kaijin and a new one, Cannon Buffalo.

Destron Hunters 1, 5, 2, 3Sakuma, Ken

Episode 29 introduces the "Destron Hunters", six agents of the International Police (Interpol) sent from France to Japan with the assigned task of spying on Destron and sabotaging its operations. Destron Hunter 6 was played by Nakayashiki, Tetsuya, the main Kamen Rider V3 suit actor. Being ordinary humans the Destron Hunters are no match for Destron's cyborg mutants. 4 and 6 are killed by Camera Mosquito before Kamen Rider V3 is able to destroy the muntant (episode 29). Hunters 1, 2 and 3 are killed by Doktor G himself, after they succefully destroyed Destron's mutant factory (episode 30). V3 showed up too late to safe them. Kazami, Shiro befriends the lone survivor Destron Hunter #5 Sakuma, Ken who becomes his sidekick (as FBI agent Taki Kazuya was sidekick to Hongo, Takeshi and Ichimonji, Hayato. Apparently Sakuma, Ken was not popular with Japanese audience so he only appears in episodes 29-32, 35 and 36. No explination is given for his not appearing after episode 36. He probably returned to Interpol's headquarters in Paris.

Rider Man and Kamen Rider V3

In the 43rd episode V3 encounters a new enemy, who later becomes a friend, Riderman.

Kamen Rider V3 title screen 2

Kamen Rider V3 was on TV in Honolulu when my family lived there (June of 1973 through January of 1976). My first Kamen Rider, V3 is also my favorite. I used to have a V3 Henshin belt. They are collectors items these days. I wish I had kept mine.

Kamen Rider V3 Episodes

Kamen Rider V3 Songs

Kamen Rider V3

Other appearances of Kamen Rider V3


Kamen Rider V3 - episode 2 modified to movie format
Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons (July 18, 1973) - between episodes 22 & 23
Five Riders vs. King Dark (July 25, 1974)
8 Riders vs. Milky Way King (March 15, 1980)
Kamen Rider Super-1 (March 14, 1981)
Kamen Rider-SD (January 25, 1993) - animation


Kamen Rider X (1974) - episodes 27, 28, 33, 34
Kamen Rider Stronger (1975) - episodes 35, 37, 39
Kamen Rider All Back Again! 7 Riders (January 3, 1976) - 45 minute special
New Kamen Rider (1979) - episodes 23, 27, 28, 34, 35, 54
Kamen Rider #10'S Birth! Riders Come Together (January 3, 1984) - 45 minute special
Kamen Rider Black RX (1989) - episodes 41-47

Rider Chips; Fujioka, Hiroshi; Miyauchi, Hiroshi; Mizuki, Ichiro; Horie, Mitsuko

Kazami, Shiro is last seen on television in Kamen Rider #10'S Birth! Riders Come Together. In 2000 Miyauchi, Hiroshi took part in the live stage show "Masked Rider Live 2000". He sang "Fight! Kamen Rider V3" and played Kazami, Shiro in a battle against Igadevil (Dr Death's monster form), Okami-Otoko (Colonel Zol's monster form), Kanibubbler, Shioraneking, Musasabedorl, Shocker soldiers and Shadowmoon. In this show V3 gains a new power "V3 Thunder".

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