Neo Shocker

Neo Shocker symbol

Shocker is reformed, once again, as Neo Shocker. This new version of shocker has only two Eminent Chiefs operating under Dai Shuryou (Great Leader).

General Monster

General Monster - episodes 1 through 17
The first Eminent Chief of Neo Shocker, appears right from the beginning.
Played by Shinzo, Hotta.

Gamereojin Kumojin Koumori Sasoranjin

Episode 01: Gamereojin (chameleon)
Episode 02: Kumojin (spider) - also in the movie
Episode 03: Koumori (bat)
Episode 04: Sasoranjin (scorpion) - also in the movie, episodes 27 & 28

Dokubachijin Kinokojin Kamakirijin Mukadenjin

Episode 05: Dokubachijin (poisonous bee)
Episode 06: Kinokojin (mushroom) - also in episodes 27 & 28
Episode 07: Kamakirijin (praying mantis)
Episode 08: Mukadenjin (centipede)

Koburanjin Kaningaajin Sanshuujin Namekujin

Episode 09: Koburanjin (cobra)
Episode 10: Kaningaajin (crab)
Episode 11: Sanshuujin (toad)
Episode 12: Namekujin (slug)

Arijigokujin Haejigokujin Aokabijin Gokiburijin

Episode 13: Arijigokujin (ant lion)
Episode 14: Haejigokujin (venus flaytrap)
Episode 15: Aokabijin (blue mold)
Episode 16: Gokiburijin (cockroach) - also in the movie, episodes 27 & 28

General Monster becomes a kaijin in episode 16

Episode 16: Yamorijin (gecko)
Episode 17: Yamorijin (gecko) - also in the movie, episodes 27 & 28

Admiral Majin

Admiral Majin - episodes 17 through 53
Neo Shocker's second and final Eminent Chief had no kaijin form.
Played by Naka, Yosuke.

Shibireijin Ookamijin Saidump Kurageron

Episode 18: Shibireijin (electric ray) - also in the movie, episodes 27 & 28
Episode 19: Ookamijin (wolf) - also in the movie & episode 27
Episode 20: Saidanpu (rhino) & Kurageron (jellyfish)
Episode 21: Saidanpu & Kurageron - Saidanpu also in the movie, Saidanpu & Kurageron both in episodes 27 & 28

Kogoensukii Musasabeedaa the older Musasabeedaa the younger Madarakajin

Episode 22: Kogoensukii (frozen) - also in the movie, episodes 27 & 28
Episode 23: Musasabeedaa Brothers (flying squirrels) - second one is also in the movie, episodes 27 & 28
Episode 24: Madarakajin - also in the movie, episodes 27 & 28


Movie: Ginga-Oh (Milky Way King)
An alien invader with whom Neo Shocker made an aliance.

Admiral Majin sent Neo Shocker kaijin to assist (and keep an eye on?) Ginga-Oh:

?????? Ougon Jakaa Arumajiigu Neo Shocker's tank

Movie: ??????
Movie: Ougon Jakaa (Gold Jaguar) - also in episodes 27 & 28
Movie: Arumajiigu (operates Neo Shocker's tank)

Revived monsters Kumojin, Sasoranjin, Gokiburijin, Yamorijin, Shibireijin,
Ookamijin, Saidanpu, Kogoensukii, Musasabeedaa, and Madarakajin also appear.

Zougameron Bongo Dokuganbi Hirubiran Guranbazaamii

Episode 25: Zougameron (turtle) & Bongo (baby turtle) - Zougameron also in episodes 27 & 28
Episode 26: Dokuganba (poison moth) - also in episodes 27 & 28
Episode 27: Hirubiran (leech) & Guranbazaamii & 13 Revived Kaijin
Episode 28: Guranbazaamii & 12 Revived Kaijin
                         (The revived monsters are Sasoranjin, Kinokojin, Gokiburijin, Yamorijin, Shibireijin, Ookamijin, Saidanpu, Kurageron,
                         Kogoensukii, Musasabeedaa #2, Ougon Jakaa, Zougameron, Dokuganba. Ookamijin is killed early in episode 27.)

Hikarabiino Oobakuron Ougon Jakaa Torikabutoron

Episode 29: Hikarabiino (hikarabiru= to dry up)
Episode 30: Oobakuron
Episode 31: Ougon Jakaa (Gold Jaguar) & Torikabutoron
Episode 32: Ougon Jakaa (Gold Jaguar) & Torikabutoron (tori=bird, kabuto=armored helmet or type of beetle)
                         (Ougon Jakaa is restored again, now wears armor.)

Dobunezukon ??????? Takogyangu

Episode 33: Dobunezukon
Episode 34: ??????? & Takogyangu (Octopus)
Episode 35: ??????? & Takogyangu (Octopus)

Kigingaa Doragonkingu Gamakirasu

Episode 36: Kigingaa & Doragonkingu (Dragon King)
Episode 37: Kigingaa & Doragonkingu (Dragon King)
Episode 38: Gamagirasu

Unideemon Okabba Houshi Kuchiyuurei Zonbiida Mimingaa

Episode 39: Unideemon (sea urchin demon) & Okabba Houshi (Buddist priest)
Episode 40: Unideemon & Okabba Houshi
Episode 41: Kuchiyuurei
Episode 42: Zonbiida
Episode 43: Mimingaa

Doronyangoo Hebingaa Kagamidokage Abungaa

Episode 44: Doronyangoo
Episode 45: Hebingaa & Abungaa
Episode 46: Kagamidokage (mirror and shadow) & Abungaa
Episode 47: Abungaa

Dororingo Skyrider vs Nise (Fake) Skyriders

Episode 48: Dororingo / Nise Sukairaidaa (Fake Skyriders)
                         (Dororingo becomes Fake Skyriders)

Zenyoujuu Dagamerasu Ringubea Taichou Hebitsuka

Episode 49: Zenyoujuu
Episode 50: Dagamerasu
Episode 51: Ringubea
Episode 52: Taichou Hebitsuka (snake mound leader)

Dokuro Ansatsutai

Episode 53: Dokuro Ansatsutai (Broken Skull Assassination Squad)
Episode 54: Dokuro Ansatsutai

Dai Shuryou

Great Leader [Dai Shuryou] - episodes 52 through 54
The leader of Neo Shocker, a giant dragon

Ari Komando

Like all the evil groups before it Neo Shocker had its soldiers. The common soldiers, Ari Komando (Ant Commandos), are all in black and tend to be armed with staff weapons. The elite Broken Skull Assassination Squad [Dokuro Ansatsutai] (episodes 53 & 54) members wore white skull masks and black capes lined with red. These soldiers were armed with swords and crossbows.

Neo Shocker

Neo Shocker scientists/technicians dressed all in white.

Actor names provided by aria!
Monster names and some monster photos provided by Shin Hayata.
Neo Shocker symbol from Igadevil.