Shin Kamen Rider

Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue was released Feburary 20, 1992 (90 minutes)

Character Actor
Kazamatsuri, Shin Ishikawa, Katsuhisa
Shin Kamen Rider Okamoto, Jiro
Asuka, Ai Nomura, Yumi
Kazamatsuri, Daimon Ishihama, Akira
Himuro, Gen Harada, Daijiro
G˘jima And˘, Reiji
Onizuka, Yoshikazu Kataoka, Kouki
Sarah Fukamachi Tsukada, Kiyomi
Yűki, Takuya Takashima, Masanobu

Shin Kamen Rider

There was about 3 years between the end of the tv series Kamen Rider Black RX and this made for video movie.

Kazamatsuri, Shin

Kazamatsuri, Shin (Ishikawa Kohisa) volunteers to take part in medical research, as a patient. He believes he is helping to find a cure for cancer. Actually, he's been used as test subject by an insane scientist who thinks that by mixing grasshopper cells with human cells he can create a new, better race to replace humans.

The grasshopper-man costume was worn by stuntman/actor Okamoto, Jiro.

Although "Kamen" means "Masked" Shin doesn't wear a mask, he actually becomes a Grasshopper-Man. So the term Kamen really does not apply to him. Also he only rides his motorcycle in his normal human form -- so the term Rider doesn't really apply either. He has no henshin movement (the change just comes over him like the Incredible Hulk), never named his final blow and no one in the movie ever refered to him as "Kamen Rider" (although someone did enter into a computer: "Code name: Masked Rider"). Which is why in my opinion Shin shouldn't be counted as a Kamen Rider at all. To date Shin has only been seen once in the made for video movie Shin Kamen Rider (1992).

Shin's enemies are "The Syndicate" and the CIA (which in this film is no better than the mob).

movie as posted on TOEI TOKUSATSU WORLD OFFICIAL youtube channel (turn on CC for English subtitles)

The opening theme of Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue is a short instrumental piece. The Ending theme is "Forever", vocals by Watanabe Noriko.

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