Kamen Rider Amazon
Kamen Rider Amazon Songs

Opening Theme

Amazon Rider Is Here

Ending Theme


Motorcycle's Theme

Run Jungler of Flame

Multiple Riders Theme

I Am Tachibana Tobei

Villains Themes

Destroy Amazon

Other Themes

Amazon Alone
Amazon Rider Action
His Name is Amazon
Let's Fight Together, Amazon
Our Amazon Rider
Teach Me Amazon
Tokyo Jungle

Songs From Other Shows Which Include Kamen Rider Amazon

Fight! Seven Riders! (from Kamen Rider Stronger)
Shine! 8 Riders (from New Kamen Rider [Skyrider])
9 Riders Forever (from Kamen Rider Super-1)
Starts On, Kamen Rider (would have been used in Kamen Rider ZX series had there been one)
The Great Song of 11 Riders (from Kamen Rider Black RX)

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