Kamen Rider Stronger
Kamen Rider Stronger Songs

Opening Theme

Kamen Rider Stronger's Song

Ending Themes

Stronger Will Fight Again Today! (episodes 1-31)
Stronger Action (episodes 32-39)

J, Shigeru's Theme

Our Brother J, Shigeru

Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle's Theme

There Go On! Dear Tackle

Motorcycle's Theme

Kabutoroh Boogie

Multiple Riders Theme

Fight! Seven Riders!

Villains Themes

Wahahaha! Terrorizing The Country

Other Themes

Look!! Kamen Rider Stronger
My "S" Mark Shines On My Chest
Stronger Counting Song
Stronger Picture Painting Song

Songs From Other Shows Which Include Kamen Rider Stronger

Shine! 8 Riders (from New Kamen Rider [Skyrider])
9 Riders Forever (from Kamen Rider Super-1)
Starts On, Kamen Rider (would have been used in Kamen Rider ZX series had there been one)
The Great Song Of 11 Riders (from Kamen Rider Black RX)

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