Skyrider Songs

Opening Themes

Burn! Kamen Rider (episodes 1-28)
Kamen Rider, You're The Man (episodes 29-54)

Ending Themes

Run To A Faraway Love (episodes 1-28)
Shine! 8 Riders (episodes 29-54)

Motorcycle's Theme

Oh-Oh Kamen Rider

Multiple Riders Theme

Eight Rider Men Medley

Other Themes

Henshin! Kamen Rider
Now, A Distant Sun Rises
That's The Kamen Rider
The Man Who Came From The Horizon

Songs From Other Shows Which Include Skyrider

9 Riders Forever (from Kamen Rider Super-1)
Starts On, Kamen Rider (would have been used in Kamen Rider ZX series had there been one)
The Great Song Of 11 Riders (from Kamen Rider Black RX)

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