Tachibana Motorcycle Club

Before opening the Tachibana Motorcycle Club, Tachibana, Tobei ran a coffee shop, Snack Amigo where he had 3 employees a young man Shiro and and two young women, Midorikawa, Ruriko (who's father was murdered by Shocker) and Nohara, Hiromi. When Hogo, Takeshi went to Europe he took Midorikawa, Rurik with him and she is never seen again. Shiro and Hiromi fade out of the series without explination.

Eventually, Tachibana, Tobei closes Snack Amigo to live out his dream, openining the Tachibana Motorcycle Club. Unfortunaly the only real motorcycle riders that ever join are Hongo, Takeshi (Kamen RIde 1), Taki Kazuya (Japanese American FBI Agent who followed Shocker to Japan) and Ichimonji, Hayato (Kamen Rider 2). And only Hongo was really interested in winning motorcyle races but Shocker's evil schemes always got in the way. Most of the clubs memebers were young women with no skill in riding motorcycles. During the course of this 98 episode series the membership fo the Tachibana Motorcycle Club will change without warning or explination.

Other than the three men the other members are:
Ishikura, Yuri (a friend of Nohara, Hiromi) claims to be a 1st dan black belt in karate, the longest last of the "Rider Girls", appearing in 82 of 98 episodes (14-59, 61-64, 66, 67 & 69-98).

Michi (a friend of Nohara, Hiromi) the only woman who actually has some experience riding a motorcyle (episodes 14-18, 20, 21, 24, & 25)

Mari (a friend of Nohara, Hiromi) has some experience in fencing and is actually able of some use in battling Shocker soldiers (episodes 14 - 25, 29 - 38)

Ishikura, Goro (Yuri's younger brother), all of the men look upon him as a younger brother (episodes 14-62, 65). After succesfully infiltrating a "Shocker School" helping Kamen RIder, Taki and Tachibana, Tobei to free the abudcted and brainwashed children, Goro is never seen again. His abscence is not explained. Yuri doesn't seem to miss her younger brother.

Emi, assists Hongo, Takeshi as he battle Shocker in Europe (off camera). When he returns to Japan to help Ichimonji, Hayato (Kamen Rider 2), she stays in Japan when he returns to Europe (episodes 40-66, 68)

Mika, assists Hongo, Takeshi as he battle Shocker in Europe (off camera). When he returns to Japan to help Ichimonji, Hayato (Kamen Rider 2), she stays in Japan when he returns to Europe (episodes 40-52)

Tokko, wiitnesses Shocker attack on a zoo and joins the club as their cook (replaces Mika) (episodes 53-69)

Yokko (friend of Yuri) is put in charge of communications after Tachibana, Tobei and Taki Kazuya create the Boys' Kamen Rider Squad (replaces Tokko) (episodes 70-98)

Choco (friend of Yuri), she replaces Emi and is always hungry, usually has food or candy in her hand (episodes 70-98)

Naoki (stocky) & Mitsuru (skiny), two boys (friends of Goro) who join the club hoping to meet Kamen Rider as every member of this club seems to for some mysterious reason, they eventually become the first and leading members of the Boys' Kamen Rider Squad (episodes 62-64, 68-70 & 72-98). After episode 65 Naoki or Mitsuru replace Goro when the plot needs a child to be controlled by or held hostage by Shocker.

In the early episodes it seems like only Tachibana, Tobei and Taki Kazuya knew who Kamen Rider 1 and 2 were. Other members of the club would notice Hongo or Ichimonji was gone while the Kamen Rider wasaround but not make the connection. Or they would see Hongo or Ichimonji walk up to them and wonder where the Kamen Rider who had just been there went. And they would tell Hongo or Ichimonji how Kamen RIder 1 or 2 rescued them. Hong and Ichimonji would pretend the Kamen Rider rescued them too. But by the end of the series the entire club apparenltly knew truth as in episode 95 when they believe Kamen Rider 1 has been killed, and Tachibana, Tobe has tears in his eyes, Choco says that Hongo, Takeshi was like a son to him.

The Tachibana Motorcycle Club is replaced by Central Sports a more general sporting goods store in Kamen Rider V3, though Tachibana, Tobei still coaches motorcycle racers dreaming of having a champion rider.