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Tachibana, Tobei and the 7 Kamen Riders Tachibana, Tobei and the 7 Kamen Riders unmasked

Tachibana, Tobei (played by, the late Kobayashi, Akiji), was friend and adviser to the first seven Kamen Riders (1 through Stronger). He was a regular character in the first five TV series and appeared in the first four movies. He was also in two TV specials "Kamen Rider All Back Again! 7 Riders" (1976) and "Immortal Kamen Rider" (1979). Although Tachibana, Tobei did not appear with Skyrider, he did introduce the character at the end of "Immortal Kamen Rider". The Riders refered to Tachibana, Tobei as "Oyassan" (Pops).

Hongo, Takeshi; Tachibana, Tobei; Taki Kazuya

In Kamen Rider (1971-1973) Tachibana, Tobei was Hongo, Takeshi's motorcycle coach and owned a coffee shop, Snack Amigo. When he learned that Hongo, Takeshi was Kamen Rider he became his trusted adviser. When Ichimonji, Hayato, Kamen Rider 2, appeared he became his adviser as well. When Kamen Riders 1 and 2 needed to learn new combat techniques Tachibana, Tobei helped them to train. Tachibana, Tobei's dream was to coach a champion motorcycle racer and he closed the Snack Amigo to open the Tachibana Motorcycle Club, unfortuanly other thah Hongo, Ichimonji and the FBI agent Taki, the he was unable to attract male motorcycle riders, most of the club's memebers were young women and children (boys).

Tachibana, Tobei

In Kamen Rider V3 (1973-1974) Tachibana, Tobei was Kazami, Shiro's motorcycle coach and after Kazami, Shiro became Kamen Rider V3, Tachibana, Tobei advised him in his battle against Destron. In this series Tachibana, Tobei owned a sports shop, Central Sports,. with a hidden base for monitoring the activites of Destron. Of course when Yuki, Joji, Riderman, came along Tachibana, Tobei advised him as well. It was Tachibana, Tobei who reformed the Boys Kamen Rider Squad. Just as he gave the Double Riders special training, Tachibana, Tobei trained Kamen Rider V3, twice.

Tachibana, Tobei

In Kamen Rider X (1974) Tachibana, Tobei owned a coffee shop again, Coffee House COL. It was in this shop that he met Jin, Keisuke, Kamen Rider X. That was a great scene with Tachibana, Tobei at first accusing Jin, Keisuke of being a Destron mutant, before he remembered that Destron was no more. When he discovered that Jin, Keisuke was Kamen Rider X he told him about his associations with the previous four riders. Kamen Rider X would also need his help to learn new combat techniques.

Mole Beast Man, Amazon and Tachibana, Tobei

In Kamen Rider Amazon (1974-1975) Tachibana, Tobei is rescued from a Geddon Beast by Yamamoto, Daisuke, who's transformation into Kamen Rider Amazon he witnesses. He helped to teach Yamamoto, Daisuke the ways of modern Japan and gave him the motorcycle Jungler. Tachibana, Tobei has his own theme song "I Am Tachibana, Tobei" which is heard in this series. The song seems to cover his friendships with Kamen Riders 1 & 2, then V3 & X and finally Amazon. As far as I can tell Riderman is not mentioned. And of course he had not met Stronger yet.

Kamen Rider Stronger, Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle and Tachibana, Tobei

In Kamen Rider Stronger (1975) Tachibana, Tobei becomes comic relief. He first meets J, Shigeru, Kamen Rider Stronger, after J, Shigeru rode past his jeep, on Kabutoroh. Looking for motorcycle riders who could win races he followed Kabutoroh. Eventually catching up with J, Shigeru he shouts his name at the man, who has no idea who Tachibana, Tobei is. After defeating the mutant as Kamen Rider Stronger; J, Shigeru, drives off leaving Tachibana, Tobei behind. Later Tachibana, Tobei will walk up to J, Shigeru and shake his hand. J, Shigeru still has no idea who this strange man is. Misaki, Yuriko (Electric Wave Human Tackle) doesn't know him either. Eventually J, Shigeru; Misaki, Yuriko and Tachibana, Tobei will become friends.

In the TV special Kamen Rider All Back Again! 7 Riders (January 2, 1976) Tachibana, Tobei takes a group of kids to a Kamen Rider stage show. When the real Kamen Riders arrive they talk over old times. All 7 Riders then fight a new villain.

In the TV special Immortal Kamen Rider (September 8, 1979) Tachibana, Tobei takes a group of kids to a Kamen Rider museum. The Kamen Riders appear only in clips from their tv series or movies. Kamen Rider V3 is covered by showing all of the movie "Kamen Rider V3 VS Destron Demons". After this movie Tachibana, Tobei introduces the "new Kamen Rider", Skyrider with clips from the upcoming series.

animated SD Tachibana, Tobei, Kamen Rider 1 and ZX

In the animated movie Kamen Rider-SD (January 25, 1993) Kobayashi, Akiji provided the voice for Tachibana, Tobei.

Tachibana, Tobei

Kobayashi, Akiji died August 27, 1996 of lung cancer.

Tachibana, Tobei

In the film "Masked Rider - First" (2005) Tachibana, Tobei is played by Miyauchi, Hiroshi (Kazami, Shiro in Kamen Rider V3).

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