Kamen Rider X

Kamen Rider X ran February 16, 1974 - October 12, 1974 (35 episodes)

Character Actor
Jin, Keisuke Hayama, Ryu
Kamen Rider X Nakayashiki, Tetsuya & Nakamura, Bunya
Kamen Rider X (motorcycle stunts) Kumasawa, Tushiaki
Tachibana, Tobei Kobayashi, Akiji
Apollo Giest (human form) Yuchida, Yasuhiko
Apollo Giest (episodes 8-14, 16-21) Bunya, Nakamura
King Dark (episodes 21-35) Wada, Fumio
Narrator Nakae, Shinji

Kamen Rider X

    Kamen Rider X: The most powerful, maintains peace by protecting people both day and night. He aggressively encounters the evil [mutants] to prevent the fear and panic of innocent people. His untiring efforts are rewarded in the preservation of peace in Japan.
-- from an article in the Star-Bulletin & Advertiser, 1970 something.

The article the above paragraph was taken from was written before there was a sixth Kamen Rider (Kamen Rider Amazon). So at the time Kamen Rider X probably was the most powerful of the Kamen Riders and it did appear that no more mutants would threaten the peace of Japan.

Jin, Keisuke Jin, Keisuke

Jin, Keisuke (Hayama, Ryu) and his father, Keitar˘, a scientist, suffer mortal wounds at the hands of the terrorist organization "Government of Darkness". To save his son's life Keitar˘ performs an operation which turns the young man into the cyborg warrior, Kamen Rider X. Jin, Keitar˘ then dies from his own wounds. Jin, Keisuke had his own theme song. Unlike the previous Kamen Riders which are Kaizo Ningen ("reconstructed humans") Kamen Rider X is something called a Kaizogu, which is supposed to make him more advanced.

Ridol Ridol

Kamen Rider X (aka X-Rider) had a multipurpose weapon "Ridol" in his belt. With the push of a button Ridol could change form.

X-Rider using Ridol X-Rider using Ridol X-Rider using Ridol X-Rider using Ridol

Ridol could become "Rider Sword", "Rider Stick", "Rider Rope" etc. He used it more in the early episodes than in the later ones.

Set Up Dai Henshin

For the first 27 episodes Jin, Keisuke's transformation phrase did not include the word "henshin" (transform) but instead was "Set Up". The devices on X-Rider's belt which he used in henshin sequence are "Redizer" & "Perfecter" Starting in episode 28 X-Rider's transformation phrase became ""Dai Henshin" (Great Transformation).

Kazami, Shiro and Jin, Keisuke X-Rider

Kamen Rider X is defeated by Spider-Napoleon. Kamen Rider V3 comes to his rescue. Kazami, Shiro operates on Jin, Keisuke to increase his power. After this X-Rider can charge up, when he does this smoke comes out of his body. For the first 27 episodes X-Rider usually defeated the mutants with "X Kick". Starting with episode 28 he used "Shinkuu Jigokukuruma" (Vacuum Hell Wheel), grabbing the mutant and forming his and its body into a wheel, rolling then hurling the mutant into the air, jumping up and kicking it into the ground.

Jin, Keisuke on motorcycle Cruiser

Jin, Keisuke rode an ordinary motorcycle which transformed into Cruiser. Cruiser, could fly and be ridden underwater. Cruiser's top land speed was 700km/h (approx. 435 mph). Crusier could do a flying turn called "Crusier Big Loop" which was usually followed by "Crusier Attack", crashing into the mutants. Jin, Keisuke drove an ordinary appearing motorcycle which transformed into Cruiser when he transformed into X-Rider. Like previous Kamen Rider motorcycles Cruiser could drive itself and would come when X-Rider called for it. Cruiser's theme song was White Bullet Cruiser.

Apollo Giest episodes 8-14

Kamen Rider X fights the Government of Darkness. In the first half of the series the cyborg mutants are based on mythology, mostly Greek and Roman. For example the first two cyborgs X-Rider fights are Neptune and Pan. In episode 8 X-Rider meets the chief of security for Government of Darkness, Apollogiest, who becomes his main advesary.

King Dark

In the second half of the series the mutants are a mixture of a historical figure or fictional character and either an animal, an arachnid or an insect. Kamen Rider X would also meet the leader of the Government of Darkness, King Dark.

Tachibana, Tobei

Just as he had helped Kamen Riders 1, 2 and Kamen Rider V3 to learn new skills to defeat more powerful mutants coffee shop owner Tachibana, Tobei helped Kamen Rider X to do the same.

Government of Darkness Rider vs X Rider

In episode 29 Kamen Rider X battles Government of Darkness Rider, a duplicate of himself.

5 Kamen Riders

In the movie Kamen Rider X: Five Riders vs. King Dark Kamen Rider X is joined by Kamen Rider 1, Kamen Rider 2, Kamen Rider V3 and Riderman in battle against 20 revived versions of mutants Kamen Rider X had previously defeated and one new one Frankenbat

Kamen Rider X Episodes

Kamen Rider X Songs

Kamen Rider X movie Five Riders vs. King Dark

Other appearances of Kamen Rider X


Kamen Rider X - episode 3 modified to movie format
Five Riders vs. King Dark (July 25, 1974) - between episodes 23 & 24
8 Riders vs. Milky Way King (March 15, 1980)
Kamen Rider Super-1 (March 14, 1981)
Kamen Rider-SD (January 25, 1993) - animation


Kamen Rider Stronger (1975) - episodes 36, 39
Kamen Rider All Back Again! 7 Riders (January 3, 1976) - 45 minute special
New Kamen Rider (1979) - episodes 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 54
Kamen Rider #10'S Birth! Riders Come Together (January 3, 1984) - 45 minute special
Kamen Rider Black RX (1989) - episodes 41-47

Jin, Keisuke is last seen in New Kamen Rider episode 32.

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