Fight! Dragon (Tatakae! Dragon)

Lyricist: Inoue, Masaru
Composer: Kikuchi, Shunsuke
Singer: Shimon, Masato

In the brilliant gleam of the sunrise
The fight begins
A defender of justice
WIith confidence and gleeming eyes
Fighting the black shadows
That block his way
With a keen spirit
Pow! Pow!
His growls reverberate to the sky
With roaring nunchucks
Scream in fury
Figh! Dragon

Opening theme to Tatakae! Dragon (Fight! Dragon)

Tatakae! Dragon (Fight! Dragon) was unusual in that it had two sets of ending credit scenes.
The first would run before the next episode preview, repeating this song.
Then after the preview of the next episode ran another sequence would run playiing a second song.

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