Shiranui Clan

2000 years ago the Yamato Clan and the Shiranui Clan were at war. The Yamato Clan won and the Shiranui Clan was banished underground. The Yamato Clan became the Japanese people. The Shiranui Clan became remained bitter and angry for 2000 years before 10 of its members broke the service to plot revenge against the Yamato Clan, using their giant humanoid robots. It does not appear thatThe Shiranui Clan knows who Iron King is as they are primarly concerned with killing Shizuka, Gentaro whom they consider the greatest threat to their plans, not Kirishima, Goro (who is actualy Iron Kiing).

Shiranui Clan Leader
Shiranui Clan Leader Shiranui, Taro (episodes 1-10)
He discovered (through spies?) that the National Security Organization
was aware of their plans and had sent agent Shizuka, Gentaro to stop them
and ordered his men to hunt down and kill this man.

Shiranui Clan officers Shiranui Clan troops

There were ten Shiranui Clan members who controled the giant robotic monsters (9 are pictured here, #10 was undercover), they are known as The Ten Shadows of Shiranui Clan. These officers uniforms were black and silver with red clan symbols on their chests and different colored strips on their helmets. They were assisted by other clan memebers whose uniforms had no silver. Originally they had yellow clan symbols it episode 4 turned red like the officers. Clan members could be armed with various weapons. In the first episode it was razors. In the second crossbows. In the third its pistols and rifles that fire bolts of energy These become their standard weapons. Both officers and troops often disguise themselves The Officers are almost always in disguise while controlling their particular robot. Shadow One is disguised as an old woman. Two as a town's mayor. Three an older fisherman. Four a priest. Five another priest (while his robot pretends to be a meteor). Six breaks the pattern by not weaing a diguise.Seven appears as a man with a horse. When Gentaro borrows the horse, he knocks out Goro, with Ten watching him do it. Eight has no need to disguise himself. Shadow 10 is pretending to be plant researcher Takamura, Yukiko; she is actually Shiranui, Yukiko; the only female Shiranui Clan officer and the only one never seen in uniform.

Shiranui Clan Offficers:
Clan Leader: Taro - controlled Gold Fire
Shadow One: Shuichiro - controlled Vacumirar
Shadow Two: Shujiro - controlled Jairoges
Shadow Three: Shusaburo - controlled Double Satan
Shadow Four: Shushiro - controlled Devil Tiger
Shadow Five: Shugoro - controlled Monster Zero
Shadow SIx: Shurokuro - controlled Black Knight
Shadow Seven: Shuchiro - controlled Bronze Demon
Shadow Eight: Shuhachiro - controlled Monster Bird
Shadow Nine: Shukyuro - controlled Silver Rider
Shadow Ten: Yukiko (only female Shadow) - originally would have controlled Gold Fire

None of the clan's troops are given names, the only other clan member who's name is mentioned is the school teacher Yoshiko, who thinks its crazy for people 2,000 years later to be fighting their ancenstors war and considers the Yamato Clan (the Japanase people) her friends and tries to keep her brother from answering the Shiranui Clan leaders call to arms. She is the only non-combatant Shiranui Clan member Gentaro and Goro meet.

Except for Shadow Ten each officer dies as his robot is destroyed, with each dying in the episode matching their number, until episode 6 In episode 6 Shadows Ten, Six and Seven are all killed. Shadows Eight dies in episode 7 and Shadow Nine in episode 8. With the death of Ten, control of the final robot has passed to Clan Leader Shiranui, Taro who control in episodes 9 and 10 and of course dies at the end of episode 10.

Vacumirar Jairogesu Double Satan

  1: 10-08-1972 Vacumira: left hand could be used a giant vaccuum to suck things in or a giant blower to knock them back - destroyed a dam to flood a villiage then destroyed a train
  2: 10-15-1972 Jairogesu: left hand could be shot off like a missile - ran amok to draw out Shizuka, Gentaro apparently not consered about Iron King or Kirishima, Goro
  3: 10-22-1972 Double Satan: its fingers are duplicates of itself, when dropped to the ground they giant size so there are 5 giant robots - came up out of the sea to terrorize a coastal town

Devil Tiger Monster Zero

  4: 10-29-1972 Devil Tiger: spits fire - comes up out of the ground, under our heroe's tent (they're not in it) but spends most of the episode hidden under water
  5: 11-05-1972 Monster Zero: Monster Zero with its limbs pulled in its a giant spiked ball and tries to run over Iron King - pretends to be a meator at a "Meteor Festival"

Black Knight Bronze Demon

  6: 11-12-1972 Black Knight: armed with twin guns (which is strange for a knight), Bronze Demon: covered in grenanades - faught Iron King together

Monster Bird Silver Rider Gold Fire

  7: 11-19-1972 Monster Bird: only Shiranui Clan robotic monster that could fly - destroyed an airplane in flight
  8: 11-26-1972 Silver Rider: only Shiranui Clan robotic monster with wheels instead of legs - attacks Tokyo beacuse Gentaro and Goro are getting too close to the clan's base
  9: 12-03-1972 Gold Fire: controled by Shiranui Clan Leader Shiranui, Taro (instead of Shadow 10: Shiranui, Yukiko) who calls upon it to kill Iron King, Shizuka, Gentaro and Kirishima, Goro (in that order, so apparently he has not worked out that Kirishima, Goro is Iron King) - Iron King and Gold FIre seem evenly matched with Iron King not needing Gentaro's help but the clan leader orders Gold Fire to come rescue him from Gentaro so Iron King was not able to defeat the robotic monster as it retreated, later as Iron King approaches Gold Fire the earth opens beneath his feat and then closes over him, Gentaro is captured and about to executed wiith a sword by Shiranui Clan Leader Shiranui, Taro
10: 12-10-1972 Gold Fire: - of course both heroes escape but so does Shiranui Clan Leader Shiranui, Taro as he once again orders Gold FIre to retreat, Shiranui, Taro's last mistake was ordering his men to kill a defensless woman in front of Shizuka, Gentaro, Gentaro and Iron King work together to kill Shiranui, Taro and destroy Gold Fire at the same time.

Gentaro and Goro plant charges to destroy The Shiranui Clan's base, the explosion seems to awaken a dinosaur, from one threat to the peace of Japan immediatly to another.