Episode 44: Bijinda's Beautiful Sad Parting


Gill Hakaida and several Shadow Men hijack trucks carrying fruits causing a shortage. Strange as it may seem the Shadow is able to convert the fruit into explosives.

A young boy, son of the local grocer, gets in a fight with other children when they blame his father for the high prices. Mari interupts the fight. Toge, Eisuke arrives on his motorcycle. After a brief chat Mari leaves. Toge, Eisuke takes the boy back to his father's shop. The man tells Toge, Eisuke a robot has been steeling the fruit. Toge, Eisuke recognizes the description of Hakaida.

Toge, Eisuke interrupts another hijacking. Hakaida orders the Shadow Men to kill him but Toge, Eisuke is able to hold his own against the Shadow Men. When Toge, Eisuke tries to take on Hakaida he ends up tossed to the ground. Hakaida shots all around the man before aiming straight at him, before Hakaida can fire again Kikaida 01 appears to knock Hakadia Shot out of his hand. The cyborg and the android fight. 01 sends Hakaida flying. Hakaida lands near Toge, Eisuke, who attacks him. Hakaida picks Toge, Eisuke up and hurls him. Hakaida vanishes. Bijinda appears to pick up the battered and unconscious Toge, Eisuke.

Bijinda has wired herself to a metal band around Toge, Eisuke's head.

Ichiro is talking to the grocer's son when an obviously weakened Mari walks out.

Waruda approaches Bijinda. They have a discussion about ningen (humans) and robots. Waruda challenges Bijinda. Bijinda accepts the challenge, but is knocked down by a single kick. After making sure he hasn't damged her Waruda leaves.

Toge, Eisuke awakes to find himself in a room with the grocer's son. A rock comes through a window. A bunch of kids run away. Toge, Eisuke stops them. The kids make up.

The grocer is sitting outside by a fire when Hakaida appears. The grocers son runs up to his father. Silent sinece episode 40, Ichiro's trumpet is heard now. Ichiro jumps off the roof transforming into Kikaida 01 in mid air, when he hits the ground he attacks Hakaida. Hakaida is pushed back a door, the door opens to reveals boxes of fruit. Hakaida vanishes. 01 leaves. The grocer is surprised to see the boxes but his son doesn't believe he din't know about them and runs away. His father runs after him. From the rooftop Hakaida laughs.

The grocer finds Toge, Eisuke and Ichiro but not his son. The rest of this episode doesn't make sense...

The next day everyone is happy to be able to buy fruit again. The grocer's son has, without explination, returned. Five men dressed in black appear in front of the shop. Suddenly without warning the scene changes to Toge, Eisuke riding his motorcycle followed by Ichiro on Double Machine, both headed towards a group of Shadow Men (apparently they were the men in black). Ichiro and Toge, Eisuke fight the Shadow Men. When two Shadow Men grab Toge, Eisuke he's saved by the sudden appearance of Mari.

Toge, Eisuke

The Shadow Men have now been destroyed but Hakaida pulls Hakaida Shot on Toge, Eisuke. Toge, Eisuke kicks the gun out of Hakaida's hand and the two fight. Toge, Eisuke is knocked down (again). Mari picks up Hakaida Shot and throws it to Toge, Eisuke. Hakaida jumps into the air apparently intending to land ontop of Toge, Eisuke but instead Hakaida is shot in mid air. There's an explosion. Hakaida appears to have been destroyed by his own weapon. Toge, Eisuke picks himself up and looks for Mari. He can't find her.

Toge, Eisuke and Mari

Mari is walking alone. Toge, Eisuke rides up. He says he loves her. Maris asks "will you love me now?" and transforms into Bijinda says "Say˘nara" to the stunned young man and jumping into the air vanishes. He calls for "Mari". Getting no response he shouts "Bjinda! Bijinda!" No answer.

Mari is walking alone, this time there are no trees, just dirt.

Ichiro is riding Double Machine.

This is the seventh episode in which Hiroshi and Akira do not appear. Misao is not in it either.

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