Episode 43: The Young Man Who Loved Bijinda


Aqualung Man

Big Shadow is angry because Shadow has ran out of oil. Zadam talks about the sea water powered Aqualung Men, robots that come up from an undewater base. One of these robots enters the Shadow Crime Syndicate Headquarters and detroys some Shadow Men as a demonstration.

When Aqualung Men appear in the city, Ichiro arrives and destroys a couple of them.

Toki and Mari

A boy is sitting, looking out to sea. Mari walks up to him. The two talk. They're interupted by thee Aqualung Men coming out of the water. Mari fights with them. The boy tries to fight too. Suddenly a man appears and fights them. This man hates robots. (He's played by Chiba, Jir˘ who played FBI agent Kazuya Taki in Kamen Rider and Detective Shinj˘, Go in Robot Detective.) When the Aqualung Men knock him down Mari returns to the battle, driving them back into the ocean. The man gets up. Mari has damaged her hand but doesn't let him see it. The android and the man who hates robots are both infatuated with each other. When he notices her holding her hand he tries to take a look but she won't let him. Neither knows they are be watched, by Waruda, who only sees Mari and this human holding hands. The man asks Mari her name and tells him his name is Toge, Eisuke . Toge, Eisuke and the boy ride off on a motorcycle. When their gone Mari lifts her hand, revealing that the artificial skin has torn off the damaged hand.

Ichiro is still fighting Auqualung Men. He drives them back to the ocean.

At Shadow headquaters Big Shadow is not pleased. I'm not certain but I think Zadam says their energy runs low on land.

Toge, Eisuke and the boy are attacked by Shadow Men. The two humans are driven towards the sea. Kikaida 01 appears to drive off the Shadow Men, but instead of being greatful Toge, Eisuke attacks 01. Rather than hurting this misguided human, 01 mounts Double Machine and drives away. Toge, Eisuke mounts his motorcycle and drives after, but where 01 made a turn Toge, Eisuke went straight ahead.

Waruda approaches Mari on the beach. Waruda attacks Mari. Toge, Eisuke drives up, sees Waruda fighting Mari. He runs to her defense and is quickly knocked out cold. Waruda would have killed him but Mari transforms into Bijinda and knocks Waruda down. Waruda doesn't try to finish the battle. He probably didn't really want to hurt Bijinda, he was just overcome with jealousy for a moment. When Toge, Eisuke awakes he images he sees Mari looking down at him, but when his head clears he sees its Bijinda, just another robot to him. He tries to punch and kick Bijinda, she knocks him back down. The boy appears calling to Toge, Eisuke. Toge, Eisuke turns to the boy to protect him from this robot. When he turns back around Bijinda is gone.

Bijinda is standing by a rocky shore, looking out to sea. Ichiro walks up behind her. They talk. Bijinda says something about "ningen" (humans) and "robottos" (robots). I don't know what exactly but she sounds sad (which is not unusual for Bijinda). Ichiro has no response.

Toge, Eisuke and the boy stop at a hotel where Toge, Eisuke puts on wet suit. They return to the beach. When Bijinda approaches Toge, Eisuke and Bijinda have a brief discussion about robots. Toge, Eisuke threatens Bijinda with a speargun. While they are fighting over the speargun a couple of Aqualung Men grab the boy and carry him into the ocean.

Toge, Eisuke now wearing scuba gear is underwater. He has the speargun.

Inside their underwater base the Aqualung Men and a few Shadow Men are preparing to begin some sort of surgery on the boy. Toge, Eisuke sneaks into the base and fires the spear into exposed wires, causing a short which turns out the lights. In the dark he takes the boy off the operating table. The lights come back on. Toge, Eisuke attacks the Agualung Men. The Shadow Men grab the boy. After knocking down the Aqualung Men, Toge, Eisuke knocks over the Shadow Men. Laughter is heard. Gill Hakaida appears. Toge, Eisuke tries to hit Hakaida and is knocked down. The boy tries to hit Hakaida and is knocked down. Hakaida laughs and vanishes. The Aqualung Men and Shadow Men attack again. Toge, Eisuke leads the boy through the base fighting as they go. Eventually Toge, Eisuke is over powered but by then 01 and Bijinda arrive. Bijinda tells Toge, Eisuke to take the boy and get out. He does so.

Toge, Eisuke and the boy are followed out of the base by two Aqualung Men but 01 grabs the robots before they get anywhere near the humans. Bininda is also outside the base fighting three Aqualung men. Suddenly twin bolts of energy (probably "Blast Laser") hit the Aqualung which explodes.

Toge, Eisuke and the boy are sitting around a fire on the beach. 01 and Bijinda appear. Toge, Eisuke seems to appologise. Bijinda looks out to sea.

Mari is walking alone. Ichiro drives off on Double Machine. Waruda appears, watching Ichiro.

This is the sixth episode in which Hiroshi and Akira do not appear. Misao is not in it either.

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