Episode 42:
Comrade Attack -- The Flame Throwing Shadow-Figure Gun


Shadow-Figure Robot human

A group of children are playing. Misao, Hiroshi and Akira are asleep. They wake up to see the children at play. A bright light flashes. The kids shadows come to life. The kids run away. One of the kids, a boy named Takeshi, runs home and tries to tell his mother but she doesn't listen to him, she's only interested in a note he handered her. Bad grades? Meanwhile the Shadows are attacking people, spraying a black gas from their fingers.

At Shadow Crime Syndicate Headquarters, Zadam shows Big Shadow how the Shadow Figure Gun works by using it on a Shadow Man. Big Shadow replies in English "wonderful". The Shadow Figure destroys several Shadow Men before fading away. When Zadam promises the Shadow Figure Robots can destroy 01 and Bijinda, Big Shadow replies in english "very good."

Risao, Hiroshi and Akira are attacked by Shadow Figure Robots. Mari appears to fight the Shadows. Takeshi appears and tries to fight the Shadow Figure Robots too but Mari pushes him out of harms way. After Mari defeasts the Shadows Figure Robots, Misao, Hiroshi and Akira try to tell Takeshi's mother about the Shadow Figure Robots but she doesn't believe them either.

Shadow-Figure Robot Kikaida 01

Ichiro gets in a fight with Shadow Figure Robots and Shadow Men. As soon as he transforms into Kikaida 01 the Shdow Figure Gun is used on him. 01 and his shadow fight. 01 is knocked down, 01 and his shadow roll around. Then standing up they continue to fight.

The Shadow Figure Gun appears outside an open window of the home of Takeshi and his mother. The Gun is used on Takeshi's mother. Takeshi grabs a bat to hit the Shadow Figure. Takeshi's mother tries to stop Takeshi but he breaks away. He tries to hit the Shadow Figure Robot but it grabs him and takes him away. Ichiro enters the room, too late to help.

Shadow Figure Gun

Mari fights more Shadow Figure Robots and Shadow Men. Two Shadow Men explode without Mari having touched them. Gill Hakaida appears, aiming Hakaida Shot at Mari. Behind him is a jeep carrying the Shadow Figure Gun. Mari transforms into Bijinda.

Shadow-Figure Robot WarudaShadow-Figure Robot Bijinda

Hakaida reaches to use the Shadow Figure Gun on Bijinda but is stopped by appearance of the flute playing Waruda. Hakaida uses the Gun on Waruda. I don't know why but Hakaida attacks the Shadow Figure Robot Waruda instead of the real Waruda. Having defeated Hakaida the Shadow Figure Robot Waruda uses the Gun on Bijinda. The two Binjindas fight. The Shadow Figure Robot Bjinda sends the real Bijinda flying. This upsets Waruda but before he can do anything he is attacked by his shadow. After knocking down the real Waruda the Shadow Figure Robot Waruda turns on Shadow Men.

Hiroshi and Akira find Mari laying next to a pond. Ichiro repairs Mari. Misao is jealous. Misao, Hiroshi and Akira are not seen again until episode 46, the last episode.

Takeshi's mother cries over her missing son.

01 and Bijinda meet Hakaida in a quarry. Hakaida is holding Takeshi. The Shadow Figure Gun is there of course. O1 and Bijinda destroy several Shadowmen. Hakaida points Hakaida Shot at Takeshi but the gun is yanked out of his hand by Waruda's chain weapon. Waruda is apparently mad over Bijinda being attacked by her own Shadow. Hakaida whistles (his whistle sounds a lot like Professor Gill's flute). A german shephard comes running. Waruda is rendered helpless by the appearance of the dog. Hakaida makes a mistake, he uses the Shadow Figure Gun on Waruda. The Shadow Figure Robot Waruda chases the dog away. The real Waruda and the Shadow Figure Waruda fight. At first it looks like the real Waruda will lose again but then he breaks free of the chain and stabs the imposter. Hakaida flees at 01's approach. 01 uses "Blast End" on the Shadow Figure Gun. Takeshi thanks 01 before running to his mother. 01 and Bijinda turn to face Waruda. Waruda turns and walks away.

Mari walks through the woods. Ichiro drives off on Double Machine.

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