Episode 41: Matchless In All The Land -- The Midair Battleship Blast!!



An explosion at sea, a ship comes up out of the water. This ship has on its bottom a giant fan which generates an artificial tornado. The ship also fires lightning like rays.

At Shadow Crime Syndicate headquarters Big Shadow and Zadam watch the ship on their monitor screen. Big Shadow responds to the destruction it causes with the English phrase "very good, wonderful".

The Shadow Men opertaing the Battleship lose control, one falls out. It nearly lands on Hiroshi and Akira, who move out of the way just in time. The Shadow Man explodes. Ichiro drives up on Double Machine. Ichiro examines the remains of the Shadow Man. Then drives off.


At Shadow headquarters Big Shadow is not pleased at the Battleship going out of control. Zadam introduces the ship's new pilot, Satan.

The ship is generating a small white tornado. Mari sees it, she looks concerned. The wind turns over a flowercart. Three more Shadow Men fall out of the ship. Two hit the ground, exploding. The third is cought by Mari who hurls it to the ground. It explodes. Mari helps the teenage girl who was pushing the flowercart to upright it then moves on. Hiroshi and Akira not watching where they are going, run into the flowercart, knocking it over.

The ship is now flying over a flower garden. A girl tries to save the flowers. Another Shadow Man falls out, and is destroyed by Waruda. Waruda and the girl meet and seem to become friends. Waruda rides off on Waruda Machine.

Ichiro is riding down the road when he's cut off by Waruda. Ichiro jumps off Double Machine. Waruda attacks him. After duding Waruda's sword, Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. The battle is cut short by the Battleship. The two enemies are cut in its winds.

At Shadow Headquarters, Satan introduces his new crew, all human, to Big Shadow. The crew boards the ship.

The three children are pushing the flower cart. Hiroshi and Akira leave it when the see Ichiro laying still on the ground, next to an unmoving Waruda. Akira picks up Waruda's weapon and hits Waruda with it. Akira is pushed aside by the girl from the flower garden. After picking himself up, Akira moves towards the girl as if to hit her, Hiroshi stops him.

The two androids have been moved indoors. While Hiroshi and Akira tend to Ichiro the young girl puts a wet cloth on Waruda's forehead. Altough Waruda stirs first it's 01 that comes fully awake first. The young girl ask Ichiro something about a "robot". He nods. She goes to the garden to collect pieces from the smashed Shadow Man.

Monitoring the situation, Big Shadow sends Satan after the girl. Ichiro hears the girls cries for help and races outside to take her away from Satan but before he can doing anything else Waruda appears. The girl runs to Waruda but he pushes her aside. Waruda attacks Ichiro. As Waruda tries to hit Ichiro with his sword there is an explosion. Gill Hakaida appears. Before he can fire on Waruda again Bijinda appears and with "Bijinda Kick" knocks the gun out of Hakaida's hand. But Hakaida has done his job. With Ichiro distracted by Waruda and Bijinda distracted by Hakaida, Satan is able to grab the girl. Hakaida laughs and vanishes. Satan flies away with the girl. Bijinda uses her harp to fire an arrow at Satan. The arrow hits his hand, he drops the part from the Shadow Man. Bijinda catches it. Bijinda, Ichiro and Waruda stand there watching helplessly as Satan gets away with the girl. The teenag girl (apparently the other girl's sister) berates Waruda for allowing this to happen. Waruda falls to the ground, greaving. Ichiro takes the part from Bijinda and opening his chest places it inside. It turns out this piece from the Shadow Man contains the plans for the Battleship.

Kikaida 01 is riding Double Machine with Bijinda beside him on her motorcycle, Bijinda Machine. The Battleship attacks, using its wind power to cause 01 and Bijinda to crash their motorcycles. 01 and Bijinda using rockets in their feet fly after the Battleship. When they burst in Satan throws a switch causes a hidden door to open under his crew and the girl he abducted, they fall out of the ship. 01 and Bijinda knock Satan out of the way. Then saying "01 Net" 01 turns a knob on his belt. A net wraps around the falling humans, parachutes appear on the net. Waruda jumps into the air, drawing his sword. He hits the falling Satan, Satan explodes. The girl thanks Waurda. Outside the ship, apparently in midair, 01 and Bijinda link to use "Blast Laser" to destroy the Battleship.

Mari walks through the woods, holding her shoulder, apparently wounded! She falls. She picks herself up and continues walking, unsteadily and still holding her shoulder. Ichiro drives away on Double Machine, unware that Mari is hurt, or that he is being watched by Zadam.

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