Episode 40: Escape! The Frozen Bijinda Hangs By A Thread


A construction crew has been enslaved by the Shadow Crime Syndicate. A boy and a girl come to the construction site looking for their father. The picture they show is of one of the men working underground, but they are told he isn't there and are sent away by a Shadowman disguised as a worker.

At Shadow headquarters Gill Hakaida and Big Shadow are looking over the plans for the new base. They're interrupted by a radio message informing them that the workers have revolted. Hakaida is sent to stop the revolt.

The construction workers have gotten hold of boxes containg dynamite. Some of the men are killed by Hakaida Shot.

Watching from his base, Big Shadow sees Ichiro on his monitor, heading towards the construction site. He sends Zadam to stop Ichiro.

Zadam crosses his twin tridents. The ground opens up underneath Double Machine, it falls. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. After several episode were the transformation is the short version, no solar collector, this episode shows the solar collector. Double Machine bursts threw a mountainside.

Hakaida shoots a construction worker. Another worker, afraid, grabs the box of dynamite and carries it to Hakaida. Waruda talks harshly to the man then tries to kick him but Hakaida stops him. My guess is Waruda was angry at the man's cowardice and betrayal of his own, even if it did help Waruda's side.

The boy and girl who were looking for their father are out on the street. It is snowing lightly. They try to keep warm by lighting matches. Mari finds them and gives them her coat. The children share it, keeping warm while Mari freezes. In the morning Misao finds the children and Mari. The children wake but Mari is unresponsive. When Misao touches Mari she finds her cold to the touch. Waruda pulls up on his motorcycle. Misao pushes the children back, standing protectively in front of them. Waruda picks up Bijinda and drives off with her. Ichiro drives up. Misao sends him after Waruda.

Misao and the two children are sitting on a park bench. A wounded man falls at their feet. He gets up and runs away. He's soon caught by a group of Shadowmen. They knock him out and are about to kill him when Ichiro's trumpet is heard. When he attacks them they run away.

Misao is directing traffic at the construction site. When a construction worker (actually one of the Shadowmen in disguise) tries to question her, she knocks him down. He's almost run over but Misao waves a red flag and shouts for the machine to stop. The man picks himself up.

Waruda is plugging a bunch of wires into the still frozen form of Bijinda. Gill Hakaida, Zadam and Big Shadow are watching on their monitor. Big Shadow and Hakaida have a disagreement about what to do. Big Shadow shoves Hakaida out of the way and flips a switch. Nothing seems to happen. Big Shadow curses Waruda. Waruda has removed a vaccuum tube (remember those?) from Bijinda.

Misao has been taken prisoner and placed with the men. She talks with the father of the two children.

Ichiro arrives outside the construction area. The children are there. When Shadowmen disguised as workers attack, Ichiro defeats them. He fights his way into the cave where the real workers are held. One of the men plants a stick of dynamite to plast a different exit. Ichiro fights more disguised Shadowmen.

Waruda continues working on Bijinda. Ichiro finds his way into Waruda's room. He doesn't seem to believe Waruda is helping Bijinda. The two of them go outside to fight. Waruda gets his chain around Ichiro. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. The chain doesn't fall off. 01 hits Waruda. Waruda shoots at 01. 01 frees himself from the chain and uses "01 Drive" against Waruda followed by "01 Cut" three times. His "01 Kick" is deflected by Bijinda. 01 is not happy but does not attack his friend, Bijinda. Bijinda helps Waruda to stand, he pushes her away (his pride is his weakness) and staggers off. 01 does not try to stop him.

The construction workers are finally free. Father, son and daughter are reunited. Ichiro rides away, alone. Bijinda walks away, alone.

This is the fifth episode in which Hiroshi and Akira do not appear.

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