Episode 39: The Rival Spacemen Come By Flying Saucer


It's night time. A flying saucer hovers over a Japanese city and bombs it. Ichiro drives up on Double Machine and despite the fact that it is night transforms into Kikaida 01. Perhaps there was enough light from the fires caused by the bombs. 01 tries "Blast Power" on the saucer (energy waves shoot out of his hands) but it doesn't seem to have any effect. 01 jumps into the air shouting "Blast End". The saucer fires upon him.

A boy carrying a briefcase and his sister find Ichiro lying in the street, his clothes are burnt, he holds his right knee as if it hurts. They take him home.


Three boys walking home from school see a flying saucer head into the woods. They go into the woods looking for it. Two men in silver exit the saucer, they speek in high pitched voices. The boys hide behind trees, one of them drops a book. The Spacemen hear the noise and fire a freeze ray at a tree. He adjusts the weapon and fires a reddish brown mist which causes the tree to disolve.

Spaceman Robot

The next day the boy who found Ichiro goes into the woods and sees the saucer. The other three boys see the Spacemen and running away from them meet Waruda. Probably thinking he's another Spaceman fall at his feet. Later the boy who found Ichiro meets Waruda too. When this boy finds the equipment the Spacemen had been setting up on the playground, the Spacemen freeze him.

Watching the boy get frozen, from Shadow headquarters Big Shadow laughs.

Just as one of the Spacemen is about to spray the boy with the disolving mist harp music is heard. A circle of flowers appears. Bijinda rises up through the flowers to drive the Spacemen away.

Ichiro, his clothes now undamged, is riding Double Machine. When Waruda's motorcycle cuts off Double Machine, Ichiro goes flying. Ichiro recovers and lands safely, only to be attacked by Waruda. I don't know what Ichiro says to Waruda but....

Waruda comes upon Mari who's taking care of the frozen boy. Waruda kneels beside her. Waruda talks to Bijinda then leaves.

The three boys who saw their classmate frozen are walking down a street. When their classmate's sister comes up to them they try to avoid talking to her. Suddenly they turn and walk off, but stop when Waruda rides up. Waruda and the three boys head into the woods (probably the same park as from several previous episodes). Waruda sends the boys ahead, they're caught by the Spacemen and frozen. Waruda stops the Spacemen from disolving the boys.

Mari and Ichiro are tending to the first frozen boy. Ichiro asks Mari to link with him to create "Blast Laser" a weapon he hopes will destroy the flying saucer. Mari nods agreement.

Waruda is about to draw his sword on the Spacemen when Gill Hakaida arrives and gives them orders from Big Shadow. They leave. Hakaida and Waruda talk. I don't know what they say but Waruda kneels by the frozen boys and wipes his eyes (as if he's crying). Hakaida shoots Waruda in the back twice. Waruda falls. When Hakaida tries to leave Waruda rises and shoots his chain weapon which raps itself around Hakaida's leg. Waruda toses Hakaida around a bit. When Hakaida tries to draw Hakaida Shot, Waruda fires his mortar at him. Finaly Hakaida is able to draw Hakaida Shot but Waruda uses his sword to knock the gun out of Hakaida's hand.

Meanwhile, Ichiro drives Mari to where the saucer is parked. When the Spacemen aim their freeze guns at Ichiro and Mari, the two heroes jump into the air and transform. 01 and Bijinda kick the guns out of the Spacemens' hands and fight them hand to hand. 01 and Bijinda knock the two Spacemen down hill, into each other. The Spacemen explode. The saucer takes off by itself. 01 swears. The saucer tries to bomb 01 and Bijinda, misses. Comes back for another try, misses. Tries a third time, misses. Lands, fires upon them from the ground. Waruda speeds his motorcycle towards the saucer. There is an explosion. The saucer takes off. 01 and Bijinda move towards where the saucer had been, 01 calling "Waruda...Waruda...." The saucer again tries to bomb them. 01 and Bijinda jump into the air, linking arms. With one arm on each other shoulders they point their free arms at the saucer and shoot "Blast Laser". Waves of energy spring from their finger tips. The saucer is destroyed.

All four frozen boys unfreeze.

Waruda's smoking body lies on the ground. 01 and Bijinda lift Waruda up. He pulls away from the them and walks away. Bijinda calls his name. He turns, silently glances at her, turns and walks away, obviously hurt.

Ichiro watches the four boys and one girl walk away together. He smiles then drives off, alone.

This is the fourth episode in which Hiroshi and Akira do not appear. Misao is not in it either.

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