Episode 38: The Sure-Death Device -- Three-cornered Blood Match!


Standing on a high place (where else) Ichiro sees, in the distance, Waruda riding his red motorcycle. Ichiro jumps landing on Double Machine. He drives after Waruda.

Mari walking alone in the woods (where else) bends down by a lake. When she stands up again Waruda is there. Mari backs away, taking a fighting stance. Waruda simply holds out a letter. He addresses her as "Bijinda". When Ichiro steps out from behind some trees Waruda address him as "01". The villains never refer to the heroes by their "human" names. When Waruda attacks Ichiro, Mari steps in between the warriors. I'm not sure but I think she threatend not to read the letter if Waruda kept fighting. In any case, Waruda stops the fight, and bowing to Mari, walks away.

Mari reads the letter. As a flash back to the battle at the end of the previous episode is seen Waruda's voice is heard. Waruda's letter tells Bijinda that he does not understand why she saved him from being killed by 01.

An arrow lands at Waruda's feet. A note is attached to it. As Waruda reads the note Mari's voice is head. Harp music plays in the background. Even when Waruda finishes the letter the harp music plays on. Bijinda explains that she is trying to be a robot with a virtious heart like 01. This begins an exchanges of letters between Mari and Waruda.

Meanwhile, a mailman on a bicycle arrives at work late only to find the building boarded up. When he looks in a window he sees skeletons!

Elsewhere the ground breaks open, a building comes up from undeground. Out of the building comes three Shadowmen wearing uniforms. Their faces become that of humans. They ride off on bicycles. More fake mailmen come out of the building. From Shadow headquarters Big Shadow, Zadam and Gill Hakaida watch. The fake mailmen throw letters into mailboxes.

Misao, Hiroshi and Akira are by the lake when a man and a woman walk by. Both are carrying letters and are angry. The woman strikes the man then walks away. The man goes after her. All over town people are getting into arguments with each other because of letters they received. When one of the fake mailmen sees Ichiro on Double Machine he rides away, incrediably fast for a bicycle. Ichiro seeing this suspiscious behaivor rides after him. Ichiro is attacked by several mailmen who throw exploding letters at him. Bijinda appears and destroys the Shadowmailmen.

inside Shadow Post Office

At the phoney postoffice the fake mailmen collect letters, they find one with Waruda and Bijinda's names on it. This gives Gill Hakaida an idea.

Shadow Post Office

An angry mob chases the lone real mailman and a girl. Misao sees them fleeing and hides them from the mob. Misao, Hiroshi, Akira, the mailman and the girl follow two fake mailmen to their post office. As the woman, man, and three children watch the mailmen turn into Shadowmen and enter the building. When the building sinks into the ground the humans flee but are chased by mailmen with exploding letters. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Ichiro jumps down and puts out the fire that surrouned the two adults and three children. The Shadowmailmen throw letters at Ichiro. Ichiro is surrouned by flames but he puts out this fire too. More Shadowmailmen arrive on bicycles equiped with small cannons. After firing a few shots at Ichiro they try to run him down. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. They through burning bicycle tires at 01 and transform into regular Shadowmen, carrying their lighting bolt shapped weapons. The Shadow Postoffice reservices. Shadowmen inside fire cannons at the humans. 01 uses "Blast Attack", a smaller version of "Blast End" to destroy the Shadowmen. Hakaida standing by a window curses 01. 01 uses "Blast End" on the building, destroying it. As Ichiro and the humans stand by the smoking remains of the Shadow Postoffice a metal star just missing Ichiro hits a burntup beam. A note is attached to it. The note is apparently from Waruda, challening 01.

Mari standing by a tree reads a letter.

At Shadow Crime Syndicate headquarters Waruda informs Big Shadow that he has received a letter from 01 asking him to meet for combat. After Waruda leaves Big Shadow congratulates Hakaida. Hakaida laughs and takes a bow.

Ichiro stands by Double Machine. Waruda rides up. The two face each other. Hakaida watches the two warriors. When it looks like Waruda may have defeated Ichiro Hakaida says "die 01". Ichiro breaks free of Waruda's chains however and transforms into Kikaida 01 then uses "01 Kick" on Waruda, knocking him down. Waruda gets up and fires on 01. 01 uses "01 Chop" on Waruda. Suddenly Bijinda appears, landing between Waruda and 01. She tells them Hakaida sent the letters. Hakaida curses Bijinda. Bijinda kicks Hakaida down. She grabs him by one arm. Hakaida breaks free and draws Hakaida Shot but Bijinda kicks it out of his hand. With his back against a tree, a three oppenents in front of him Hakaida has no choice but to retreat, he vanishes in a puff of smoke. Waruda talks briefly to 01, turns to walk away. He stops, turns and talks to Bijinda when he's finished he bows, turns and walks away. Waruda says that he will no longer write Bijinda, that his wish to learn from her goodness cannot come true, he's just a man-made assassin machine.

Alone by the lake, a very sad Mari burns Waruda's letters.

Ichiro rides Double Machine, this time the sidecar is empty. Hakaida watches Ichiro.

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