Episode 37:
The Great Swordsman -- In The Midst Of Fog He Came -- Waruda


After being abscent for two episodes Akira and Hiroshi are back.

Misao is walking through a foggy park searching for Hiroshi and Akira. See calls their names. She hears them calling for help but cannot see them. Suddenly she sees a figure dressed in black. The figure turns. His face and hands are covered in white bandages. Hiroshi and Akira are tied to a jungle gym. When the man points at them spears pierce their young bodies. Misao screams and wakes up.

Misao is releaved it was just a dream until she sees she is alone in the bed, the boys are not beside her as they should be. Misao goes to the park. She finds bandages on the ground. And a jacket. When the jacket starts to move across the ground Misao faints. She's awaken by the puppy which crawled out from under the jacket. Hiroshi and Akira arrive. Hiroshi has another dog. Akira is holding a bottle of milk, apparently for the puppy. The puppy has a bandange on one leg.


At Shadow headquarters Gill Hakaida is angered at being assigned to hunting down and killing dogs. The Destroyer reduced to killing dogs, because the Shadow's hired assassin, Waruda, suffers from cynophobia, the unreasonable fear of dogs. As he kills dogs Hakaida curses Big Shadow. While Hakaida gives orders to a group of Shadowmen he spots Double Machine. When Ichiro arrives he destroys the Shadowmen and knocks Hakaida down with a flying kick. Hakaida gets up, the two warriors circle each other. The sound of a wooden flute is heard. Out of the fog steps the samurai Waruda ("waru(i)" is Japanese for "bad", "evil" or "sinful"). Hakaida points at Ichiro and calls him "01". Waruda looks at Ichiro. Hakaida tells him Ichiro changes into 01. Ichiro just stands there. Waruda walks back into the fog then drives away on his motorcycle.

Hakaida attacks uses his Guillotine attack on Ichiro. Ichiro's shoulder is damaged. Hakaida pulls Hakaida Shot but before he can fire the sound of a harp is heard. Hakaida says "Bijinda". A guitar is heard, "Kikaida too". Hakaida leaves. Out of the fog steps Hattori, Hanpei, carrying both a harp and a guitar. Hanpei announces this was his "encore" performannce. In case you've forgotten Hanpei had three performances in Kikaida, playing a guitar like Jiro's. Ichiro thanks Hanpei, who holds his hand out. Ichiro takes Hanpai's hand and pulls Hanpei to the ground.

Back at Shadow headquarters, Waruda introduces himself to Big Shadow. Hakaida challenges Waruda to a duel. Waruda declines but Big Shadow "requests" that he accept the challange. Waruda and Hakaida meet outside. From behind the trees Bijinda watches the short battle. Waruda easily disarms and defeats Hakaida.


Now outside himself, Big Shadow sends Waruda after 01. Bijinda follows Waruda.

Hanpei riding a bicycle swirves to miss a dog and runs into Misao instead. He tries to charm Misao be telling her she's "bijinda" (pretty or beautiful).

Hakaida comes across the puppy with the bandaged leg, it was the dog Hanpei almost ran into.

Misao and Hanpei find Hiroshi and Akira. Hanpei shows them a small collar he found, apparently it belonged to the puppy. Misao tells Akira that Hakaida got his puppy. In sorrow and anger Akira beats on Misao, the bringer of bad news while Hanpei cries like a puppy. This is the last time Hattori, Hanpei is seen.

Hakaida and Mari meet in a field. Hakaida addresses her as "Bijinda". The villains never refer to the heroes by their "human" names. Hakaida pulls Hakaida Shot but doesn't fire. As Mari and Hakaida pace each other Hiroshi appears to threaten Hakaid with a large branch. Before Hakaida can shoot either Haroshi or Mari a chain wraps itself around his gun arm. Waruda has appeared. Apparently even an evil samurai cannot stand by and let a woman and child be harmed. When Akira arrives with the other dog, Waruda is paralyzed with fear. Hakaida retreaves his gun and shoots at Waruda. Mari transforms into Bijinda. Hakaida picks up the dog and leaves. Bijinda tries to comfort Waruda. Waruda mounts his red motorcycle and drives off. Bijinda walks through the woods, talking to herself.

Waruda and 01 finally meet, ontop of a cliff. 01 knocks Waruda over with a kick. Waruda stands and fires his chain weapon at 01, wrapping the chain around 01's right hand. When Waruda tries to use his sword on 01, 01 holds his arm up so the sword severs the chain. Hakaida arrives with one of the dogs. Waruda can't look at it. Waruda fires explosive shells at 01. Just as 01 uses "01 Kick" on Waruda, Bijinda appears. 01 tries to use "Blast End" on Waruda but Bijinda uses "Bijinda Laser" to disrupt it. 01 falls off the cliff. Bijinda jumps down and looks for 01. When she can't find him she starts to cry. Ichiro appears and forgives her. Bijinda hugs him. Ichiro and Bijinda walk off together. Waruda rides away on his red motorcycle. Hakaida watches from the clifftop.

Mari walks alone. Ichiro drives away on Double Machine with Akira in the sidecar. Still on the clifftop, Hakaida curses 01 and Bijinda.

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