Episode 36: Mystery Of The Fourth Dimension -- Time Travel Of Fear


Misao enters a building then tries to open a locked door inside the building. Just as she gives up the door opens and Misao is sucked in.

Private Detective Hattori Hanpei enters the same building, dressed like Sherlock Holmes, and carrying a magnifying glass. The door opens and he is sucked in.

Inchiro and Bijinda enter the building. This mysterious door now has the symbol of the Shadow Crime Syndicate on it! Bijinda reaches for the door, but Ichiro stops her. Inchiro raises his hands to his forehead as if he's going to transform, but he does not, instead he is able to see through the door into a multi-colored spirally corridor.

Misao finds herself standing outside, in the dark. A pair of wooden doors slam shut behind her. Misao pinches herself to see if she's dreaming. She isn't.

Shadow Ninja Corps

Three young men dressed like ancient samurai are attacked and killed by a group of ninja. Misao stumples upon two of the bodies.

Hanpei finds himself outside, in the dark. He bumps into a dead body.

Meanwhile, at Shadow Crime Syndicate headquarters Big Shadow and Zadam are discussing their Time Tunnel and the Shadow Ninja Corps. A control pannel shows the year as being 1974 then changes to 1780. On the viewing screen a cemetary. The year changes to 1734. On the viewing screen a young boy then two men, apparently 18th century scientists. The year changes to 1776. A man dressed like a sumarai demonstrates his invention of a hand-cracked electric generate to a nobleman. When two men are shocked by it the nobleman dismisess the inventor.

Gill Hakaida drives White Crow into the building with the Time Tunnel. He sends four Shadowmen into the Time Tunnel then drives in after them. Ichiro and Bijinda watch from outside. With Bijinda in Double Machine's sidecar, Ichiro drives into the Time Tunnel after Hakaida.

Back at Shadow headquarters, Big Shadow is upset that "01" has entered the tunnel (he never uses Ichiro's name).

Misao and Hanpei run into each other, literally. They pick themselves up. Hanpei tries to put his arms around Misao but she sees Ichiro and Mari and runs up to them. Ichiro is very glad to have found Misao. Hanpei comes over and mistakes Ichiro for his younger brother Jiro. Realizing his mistake, Hanpei introduces himself to Ichiro, who I think said "you know Jiro?" Ichiro informs Hanpei and Misao about the Shadow's Time Tunnel. Misao faints. When she comes to everyone notices that Mari has disappeared.

Mari wonders the town, seeming to enjoy this simpler time, not noticing the many bodies on the ground.

Ichiro, Hanpei and Misao find the bodies.

Two young samurai are attacked by four ninja. When Ichiro appears, playing his trumpet, the ninja vanish.

The inventor and a young boy talk. The inventor seems upset that the Shogun did not appreciate his invention. I'm not entirely certain but I think this man is supposed to be Hanpei's real ancestor (rather than the great warrior he claims to be decended from).

The two samurai, Misao and Henpai meet the young boy who runs away from them. Five ninja appear to attack the boy. Exploding arrows land at the feet of two of the ninja. Bininda looks down at them from a roof top, her harp in her hand. Bijida puts the harp on her back and jumps off the roof to battle the ninja. When she uses Bijinda Laser two of the ninja turn into Shadowmen before exploding.

Gill Hakaida fires a shot at ground in front of the inventor then grabs the boy. When Ichiro appears Hakaida lets go of the boy. Bijinda appears. As Bijinda fights Shadowmen, Ichiro fights Hakaida. When Hakaida drives away on White Crow, Double Machine falls out of the sky, with Kikaida 01 riding it.

Hakaida drives into the time tunnel. He laughs. The door closes behind him. Misao, Hanpei, the two young samurai, the inventor and the boy stand outside the door. Ichiro arrives but can't open the door either. Hanpei tries one of his ninja tricks but it doesn't work. The inventor takes a pin from Misao's hair and picks the lock. The doors now open for Misao. Misao and Hanpei stip throw the doors. Ichiro drives in. Bijinda hangs back seeming to not want to leave this time. Ichiro says somethig to her and she too steps through the doors. The four humans from this time period say goodbye as the doors close.

After everyone has passed through the Time Tunnel safely Bijinda uses Bijinda Laser to destroy it.

This is the third episode in which neither Akira nor Hiroshi appear.

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