Episode 35: The Long-Sleeve Kimono Girl -- Bijinda Hell Picture Scroll


This is one of the sillier Kikaida 01 episodes, it's about killer clothing.

This story starts at night. A kimono and a wig fly around. A woman driving a car sees them and stops. When she sees the kimono hanging in a window blowing in the wind she apparently thinks that's what she saw and relaxes.

Big Shadow is watching a recording of 01 destroying his robot monsters again. It makes him so angry he blows up the screen. Zadam says something about Halaida. Hakaida comes in followed by a kimono, a long strip of cloth and wig on a stand. Zadam isn't impressed until the cloth and wig attack him. Big Shadow laughs.

A woman is trying on her new kimono when the wig flies into the air and on to her head. The cloth they wear around the middle wraps itself on her. The woman grabs a shotgun from off the wall and start shooting.

Misao is carrying some helium balloons. The balloons explode, shot by the woman with the shotgun who has left her house. The police arrive but clearly don't want to have to shoot the woman. Ichiro appears and takes the gun away from her, knocking her down, the wig falls off her head. Some one screams. A crowd comes running, a woman with a knife is chasing them. Ichiro takes the knife away from the woman and pulls a wig off her head. She doesn't seem to know where she is at or what she's doing. When Ichiro tells her, she doesn't believe him. She walks away laughing.

A woman is looking at a kimono in a store. A boy looks in the window before meeting his sister at her job at store that appears to sell baked goods and boxes of foodstuff. The boy loads what looks like some sort of pastry onto the back of a bicycle and rides off to sell them to other children. He comes accross Mari sitting alone on a bench. He offers her his last pastry. She politely declines his offer. He tells Mari of his wish to buy his sister a kimono, before returning to the store to hand over the money. The man at the store keeps the bills but gives the boy a handful of change. The boy thanks the man before leaving to sell newspapers.

A woman is shopping for a kimono. The boy looks in a bit than leaves.

Later the boy is throwing rocks into a pond.

A young woman is in the dress shop. She suddenly sees the kimono she wanted flying away. She and several other people run out of the shop after it. Bijinda appears, grabs the kimono, throws it back into the air and destroys it with her "Bijinda Laser". The ungrateful crowd doesn't appreciate that Bijinda just saved them. Bijinda walks away dejected.

Mari is standing in the rain. The boy who wants the kimono for his sister brings Mari an umbrella.

The boy takes his bank to the dress shop and dumps out all his coins. He also has several bills in his hands, but the man won't sell him the kimono. I don't know why, maybe he didn't have enough money. The boy leaves the shop, head down. He's getting wet but doesn't seem to notice. A woman carrying a black umbrells and a purple bundle stops the boy. She hands him the bundle, he gives her his money. Once the boy is gone the woman becomes Gill Hakaida. Hakaida laughs.

Running up some steps, the boy drops the bundle. The bundle flies into the air. Chasing afte the bundle, the boy falls into a river. Misao arrives and tries to pull him out. Bijinda appears, grabs the bundle and pulls the boy out of the river. Misao fills the boys forehead, and finds that he's got a fever. The boy is taken home and put to bed.

Misao opens the bundle. Inside is a kimono and a wig. The boys sister holds the dress and looks in a mirror. Not understand what she says I don't know why she overs the Kimono to Misao and then when Misao hesistates, to Mari. Mari doesn't seem to know what to do. Misao tells her to undress. Mari starts to undo her buttons. Misao holds the kimono for Mari. Watching, at Shadow headquarters, Big Shadow laughs, because unbuttoning the third button will cause Bijinda to explode. Just in time Ichiro enters the room and tells the women the kimono is a Shadow robot. Misao throws the kimono down. Ichiro picks up the kimono, sash and wig, throwing them out of the room. They float and arrange themselves as if on some one. Laughter is heard. Kimono Poison Fang appears and introduces itself before jumping out of the house. Ichiro follows.

Kimono Poison Fang

Shadowmen appear. Ichiro destroys them. Two more Poison Fang robots, not wearing kimonos, join the original. Kimono Poison Fang knocks Ichiro down a hill. He's incircled by fire. As the Poison Fang robots twirl their red hair the flames burn higher. Ichiro summersaults away from the flames and transforms into Kikaida 01. When the Poison Fang robots try to aim the flames at 01, 01 jumps into the air and uses "Blast End" on them.

Hakaida appears to challange 01. The two slowly move closer to each other like gunfighters in an old American western (though only Hakaida carries a gun). Hakaida draws Hakaida Shot but 01 knocks it out of his hand. The two exchange punches and kicks. Bijinda appears. As 01 tries to use "Blast End" on Hakaida, Bijinda, probably thinking she's helping, uses "Bijinda Laser". The two weapons don't mix, instead they throw each other off. The destructive energies hit the ground instead of Hakaida. Standing on a ledge Hakaida laughs, curses 01 then vanishes. Misao appear in the distance. Seeing 01 and Bijinda shaking hands she starts to powder her face so she'll look nicer for 01, but the two androids vanish.

Ichiro says goodbye to the boy who wanted the kimono and drives off. His sidecar is empty! Bijinda walks by the water. Zadam makes threats against 01 and Bijinda.

This is the second episode in which neither Akira nor Hiroshi appear.

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