Episode 34: The Enchanted Big Clock -- Bijinda Danger


Misao, Hiroshi and Akira are asleep on a park bench, across from a bird shapped clock. Misao wakes up. The clock explodes. Later Hiroshi and Akira wake up and find Misao still sleeping. When they wake her she jumps up alarmed. Apparently she tells them about the exploding clock. The boys don't seem to believe her. When she turns and looks where the clock stood, it's still there, no burn marks or anything. The bird's eye glows. A white lightning like beam strikes Misao's watch. Misao hits Hiroshi and Akira then apparently denies doing it. She hits them again.

A bunch of people are walking, probably on the way to work. The clock's beam flashes again and the people go crazy, they start hitting each other.

A group of boys are showing each other their watches. One boy doesn't have a watch. He walks off alone.

The clock flashes its beam. People riding a bus start assaulting each other.

Ichiro walks into a crazed crowed and tries to stop the fighting. He fails.

A news program shows scenes of the violence. Watching it, Big Shadow laughs.

The watchless boy looks at watches in the window of a store. He looks around, when he sees no one is looking he picks up a watch with a 35,000 yen price tag (around $350.00 today I don't know what that would have been in 1974), obviously planning to take it. A rose falls on his hand. He drops the watch and runs when Mari walks up. The store owner comes and picks up the watch. Mari goes in the shop with him. When he goes into a back room the viewer hears harp music and a bunch of flowers appearing on the ground, Bijinda comes up out of the ground. When the shop owner returns Mari is gone and at first his clocks seem to have stopped working, but they start up again.

Mari finds the boy and hands him a watch. Since I know very little Japanese I don't know what Mari and the store owner said to each other, it's possible he gave the watch to her for some reason, or she stole it.

The boy finds his classmates to show them his new watch. The clock flashes its beam, the boys attack each other.

Watching the boys fight on his monitor screen, Big Shadow enjoys the scene.

Mari appears and takes the watch off the boys wrists. They boys stop fighting. A group of women appear, one strikes Mari. The womnn grab Mari. Zadam, at Shadow headquarters, crosses his tridents and says "switch on". Mari clutches her chest in pain and breaks away from the women. These foolish women seem to think Mari's pain is amusing. The boy Mari gave the watch to tries to help her. Inchiro drives up. Explosions start going off. No it's not the bomb in Mari, it's Gill Hakaida shooting Hakaida Shot. Ichiro fights Shadowmen. Still in pain Mari does to, protecting the children and the foolish women. Hakaida knocks Mari down. She gets back up. Hakaida holds his gun on Mari. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and spoils Hakaida's aim. 01 and Hakaida trade punches. For once Hakaida gets in a good blow, knocking 01 out of the way. Hakaida shoots Mari in the arm and legs but she seems to take no damage, her clothes are burnt that's all. 01 hits Hakaida knocking him into the air.

Ichiro and Mari walk, discussing what's been going on. Ichiro is certain the Shadow is behind it somehow. Misao and Akira are walking, eating apples. When Misao sees Ichiro and Mari accross the way she seems jealous. When Ichiro drives off Misao stands the road in what she must think is an attractive pose, but Ichiro doesn't even notice.

Lunatic Bat

Ichiro stops Double Machine by the bird shapped clock, dismounts and without transforming into 01, gives the clock a "01 Cut". The clocks becomes Lunatic Bat. The monster says "Cuckoo" something and sparks fly at Ichiro. When the smoke clears Lunatic Bat is gone.

At Shadow headquarters Lunatic Bat promises to get Bijinda. A light in the middle of the dial on its chest begins to flash. Inside another dial spins to 130.

Mari is taking a walk (something she does a lot). She stops by a lake, and after looking at her reflection in the water transforms into Bijinda. Mari always seems sad knowing she's not really human. Lunatic Bat appears in the woods behind Bijinda. The dial inside his chest is now at 150, but it starts moving down, quickly towards 0. Just before it reaches 0 Ichiros's trumpet is heard. Bijinda turns towards the sound. This apparently ruins Lunatic Bat plans. This is another story where not knowing Japanese makes it difficult to follow what's going on. I have no idea what this scene with the Lunatic Bat is all about. It was probably explained in the dialogue between Big Shadow and Lunatic Bat. 01 appears and so do a bunch of Shadowmen. After 01 destroys the Shadowmen, Lunatic Bat attacks. Lunatic Bat grabs 01's hands in his vice like hands. 01 turns and kicks Lunatic Bat in the chest. Lunatic Bat falls and the bong of clock is heard. Lunatic Bat gets up and sprays sparks out of its mouth. 01 uses "01 Cut" twice, followed immediatly by "01 Driver" and "Blast End".

The boy Mari gave the watch finds her by the lake. He thanks her, but returns the watch.

Ichiro rides Double Machine, Akira in the sidecar. Hakaida watches and says something about 01 and Bijinda, probleming threating to destroy them.

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