Episode 33: Emergency -- The Gorilla With Child's Tears -- Tears


Big Gorilla and Mini-Gorilla

Ichiro is running through a wooded area, being chased by Big Gorilla & Mini-Gorilla. When the ground shakes and a boulder rolls towards Ichiro he transforms into Kikaida 01, picks up the boulder and tosses it. The boulder lands at the feet of Big Gorilla & Mini-Gorilla. Outside the forest 01 confronts this monsterous pair. Mini-Gorilla claims that Big Gorilla & Mini-Gorilla will kill 01 then hides behind Big Gorilla.

Hiroshi and a taller figure, wearing a red mask with the letter M on it, are in a wring, wrestling. Akira pretends to be the sports broadcaster.

01 and Big Gorilla fight. Mini-Gorilla moves away to some sort of electric device whith several dials. Big Shadow is watching on his montior screen from his headquarters.

Hiroshi and his opponent knock each other down. Hiroshi gets up and removes the mask from Misao. Misao hits Hiroshi who falls over.

Big Gorilla tosses 01 down. 01 gets up and uses "01 Cut" on Big Gorilla's kneck. Mini-Gorilla's "VU meter" registers around 100. "01 Cut" to Big Gorilla's head measures upto 400. "01 Kick" 500. "01 Driver" causes the dial to spin several times before the machine blows up. Big Gorilla seems to ask for "Blast End". When 01 won't do it Big Gorilla shoots at him with a machine gun in his right hand. 01 uses "Blast End". Big Gorilla is destroyed, but not before 01's actions are recorded. Mini-Gorilla hits 01 on the chest and shoulders, 01 just knocks Mini-Gorilla down, then leaves.

Misao wins the wrestling match.

Bijinda seens Mini-Gorilla picking up the pieces of Big Gorilla. She helps him. Gill Hakaida witnesses this and returns to base to report it.

Big Shadow and Zadam apparently explain to Hakaida that their computer has designed plans for a new Big Gorilla, which will be able to defeat 01. Bijinda doesn't know it but she will help Mini-Gorilla to become the new Big Gorilla.

Hakaida drives up beside Ichiro, and tells him something about the Gorilla. They stop. Hakaida points, Ichiro looks down a cliff to see Bijinda with Mini-Gorilla. Hakaida pushes Inchiro down the cliff. Ichiro picks himself up. I don't know what Bijinda or Mini-Gorilla say to Ichiro.

Back at Shadow Crime Syndicate headquarters Big Shadow seems to be pleased with Hakaida's actions.

Bijinda teaches Mini-Gorilla how to fight. Her teaching is very rough, she picks him up and throws him down several times. Then she throws hand grenandes at him. After the training she physically convert Mini-Gorilla into Big Gorilla.

01 is attacked by several Shadowmen, which he easily destroys. Big Gorilla appears and after talking to 01 has more Shadowmen attack. Big Gorilla starts hitting 01. Bijinda appears and tries to remind Big Gorilla of when he was Mini-Gorilla and how they were friends. It might have worked but Hakaida appears to remind Big Gorilla he was designed to destroy 01. Big Gorilla knocks Bijinda down and steps on her. 01 fighting Shadowmen again sees Bijinda's in trouble and using "01 Kick" causes Big Gorilla to lose his balance and fall off Bijinda. 01 helps Bijinda up. Big Gorilla attacks 01, after hitting him a bit he switches to shooting at 01 with his bazooka machine gun. 01's left arm falls off. Now 01 cannot use "Blast End". 01 tries "01 Cut" twice and "01 Kick" but they have little effect. Bjinda kicks Big Gorilla then uses "Bijinda Laser" to destroy him. Hakaida disappears in a puff of smoke. 01 tries to thank Bijinda but she's upset that she had to destroy her friend. Bijinda walks away. Ichiro, both arms attacked watches her.

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