Episode 32: Beckoning In Hell: Bijinda


Bijinda and Hakaida are laying on the floor of the Shadow base, unmoving. Zadam has Bijinda carried into another room. Shadowmen bend over Bijinda with a pair of drills, apparently they were going to disassemble her. Bijinda wakes and destroys the Shadowmen. When she threatens Zadam he cross his tridents. Though in pain, Bijinda slowly moves closer to Zadam. She attacks him knocking the tridents apart then she bursts through a wall to escape. Zadam reports Bijinda's escape to Big Shadow. Zadam has a couple Shadowmen fill a pen with a special ink. When a Shadowman tries to write with pen the ink explodes destroying the Shadowman. Zadam summons Ink Squid.


A group of Shadowmen blow up a truck carrying crates containg many bottles of ink. Then drive a duplicate truck to stores leaving bottles filled with exploding ink! People, mostly children, all over the city are vaporized by this exploding ink. Ichiro witnesses this happening once. Then he goes around collecting the crates. When he as a huge pile of crates, he jumps into the air and shouts "01 Fire". Sparks come ouf of his hands, the crates explode.

A couple of bullies take a pen away from a smaller boy, but Misao arrives takes the pen back and gives back to its owner.


Ink Squid supervises loading more cases of exploding ink onto a truck, but he's seen by a group of children. When he and his Shadowmen try to capture the children Ichiro appears. Ink Squid sprays fire at Ichiro. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. When 01 knocks Ink Squid over with "01 Kick", Hakaida comes to Ink Squids aid. 01 knocks Hakaida Shot out of Hakaida's hand but Hakaida retreaves it and Ink Squid wraps a tentacle around 01's throat. Hakaida aims Hakaida Shot at 01 but arrows land at his feet. Bijinda appears to take on Hakaida. 01 breaks free from Ink Squid but Ink Squid grabs Bijinda. Hakaida orders Bijinda to fight 01. 01 frees Bijinda from Ink Squid but Bijinda tries to strangle him. 01 knocks her down. Hakaida drives off on White Crow. 01 Drives off on Double Machine.

Ichiro sees Bijinda standing against a wall. He stops, gets off Double Machine and approaches her. They talk a bit, Bijinda runs away. Ichiro drives a truckload of exploding ink to the dump and blows it up. Ink Squid becomes a man and picks up some boxes of ink that survived.

Misao wants to write something down and borrows the boy's pen, but its out of ink, so she goes into a store to get some ink. She takes the ink, from the man who is really Ink Squid! Misao is about to write when a rose falls on her pad. Mari appears. Misao seems glad to see her until she takes the pen and throws it into a lake. Under the water some ink leaks out and their is an explosion but nobody sees it. Misao slaps Mari who runs away

Ichiro goes into the store Misao got the ink from and seems to recognise that the man is Ink Squid, so the man transforms but then Ink Squid immedialty disappears in a puff of smoke. Ichiro finds the real store owner in ta back room, tied up.

Mari goes into the water and brings up the pen which she returns to the boy. Misao appologies for slapping Mari.

At Shadow base Big Shadow is angry about Bijinda so he activates the pain circuit. Misao starts to undo Mari's buttons but Ink Squid and several Shadowmen interrupt. Ichiro arrives on Double Machine. Ichiro and Mari fight Shadowmen, Mari destroying the most. Mari transforms into Bijinda, Ichiro into Kikaida 01. Bijinda continues to wipe out Shadowmen while 01 takes on Ink Squid. Ink Squid sprays fire at 01 then exploding ink. 01 uses "01 Driver" on Ink Squid then use "01 Cut" to cut off his right arm before using "Blast End".

Mari and Ichiro seem to part friends. Ichiro drives away on Double Machine. Bijinda walks along the lake.

This is the first episode to not have Akira in it. And the first since Hiroshi's introduction in episode 15, not to include him.

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