Episode 31: The Touching Android Bijinda Explosive Death


Mari in pain

Mari is clutching her chest and screaming in pain. Ichiro is undoing the buttons on her shirt. He gets the first two undone when Mari suddenly pulls away from him stands and runs away. Apparently, if Ichiro had undone the third button Mari would have exploded, destroying Ichiro in the process.

At Shadow base Zadam continues to have Mari feel pain in her chest. Then Hakaida beats her until Big Shadow stops him. When Big Shadow looks at Mari and says "Bijinda" Mari transforms into Bijinda. Bijinda kicks Zadam, knocking him over. And with a couple of karate chops knocks down Hakaida, before kneeling before Big Shadow.

Misao, Hiroshi and Akira are still walking in the park. After some goodnatured ruffhousing they stop to eat apples. Misao puts her apple ontop of her head, an arrow shoots if off, but she thinks Hiroshi took her apple so she takes his. An arrow pierces it knocking it out of her hand. A third arrows knocks the apple out of Akira's hand. Misao pushes the two boys in front of her. There's an explosion. Misao is burned in back of her shoulders. Harp music is heard and Bijinda appears along with several Shadowmen. Hakaida (who always seems to be jealous of new Shadow androids) interrupts. Bijinda uses "Bijinda Kick" to knock Hakaida over a cliff (same cliff Kikaida throw the original Hakaida down and Kikaida 01 throw Gill Hakaida down once before). Only Hakaida's pride is hurt however. He picks himself back up and goes after Misao, Hiroshi and Akira again. This time Ichiro comes to drive him away.

Bijinda finds Misao, Hiroshi and Akira on a long brige. Misao sends the boys away. Bijinda zaps Misao with her "Bijinda Laser", knocking Misao off the bridge. The boys seeing what happend, return to the spot Misao fell from and call for her. Bijinda is gone. Ichiro arrives and when the boys tell him what happens, goes down to the river to look for Misao. He does not find her. Ichiro buts the boys to bed. Seeing their tears he goes to look again. Once he's gone the boys talk. Akira takes out a picture of Rieko. I think he's saying something like, first the Shadow killed Rieko now Misao, and worries that 01 may be next. The boys cry themselves to sleep.

In the morning Ichiro is still searching, when suddely a hand grabs his leg. It's Misao, with her head bandaged and her arm in a sling. Through a flash back, Misao tells how she landed on a tree branch and was helped out of the tree by Mari. Inchiro takes Misao to where he left the boys. They're gone. They left a note. Apparently they decided to take revenge against the Shadow.

Hiroshi and Akira, using broken tree branches attack Shadowmen. Of course, they're disarmed and captured. Mari comes to their resecue destroying all the Shadowmen. The boys begin to tell her what Bijinda did. Ichiro arrives and finally having figured things out, addresses Mari as "Bjinda". She denies being Bijinda but Ichiro's eyes can see threw her clothing and skin to her electronic parts. He tells her he knows she is a "jinzo ningen" (artifical human or android). Mari looks sad. She admits to being Bijinda and I think expresses regret that she must serve the Shadow, but when Ichiro offers to help her she addresses him as "01" and transforms into Bijinda to attack him. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and uses 01 Chop and 01 Driver to subdue Bijinda. Having knocker her out, he opens her up, probably to attempt to remove that remote control pain circuit, but he's suddenly fired upon and the laughter of Hakaida is heard. When the smoke clears Bijinda is gone.

Hiroshi and Akira finally see Misao. The three run towards each other, but just as they reach each other, three Shadowmen appear. The three humans think they are hugging each other, but are in fact hugging the Shadowmen. When the finally open their eyes and discover what they are doing, they move away from the Shadowmen. Two more appear. The five attempt to capture the three humans but Ichiro comes running and destroys them. Misao, Hiroshi and Akira have hidden behind a boalder. As Ichiro approaches it, it explodes. A harp is heard and Bijinda is seen sitting in a tree. She comes down. Ichiro and Bijinda approach each other. Ichiro tries to talk her into switch sides (I think) but she doesn't. The start to fight but Hiroshi and Akira run in between them and stand in front of Bijinda so Ichiro can't hurt her. Bijinda raises a hand as if to strike the boys. Ichiro says her name in a harsh tone. She lowers her hand at her head but then backs away and raises both her hands, meaning she is about to use her "Bijinda Laser". Ichiro calls upon her to stop. I don't know what he says but a close up of Bijinda's face shows tears flowing down. The scene alternates between Bijinda's face and Mari's, both are covered in tears. Suddenly, Ichiro knocks Hiroshi and Akira to the ground, just in time to protect them from "Bijinda Laser". Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. Before they can make a move towards each other, Hakaida appears and shoots 01 in the leg. Bijinda turns and zaps Hakaida with her "Bijinda Laser", before attacking him physically. Watching the battle on his screen, Zadam crosses his tridant. Bijinda and Hakaida jump into the air, when they meet there is an explosion. They appear to have destroyed each other.

After bidding Misao, Hiroshi and Akira goodbye, Ichiro drives away on Double Machine.

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