Episode 30: Demon? Angel? Bijinda Appears!!


Pollution Catfish

Watching video tapes of 01 defeating his monsters, Big Shadow, gets depressed. To chear him up Zadam sends Pollution Catfish to destroy a forest with its poison spray. Pollution Catfish also demonstrates how it will defeat 01, by covering the ground in a black liquid which explodes when Shadowmen step on it and when others drive motorcycles on it. Pollution Catfish transforms into an old man.


Ichiro riding Double Machine hears female laughter. Red and blue lights appear in the sky, a bunch of flowers suddenly appear on the ground in an expanding circle, from the middle of the flowers a female android appears. The android flies away.

Misao, Hiroshi and Akira walking by a lake, are attacked by Shadowmen. In the same area is a woman dressed in blue with a pink scarf around her neck. A harp plays in the background. When Misao, Hiroshi, Akira and the Shadowmen catch up with the woman she fights the Shadowmen. She wins.

Pollution Catfish

A group of boys on bicycles meet Pollution Catfish in his human form. After a bried dicussion they ride off. A young couple sitting on a park bench are disturbed by this man sitting next to them. They move to another bench, but he appears there. They try to run away from him. He transforms into Pollution Catfish and sprays his killing spray on them, they're turned into a couple of skeletons. Pollution Catfish comes across a group of children. His whiskers turn into ropes and rap around the children. Ichiro comes to their aid. Pollution Catfish vanishes.

Bijinda Laser

Ichiro hears a harp playing, looking around he sees the female android sitting in a tree playing a harp. She laughs and jumps to the ground. Using the harp like a bow she shoots exploding arrows at Ichiro. She says her name is Bijinda (Beautiful Woman). She uses her "Bijinda Laser". Ichiro ducks and several Shadowmen fall out of the trees. Ichiro stands up and looks around. Bijinda is gone.

The woman in blue is walking through the forest, she crosses a road. A harp plays in the background. Ichiro rides up on Double Machine. After a brief talk the woman, who looks sad walks away.

The boys on bicycles are chased by Hakaida on White Crow. Ichiro on Double Machine stops him and transforms into Kikaida 01. He knocks Hakaida down. Arrows hit the ground at 01's feet. Bijinda appears, picks up Hakaida and the two of them fly away.

The bicycler riders stop to take a break and are attacked by Shadowmen. The woman in blue and Ichiro come to their rescue. When there are no more Shadowmen the woman runs away. Ichiro catches up with her. Misao, Hiroshi and Akira spot Ichiro and the woman. Misao behaives as if she were jealous. When Misao, Horoshi and Akira are attacked by Hakaida, Pollution Catfish and several Shadowmen, Ichiro breaks off his conversation with the woman to transform into Kikaida 01 and goes into battle. The woman joins the fight. She manages to take out more Shadowmen than 01 but is knocked out by Pollution Catfish who picks her up and vanishes. Hakaida attacks 01.

Pollution Catfish drops the woman, stands over her and waits for 01. Riding on Double Machine, 01 heads toward Pollution Catfish. The ground around Double Machine starts to explode. Double Machine makes it through the mindfield, 01 dismounts and attacks Pollution Catfish. Pollution Catfish tries to tie 01 up with his whisker rope, 01 breaks free. Pollution Catfish jumps up and down, causing the ground to shake. A couple boulders roll down a hill toward 01. 01 jumps out of the way and knocks Pollution Catfish over with 01 Driver. When Pollution Catfish stands 01 uses 01 Cut on him twice, before destroying him with Blast End. The woman wakes, stands and tries to run away, there is an explosion, she falls.

At Shadow base, Zadam and a damaged Hakaida are watching. Zadam calls the woman Mari.

Ichiro picks up the again unconscious woman.

Zadam has a Shadowman flip a switch. Electrical circuits shortening out are shown.

Mari in pain

Mari clutches her chest and screems in pain. Ichiro starts to undo the buttons of her shirt. Watching this Big Shadow laughs.

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