Episode 29: Red Demon -- Blue Demon -- The Ten Billion Volt Terror!


Raijin + Raijin -

Zadam attempts to produce a pair of new monsters but failes, apparently due to an expirement being conducted at the same time, by a boy scientist. Hakaida is sent to stop the experiment. Ichiro shows up. Hakaida drives away on White Crow. Ichiro follows after him on Double Machine. Zadam tries again and this time is able to produce Raijin Plus & Raijin Minus. The explosion that results when they are made attracks 01. Raijin + and Raijin - work together to hit 01 with a powerful electric shock then a thunder blast which sends 01 flying into the air.

01 lands next to his friends. Ichiro, Hiroshi, Akira and Misao go with the boy scientist and his mother to the Narukami Thunder Laboratory, which was founded by the boys late father. Hiroshi, Akira and Misao have lunch.

At Shadow base Big Shadow runs a slide show of a sloth in a tree.

The boy's mother is outside practicing archery when Raijin + and Raijin - appear. She shots an arrow at a target, it freezes in mid air, then suddenly hits the target. Raijin + and Raijin - show themselves. She tries to flee but they cause her to freeze in place. A large drum appears floating over her head and starts to do something to alter her brain when 01 appears and knocks it aside. After a brief struggle with 01 Raijin + and Raijin - vanish. The woman lays on a couch, unwiling to get up.

Misao and Hiroshi go for a ride on a two person bicycle. Raijin + and Raijin - freeze them. Drums appear over their heads, glue and vanish. Misao and Hiroshi start moving again but they fall of the bicycle and lay on the grass. Raijin + and Raijin - effect several other people the same way. Ichiro and Akira find Misao and Hiroshi sleeping on the ground. They take them to the lab. Ichiro hears a noise. Ichiro, Akira and the boy scientist ride away on Double Machine. Just as they make it out of town Raijin + and Raijin - infect the entire city with slothfulness. Ichiro challenges Raijin + and Raijin - and Hakaida, they accept. They meet in a quarry. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. Raijin + and Raijin - zap 01. 01 is captured, strapped into a chair that will bust the power of Raijin + and Raijin -. They intend to hit him with ten billion volts apparently, however Aira and the boy scientist use a giant magnet to pull the electricity away from 01. 01 breaks out of the chair.

Raijin +, Raijin - vs Kikaida 01

Fighting resumes. Raijin + and Raijin - throw their drums at 01, he catches them and throws them at Shadowmen, the drums explode. Raijin + and Raijin - attempt to blast 01 again and miss. 01 uses 01 Kick, 01 Driver, 01 Cut and Blast End one immediatly after the other.

The boy scientist figures out how to restore the victims of Raijin + and Raijin - brain altering power.

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