Episode 28:
Crazy Town -- The Terrible Mermaid Princess Counterattack


All the adults in a town have been replaced by Shadowmen. On Double Machine, Ichiro goes after a Shadowman impersonating a policeofffer on a motorcycle, but loses him.


At Shadow base a giant clam shell opens to reveal a scantly dressed, beautiful woman. Hakaida falls in love with her.

Mermaid Princess

The shell closes and reopens, the beautiful woman has transformed into Mermaid Princess. Hakaida is still in love. The shell closes.

Mermaid Princess

The closed shell is placed on public display. When the shell opens all the men and boys stare at the woman, transfixed, unable to move. Hakaida and Shadowmen appear to take the men away, but Ichiro appears. The woman closes herself in her shell and the spell is broken, the people run away. The woman tries to work her spell on Ichiro. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. The woman begins to spin as she does so Hakaida covers his eyes, 01's eyes explode. The woman closes herself in her shell.

Next we see the woman standing in room full of smoke calling Ichiro's name. Ichiro goes crazy and tries to strangle Akira. Ichiro suddenly comes to his senses, stops trying to kill Akira, but, he's blind. Ichiro tries to make repairs to himself. He transforms into Kikaida 01 but smoke pours out of his body and he's forced back into Ichiro form, still blind.

Back at Shadow base more adults are being duplicated. Hakaida laying down inside a glass capsule.

Misao, Hiroshi, Akira and another boy and a girl are attacked by Shadowmen. They are able to run away from the Shadowmen but are cought by the disguised Shadowmen. The Mermaid Princess, in human form comes and tries to cast her spell on Akira and Hiroshi but it doesn't work. Ichiro arrives, still blind and challenges her. The mermaid starts spinning. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. At first his vision is blurred but it clears. Hakaida arrives on White Crow and attacks 01.

01 zapped

After 01 knocks Hakaida down the woman finally transforms into Mermaid Princess. She throws bombs at 01 and zaps him with a laser. 01 uses 01 Driver on her and chops of the tip of her nose. When she turns around the number 55 is on her back. She faces 01 again and removes the seashell that's her right breast, throws it at 01. He catches it and tosses it to the ground, it explodes. She tries again with the left. 01 kicks it away, it explodes. 01 uses Blast End on her. She falls into her shell and makes a speach before the shell closes then explodes.

Misao, Hiroshi, Akira and Ichiro board a ship for home (in episode 26 they had gone on a cruise, 27 and 28 took place during their vacation).

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