Episode 27: The Hidden Land Fierce Battle!! Zadam Hell Trap


Gill Hakaida takes the woman captured in the previous episode and drives off with her on White Crow. Ichiro confronts Zadam, after an exchange of words he transforms into Kikaida 01. When 01 approaches Zadam, Zadam vanishes from where he is appearing somewhere else. He does this three times. 01 jumps into the air and shouting "01 Kick" smacks into Zadam. Zadam teeters on the edge of a cliff but doesn't fall. He disappears. Misao, Hiroshi and Akira catch up with Ichiro.

At Shadow headquarters Zadam buts a belt on the captured woman, then has her left where she will be found. Hiroshi and Akira find her. Misao and Hiroshi carry the unconscious woman. Misao, Hiroshi and Akira set down to a large meal. Ichiro thinks about his encounters with Zadam. He suddenly realizes that Zadam fled not because he kicked him but because of the bright sun shining in his eyes. Ichiro gets up and runs out of the room.

The next scene has Ichiro and Zadam facing each other. Ichiro places his hands over his forehead like he does when transforming but this time says "01 Sun". When he seperates his hands his solar collector comes out of his helmet and focus the sunlight into rays that strike Zadam's eyes. Zadam vanishes. I don't think this acutally happened, I think it was just Ichiro imaging what could happen the next time they meet.

Misao, Hiroshi and Akira enoy their meal. Their unconscious guest awakes. A ticking sound can be heard. Apparently realizing she's wearing a bomb, she runs out of the hotel.

Hell Amphibian

Back at Shadow headquarters Hell Amphibian jumps onto Hakaida's back, showing how it will defeat 01. The plan is to lure Ichiro to take a ride on a certain boat. Hell Amphibian will come up out of the water to attach itself to Ichiro's back. Shadow Knight standing on a suspension bridge high above the water, flashes his eye Hell Amphibian will transform into a hard, silvery form and the air tank will become a bomb. A second flash from Shadow Knight will detonate the bomb, destroying Ichiro.

The woman wearing the belt boards the boat Zadam want's Ichiro on. Ichiro on Double Machine catches up to the boat, jumping from shore to land on its roof. Zadam's plan seems to be working. The woman tells the boat captain she's wearing a bomb. The captain reaches to remove the belt, Ichiro stops him. Ichiro works on removing the cover on the belt. Hell Amphibian is swimming towards the boat. Shadow Knight is in place, waiting. The boat passes the bridge. Ichiro looking up sees Shadow King and tells the captain to stop the boat. He does. Hell Amphibian flies out of the water landing on the boat's roof. Ichiro removes the cover from the belt. 7 seconds left. 6...5...4...2...1...0. No explosion.

Hell Amphibian

Hell Amphibian laughs and jumps onto Ichiro's back. Unable to knock him off, Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and rockest into the air. That doesn't lose Hell Amphibian. 01 lands on the bridge and with Hell Amphibian on his back fights Shadow Knight. Then 01 does 01 Driver going straight up into the air. The spinning causes Hell Amphibian to fall off. Hitting the water Hell Amphibian explodes. 01 lands back on the bridge. 01 and Shadow Knight fight. They both jump off the bridge landing on shore. After a brief battle 01 tosses Shadow Knight into the air than uses Blast End. Shadow Knight falls onto the bridge and explodes. The end of Shadow Knight!

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