Episode 26: Chronicle Of The South Deathmatch!!
The Zadam Super Power Display


Long-Nosed Goblin Flying Squirrel

Zadam wants a young woman who is on cruise ship captured. On the same ship are Misao, Hiroshi and Akira. They meet the woman and play hide and seek with her. Misao has to seek. While looking she is frightened by a man dressed in white and wearing a red mask with a very long nose. She finds the others and they are all attacked by this man several men dressed in black and wearing masks with shorter noses. A familar trumpet song is heard. When Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 the bad guys vanish.

Long-Nosed Goblin Flying Squirrel

The ship reaches its destination. Ichiro, the two boys, and two women are followed to their hotel by the masked figures. When the woman and the two boys go site seeing the masked figures search her room, but not finding what they want they go after the woman. Jiro appears to rescue her and the boys. The man in white transforms into Long-Nosed Goblin Flying Squirrel, Jiro transforms into Kikaida. Long-Nosed Goblin Flying Squirrel has the number 107 on its back. The woman and the two boys run away.

The woman pulls off her face, it's Misao in disguise (must have learned that from Rieko). Hiroshi apparently tells her to put the mask back on because she does, but it's too late, Hakaida and Shadow Knight hiding in the shadows have all ready seen.

Back at the hotel the woman is attacked by two of the masked men in black. She runs out of the hotel into a cave. More men in black appear. Ichiro shows up, knocks the men down and leads the woman out of the cave. The figure in white and the men in black appear. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 but the men vanish. Zadam appears. When Zadam crosses his twin tridants 01 is hit by a energy blast that knocks him onto some rocks. A second blast rips off 01's left arm, which then tries to strangle 01! Zadam vanishes. Kikaida appears, grabs hold of 01's left arm. Kikaida's eyes flash and the arm stops moving. He holds the arm back in it socket. His eyes flash again and the arm is reattached. The woman opens her watch and gives Ichiro something that was hidden inside of it (microfilm?).

Hell Amphibian

The woman joins Hiroshi, Akira and the disguised Misao. After she tells Misao everything's ok she removes her mask and wig. Hakaida, Shadow Knight and several Shadowmen, carrying spears instead of the usual lightning bolts, appear. Ichiro arrives, and transforms into Kikaida 01. The two women and two boys flee. The white clothed, masked firgure appears, grabs the other woman, taking her to Zadam. 01 knocks Hakaida and Shadow Knight down with 01 cut then goes into battle with Long-Nosed Goblin Flying Squirrel. After Long-Nosed Goblin Flying Squirrel is destroyed by 01 Zadam summons Hell Amphibian. The episode ends with Hell Amphibian holding onto the arm of Zadam's prisoner.

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