Episode 25: The Devil-Spawn Zadam Lunar Base Lift-Off



Big Shadow orders Zadam, his agent on the moon, to come to earth. A girl and her father see Zadam's ship through their telescope. Misao asks to look through the telescope. Hiroshi has a crush on the girl, who is older and taller than he is.

Big Shadow introduces Hakaida and Shadow Knight to Zadam, both of him attack him. Zadam zaps them with a blast from one of his twin tridants. They don't bother him after that.

Shadow Knight in his human form commits several murders.

Misao and Hiroshi are invited to dinner by the stargazers. Hiroshi eats like is starving, which he probably was. The meal is interupted by Hakaida. Hakaida raises Hakaida Shot but Ichiro's trumpet is heard so instead of shooting the man or his guests, Hakaida fires out the window trying to hit Ichiro. Hakaida exits the house, looking for Ichiro but Ichiro has gone into the house and taken Hakaida's intending victims out. The trumpet is still playing, it's tied to a tree and playing itself. When Ichiro goes to retreive his trumpet, Akira is standing beneath it, looking sad. Hakaida finally finds Ichiro. Ichiro fights Hakaida and several Shadowmen. When Ichiro notices that Hakaida is missing he looks for him. Seeing Hakaida about to shoot the people he thought he had hidden, Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and jumps in front of Hakaida taking the shots himself. Shadow Knight in human form appears and I think cliams the right to defeat 01. He transforms. 01 fights Hakaida and Shadow Knight and several Shadowmen. In the middle of the fight a familar guitar lick is heard. Jiro has returned, transforming into Kikaida, he joins the frey. The brothers destroy several Shadowmen. Hakaida and Shadow Knight vanish. Kikaida and 01 shake hands, 01 says "arigato".

Ichiro drives off on Double Machine as he passes an apple tree he's almost hit in the head by an apple. He looks up to see Misao. He dismounts and follows Misao and Hiroshi. Akira joins them. When they get to where the girl and her father should be Ichiro finds two dummies. Ichiro, Misao, Hiroshi and Akira find where the two are being kept prisoner. Hiroshi tries to call to the girl, Ichiro tells him to be quiet. Hiroshi again tries to call to the girl. Ichiro again tells him to be quiet and then goes to rescue them. Misao slaps Hiroshi in the back of the head. When Ichiro enters the house the girl and her father are in a steel door closes behind him. The walls of the house split. Ichiro and the two humans are inside a rocket! The rocket blasts off. It lands on the moon.

Ichiro opens his chest, pulls out two cylinders which apparently contain oygen. Ichiro exits the rocket and is attacked by several Shadowmen. He jumps into a crater. When Hakaida and Shadow Knight open the rocket door they find the two humans, with the cylinders in their mouths, but no 01. The father closes the door after Hakaida and Shadow Knight leave.

01 finds himself inside the Shadow's moonbase.

Ichiro returns to the survice to work on the rocket. When Hakaida and Shadow Knight appear again the rocket takes off without Ichiro. More Shadowmen appear and the battle is on. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and after making a speach continues the fight. Back on earth Zadam is monitoring the battle. Apparently 01 wins the battle because we see Ichiro looking up at the earth. Believing that he's stuck on the moon, he begins his farewalls, "Say˘nara Akira, Say˘nara Hiroshi..." when suddenly Double Machine flies down to him. A cylinder on the seat has a note from Jiro. The only words I understood when Ichiro read the note outloud were "computer", "Double Machine" and "Jiro". Ichiro mounts Double Machine and flies back to earth on it.

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