Episode 24: Devil's Trade!? The Earth Pigs Planetary Scheme


Pig-faced android

A family of three are enjoying a picnic when they are attacked by three men each with the head of a pig. Rieko and Akira hearing cries for help come running. They find the three family members lying on the ground, the father by the family car. The body of a pig-faced man is inside their car. Rieko helps the daughter and mother up. The father seems angry at her for some reason. Later this man goes to work and shocks his employees by announcing they will no longer be making kitchen appliances like toasters but will begin producing automatic weapons.

As usual, Misao and Hiroshi are sleeping on the streets. Hiroshi finds the daughter from the picnic crying. It appears she doesn't like the change that has come over her father. Misao is frightened by a pig (an actual pig not a man with a pig's head). When she tries to show Horoshi about the pig, it isn't there. There is a man in black, reading a newspaper however. When Misao tries to talk to the man he lowers the paper to revea he has the head of a pig. He pulls a knife and threatens Misao with it. Four more pig-headed men with knives appear an attempt to abduct Rieko, Akira and the girl, but...you guessed it, Ichiro appears to save them. The pig-faced men fight with him for a little bit then vanish. Hakaida appears just to take a shot at Ichiro.

Rieko and Akira take the girl home. As she talks to her mother her father comes in. The mothers facing her so she doesn't see him, but the girl sees that her father has the shadow of a pig!

Other people are attacked by pig-faced men.

Mad Pig 1 Mad Pig 2

The girl tries to tell her mother her father is a pigman. The mother laughs, but then she goes and tells her husband. As the two walk together for a moment they appear as pig monsters. Then go back to looking human, however a closeup reveals pig like noses. The girl, Rieko and Akira have fled together, apparently over hearing the couple's conversation which inluded "Shadow Knight" repeated several times. Rieko, Akira and the girl run into (literaly) Misao and Hiroshi. The five meet the father and mother who briefly try to convince them everything is okay, but when the see they are not believed the become Mad Pig 1 & 2. The Pig Men show up to help them. Rieko fights them. She does quite well until Mad Pig 2 spits fire at her. Ichiro comes to help. During the fighting the Mad Pigs are seen to be numbered 104 and 105. After Ichiro destroys a few pig-faced robots the Mad Pigs disappear. The girl, Hiroshi and Akira have also disappeared. They haven't been captured, they just wandered off.

The two brothers see the girl a ways ahead of them. Akira starts to shout to her when Hiroshi puts a hand over his mouth. The pig faced robots are following her. When the robots get too close to the girl, the boys throw rocks at them to distract them. They chase the boys but the boys get away. The girl finally sees that she's in danger and hides too. The pig-faced robots not finding anybody use a secret entrance to their base. The girl sees them do it. And follow them in. The boys try to follow her but can't get in.

The girl finds her parents, in a cage. Two Shadowmen grab the girl, but just then Rieko, Misao, Hiroshi, Akir and Ichiro arrive. Ichiro takes care of the two Shadowmen. The rest of the group wanders off and is captured by Hakaida. Ichiro is attacked by more Shadowmen.

The two women, two boys and the girl are trapped in a cell, with a bomb. Misao tries to convince Hakaida to release Hiroshi and Akira, apparently reminding him that if they're blown up the plans for Giant Devil will be lost. Hakaida laughs. I'm not sure but I think he wants the plans destroyed so the Shadow can't build the robot Profesor Gill designed.

Ichiro defeats the Shadowmen and frees the parents. The three of them confront the imposters. For a moment it seems like Ichiro may have forgotten which is which, but then he kicks one couple, they fall over and turn into Mad Pig 1 and 2. Shadowmen appear. Ichiro fights them.

Rieko smashes the bars of the cage, much to everyone's surprise. She then reveals that like Ichiro and Jiro she is a jinzo ningen, an artificial human, in otherwords an android. While the others flee she tries to defuse the bomb. Akira is the last to leave.

Mad Pigs 1 and 2

When Mad Pig 2 uses "Pig Fire" on Ichiro he transforms into Kikaida 01. Mad Pig 1 shots his nose at 01, it is on chain which raps around 01's arm.

Several Shadowmen enter the cell where Rieko is attempting to defuse the bomb. She has to stop to fight them.

01 breaks the chain then with a single Blast End destroys both Mad Pigs. The girl is reunited with her parents. Misao suddenly remebers Rieko is still undergound.


Akira cries.

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