Episode 23: The Evil Starfish Mankind Impending Extermination


Ichiro adjusting hearing

Out for a ride Ichiro stops Double Machine to stretch. He hears some strange noises. Asking Akira to be quiet he adjusts his hearing.

A woman crawls onto a road. A car stops. A man gets out to see what's wrong. When he tries to help the woman up, she breaks his neck. The woman turns into a man and then vanishes when Ichiro and Akira arrive. Ichiro tries to revive the dead man, until he relises he's dead. Laughing the murder comes out of the tall grass on the side of the road, to attack Ichiro. On the the back of the man's black shirt is the number 1.

Shadow Devil Starfish

Wrestling with Ichiro the man transforms into Shadow Devil Starfish. The monster has the number 11 on its back. When Ichiro kicks Shadow Devil Starfish it falls and breaks into several pieces.

Shadow Devil Starfish

Those pieces transform into 5 smaller stars. Those stars then transform into the man Ichiro was fighing before and four women dressed in pink. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. 01 Drive destroys two of the female robots, but two more appear in twin puffs of smoke, to take their place.

Hakaida and Shadow Knight watch the battle on their screen at Shadow base. They seem sure 01 will lose, and turn to leave, but when Big Shadow points at the screen, we see that 01 must have defeated the female robots because he's shown using 01 Cut on the man. The man turns back into Shadow Devil Starfish and breaks into pieces.

Hakaida and Shadow Knight go after Rieko, but Ichiro arrives to save her. Ichiro transforms into 01 again. Hakaida uses that Hammer Claw and Flying Moon Kick on 01. Shadow Knight's sword shoots sparks at 01. 01 is knocked down, when he gets back up he finds that the human form Shadow Devil Starfish and the pink women are back and they have Rieko. When 01 uses 01 Driver aganinst the man he turns back into Shadow Devil Starfish and falls over. When 01 uses 01 Cut against the women robots they fall over but they all turn into little stars which turn back into the pink robots and the man. 01 grans Rieko and rides away on Double Machine.

Ichiro seems to be worried that he won't be able to defeat a monster that won't stay dead. When he hears another noise he leaves Rieko and Akira to investigate.

Two women dressed in red fall at the feet of Misao and Hiroshi (they have to appear somewhere in every episode after the 15th) when they try to help these women the women try to strangle them so they leave them alone. Ichiro arrives. They pretend to be hurt. He doesn't believe them, so they attack him. He hits them. Apparently they were all on the roof of a building, because the woman fall a long ways to the crowd. A ground gathers tby the dead women. The bodies vanish in a puff of smoke. More of these women in red appear. Misao and Horishi witness a murder by one of these women, who then turns into the man who is Shadow Devil Starfish. Ichiro arrives on Double Machine. The man and Ichiro fight a little. The man transforms into Shadow Devil Starfish and wraps its tenticles around Ichiro. Ichiro escapes by transforming into Kikaida 01. Shadow Devil Starfish sprays an explosive liquid at 01. O1 uses 01 Driver to knock Shadow Devil Starfish down. Then 01 Cut. This time Shadow Devil Starfish falls over, breaks into pieces and those pieces burst into flame.

Back at Shadow base Big Shadow says something to Hakaida and Shadow Knight about "Giant Devil" so obviously he still wants to rebuild that robot. Then a man who looks just like the man who was Shadow Devil Starfish appears. He has a number 2 on his back!

Once again Ichiro's sensative ears pick up the sound of those murderous women. When he enters a shack where the sound came from he finds the bodies of dead men. Hakaida flips a switch causing the shack to explode. Rieko fight the pink female robots, doing surprisingly well, but she is eventually overcome. Still in human form Shadow Devil Starfish 2 tries to crush her neck--he can't do it! Why? That will be revealed in episode 24. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and attacks. He tells Rieko to get Akira and get back in his sidecar. She does so. He gets on Double Machine and uses its rockest like guns, firing on the villains. Shadow Knight throws his sword at 01. 01 knocks it aside and gets off Double Machine to fight. Rieko climbs into the driver's seat. She uses Double Machine to run down the pink robots while 01 battles Hakaida and Shadow Knight. When the man who is Shadow Devil Starfish 2 is knocked down he becomes Shadow Devil Starfish 2. 01 uses Blast End on him. Ichiro gives Rieko some applause and a handshake.

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