Episode 22: Today's Special Class Is Murder Training!?


Scorpion Strong

Scorpion Strong teaches a group of boys, who are dressed like scouts, to shoot at cutouts of Ichiro and Jiro, then Kikaida 01 and Kikaida. Gill Hakaida and Shadow Knight have another argument, while Big Shadow looks bored. Shadow Knight raises his sword to hit Hakaida when a buzzer sounds. A video screen comes on showing some more boys. Big Shadow says something to Shadow Knight. Shadow Knight sends Scorpion Strong to impersonate the boys' teacher. After showing the boys slides of the costillation Scorpio the scorpion the teacher returns to his true form of Scorpion Strong.

a child

The monster hypnotises most of the boys, but one, Kenji who apparently had been in the restroom runs away. He runs into Rieko and Akira. Hakaida and several Shadowmen attempt to capture the three of them but of course Ichiro arrives to save them. Rieko takes Kenji home but his mother doesn't believe his story about the teacher being a monster.

Hakaida and Ichiro fight as Shadow Knight watches them on monitor screen. Hakaida wraps Ichiro up in silver bands and aims Hakaida Shot at his head, but before he can shoot a spear knocks the gun out of his hand. Shadow Knight has appeared to take revenge for Hakaida stopping him from destroying Ichiro in the previous episode. It appears to high ranking officials in the Shadow are jealous of each other. Ichiro takes the this opportunity to transform into Kikaida 01. Shadow Knight throws his sword at 01, but 01 catches it and throws it at Hakaida. 01 uses a new combat technique, "O1 Kick" on Shadow Knight. Shadow Knight vanishes, Hakaida flies away.

Back at Shadow base Hakaida whips Shadow Knight, until Big Shadow stops him. It appears Hakaida is now second in command instead of Shadow Knight.

The teacher comes looking for his missing student, bringing the rest of the class with him. When Kenji accuses the teacher of being a monster, the other students do NOT backup his claim. Kenji runs back inside the house, to Riejo and Akira. Later one of Kenji's classmates tries to shoot him and Rieko and Akira.


Misao and Hiroshi are attacked by three women wearing wild colored wigs. These women throw stars at them. When Misao throws a star back, hitting one of the women the woman appears to be Kenji's mother. This makes Kenji mad, and Akira suspicious of Misao, but Ichiro arrives and apparently tells them that's not his mother. She has in fact been captured by Scorpion Strong. When Ichiro enters the classroom he is attacked by the school's model of a human skeleton, it wraps its arms around his neck. To break free, Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. The skeleton spits fire at 01. 01 destroys the skeleton with 01 Cut.

Finding a secret panel in the floor 01 opens it and climbs down. As he climbs the stairs they give way. It's a trap. With his legs stuck in the ground 01 watches the scouts come at him with guns in their hands. What can 01 do, he can't hurt children. As the children fire their guns 01 bursts out of the hole to do battle with Hakaida and the Shadowmen. Having knocked them aside he confronts the children. Crossing his hands in front of him he says something I can't understand, it's "01" something Japanese. The children pass out. When he uncrosses his hands saying "Double" something, the children wake up their normal selfs.

Going deeper into the Shadow base, 01 finds and releases more children and Kenji's mother. They exit the base but run into Hakaida and Scorpion Strong. 01 appears. The woman and the children flee. Scorpion Strong pins 01's arms behind him while Hakaida punches 01. 01 breakes free just as Hakaida throws another punch, so Scorpion Strong is hit by mistake. When Scorpion Strong falls down we see he has the number 22 on his back. 01 kocks Hakaida down. Scorpion Strong stands up and sprays yellow smoke at 01 from his tail. 01 uses Blast End on him. Kenji and his mother are reunited.

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