Episode 21: Vampire Building -- The Beautiful Girls Dorm Terror!


Led by a man dressed in black coat and tails, black hat and wearing silver mask over his eyes, Shadowmen attack young women, stiking a needle in their arm to collect blood from them. Their leader then has them kill the women. Of course this sort of behaivor attracts the attention of Ichiro who interrupts one night. After a brief skirmish with Ichiro the man transforms into Shadow Knight to continue the fight. Strangely, Hakaida appears and holds his gun not on Ichiro, but on Shadow Knight. Ichiro checks on Shadow Knights last victim. She's still alive.

Vampire Bat - doll form

In the morning Rieko and Akira find a girl laying on the sidewalk moaning. Before they can do anything a woman, apparently her schoolmistress appears and takes the girl away--to the doctor. As soon as the doctor closes the door on the schoolmistress her office is filled up with Shadowmen. Rikeo and Akira climb into the doctor's open window. They find the doctor tied up. TheY untie her, she climbs out the window. They open the internal door. Shadowmen have a young woman on a table, they're performing a transfusion. Once they are done a doll dressed in black with black hair sits up and walks around. Back at his base, Big Shadow monitoring this activitiy, is pleased.

Vampire Bat

The doll enters the doctor's office and finding Rieko and Akira there, transforms into a man-sized Vamire Bat. The bat has the number 16 on its back. (All Shadow monsters are numbered although not all have the number visible on their bodies). Ichiro climbs through the window to attack the Vampire Bat. The bat flies away. Ichiro follows it. When Rieko hears the schoolmistress knocking on the door she disguises herself as the doctor and sends her away.

Outdoors Ichiro and the Vampire Bat fight. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and destroys the bat with Blasto Endo. Explosions start going off near 01. It's Hakaida shooting at him. 01 uses 01 Cut to knock Hikaida Shot out of Hikaida's hand. The robot and the cyborg punch each other for awhile. Hakaida mounts his motorcycle, White Crow, and drives away. 01 follows on Double Machine, but when he catches up to White Crow its owner is no where in sight.

The schoolmistress returns, with the doctor. Rieko removes her mask. The doctor calls Rieko by name, which is probably why Rieko accused the doctor of actually being Hakaida. The doctor speaks in a male voice and then becomes Hakaida. A second Vampire Bat (number 17 on its back) and several Shadowmen appear in the room. Jiro's trumpet is heard playing outside. Hakaida exists the building. Ichiro is on the roof playing his trumpet, but wait, Ichiro appears in the room to battle the bat. Two Ichiros? When Hakaida attacks Ichiro he discovers it is a dummy with a tape recorder providing the music. Ichiro, the Shadowmen and the Vampire Bat end up outside with Hakaida. The bat throws a wing at Ichiro. The wing raps around Ichiro who falls down. There is an explosion. The Vampire Bat and Hakaida think they have defeated 01, until they hear Ichiro's laughter. They find the wing rapped around a statue. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and destroys the second Vampire Bat.

Misao and Hiroshi stumble about Shadowmen making a third Vampire Bat. This bat has the number 18 on its back.

01 cuts off Hakaida's left arm with "01 Cut". Hakaida picks up his arm and rides away on White Crow. 01 follows on Double Machine but the third Vampire Bat flies down to attack him. When 01 resists the bat points to a woman two Shadomen have captured, apparently threatening to have her killed. The bat's head flies off its body to attack 01. He catches it and throws it aside. The Shadowmen knock their captive out. 01 attacks and defeats them. The bats head hovering in the air spits fire at 01. He uses Blasto Endo on it.

Shadow Knight is not seen again in this episode after Hakaida kept him from attacking Ichiro. I have no idea why Hakaida did that or where Shadow Knight went.

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