Episode 20: The Grand Outrage -- Shadow Big Boss' Identity Revealed


The Big Shadow

Gill Hakaida murders several people, all are marked with a red "H". Back at Shadow Crime Synidcate headquarters Big Shadow tells Hakaida who his next victim is to be. Instead of a shadow on a screen the audience actually sees Big Shadow himself. When Hakaida attemps his next murder Ichiro interrupts. Inchiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and the two fight. Shadow Knight appears to take Hakaida away.

Akira is sitting by the bed of the woman Hakaida wounded when Hakaida appears in the doorway. Hakaida who has the brain of Akira's father in his head tries to hypnotise Akira. He commands him to take a black cylinder out of its case and put one of his own in its place. As far as I can tell this is a battery that provides the energy Ichiro needs to transform. Kikaida 01 is solar powered but in human form the sola collector is hidden inside him and can't get light. When Ichiro and Rieko return they find the wounded woman is gone. A note for Ichiro is left on the bed, with a dagger threw it. The note is apparently a challenge from Hakaida. Before he leaves Ichiro changes cylinders, at Rieko's suggestion.

When Hakaida turns his back Ichiro takes the wounded woman, places her in Double Machine's sidecar. Hakaida turns back around just in time to see Double Machine fly away, under its own guidance. Ichiro and Hakaida fight. Hakaida apparently tells Ichiro he can't transform, then starts shooting at him with Hakaida Shot. Ichiro does transform however. Akira appears holding the black cylinder Hakaida gave him. He tosses it at Hakaida, it explodes. Not understanding Japanese I don't know what Akira or 01 told Hakaida but I think Akira must have only pretended to be under Hakaida's control. Before 01 and Hakaida could fight the ground under Hakaida opened up to swallow him.

I don't know where Double Machine came from, but Ichiro drives off on it. Akira is met by the boy who is usually with the pickpocket. Akira recognises that the boy is his brother. Whether Akira knew all along this boy was his brother or learned it recently I don't know. This is one of the drawbacks of not understanding the language (except for a few words). The boy's name is Hiroshi. He is the eldest son of Professor Gill and Akira's older brother. Ichiro meets with his "brother" Jiro. As the two are talking they hear a sound. Following the sound they find the pickpocket, laying on the ground, talking in her sleep. Her name by the way is Misao and she was Hiroshi's tutor just as Rieko was Akira's tutor. Hiroshi opens a secret door hidden under a rock, which he somehow knows leads to the base of the Shadow. The toy boys enter the base!

The boys find themselves just outside Big Shadow's chamber. Hakaida, apparently tired of having his fights with 01 interupted, forces his way into Big Shadow's room to challenge the leader. Big Shadow is sitting in his chair. He stands, turns to face Hakaida. And...his face is that of Rieko. As Hakaida stands there confused, the boys watch from the shadows. Rieko's face transforms into a skull. A white beam shots out of the skull hitting Hakaida. Then skull faced figure vanishes in a puff of smoke. Suddenly a second Hakaida burst through a wall. The two Hakaidas fight. One pushes the other aside and breaks a hole in another wall, stepping through the hole to find himself face to face with Big Shadow. Big Shadow says something, I don't know what, and in response Hakaida removes his mask. It's Jiro in disguise! Big Shadow smiles, as if he knew it all the time. The real Hakaida tries to enter the room. Jiro tries to stop him, but Hakaida forces his way past Jiro. When Hakaida approaches Big Shadow they both disappear in another puff of smoke. So, was it Hakaida or Jiro who originally burst in on Big Shadow, and got zapped? I think it was Gill Hakaida, furious at having to serve Big Shadow instead of leading his own organization.

Jiro takes Hiroshi and Akira out of the Shadow's base.

Hakaida, in chains, is forced by Big Shadow to watch a tv screen showing Shadowmen sent after a woman. Ichiro and Jiro attack the Shadowmen. Big Shadow releases Hakaida to take on 01. As Hakaida and Ichiro fight, Big Shadow flips a switch and three bulldozers attempt to crush Ichiro between them. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and using "Blasto Endo Flash" (three bursts of his energy weapon) blows up the bulldozers. Hakaida resumes the attack, this time trying to fight both Kikaida 01 and Kikaida. When the brothers both punch him at the same time he goes flying into the air and explodes. The ground opens up to swallow his head. Ichiro and Jiro shake hands, probably thinking they've defeated Gill Hakaida at last.

Back at his base, Big Shadow, makes Gill Hakaida a new body. Hakaida stands and salutes Big Shadow, twice, but will this new found loyalty to Big Shadow last?

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