Episode 19: The King Indian Certain-Death Spell!


King Indian - human form

A truckload of Japanese men, women and children all dressed like American cowboys is attacked, by what appears to be an American Indian. King Indian turns out to be a Shadow monster. King Indian is apparently a medicine man. After witnessing a ceremony that increases King Indians' power Gill Hakaida is visited by the ghost of Professor Gill who gives him a new circuit.

Ichiro hears a cry for help. When he and Akira entere a small shed they find Gill Hakaida beating up on that foolish photographer, Ganta. When Ichiro intervenes Gill Hakaida starts hitting him. After a bit Hakaida runs out of the building, which then begins to fill up with smoke. When Ichiro breaks down the door the smoke stops, but a metal grate falls down in place of the door. Ichiro tries to break out but can't. Suddenly Hakaida comes back and breaks through the grate as though it were made of paper. Ichiro is worried about Gill Hakaida's new strength.

Gill Hakaida and Ichiro meet outside. After telling Ichiro something about King indian, Gill Hakaida attacks Ichiro. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. Unknown to the two opponents, King Indian and Shadow Knight are watching the battle from a hilltop. King Indian plots to deprive 01 of sunlight. Suddenly Kikaida appears to join 01 in battling Gill Hakaida. Together the brothers are a match for Hakaida, so he vanishes.

01 and Kikaida transform into Ichiro and Jiro. Ichiro sends Jiro on some mission. Rieko appears. Ichiro, Akira, Rieko and the photographer move to a shack where the photographer tries to have a large supper. His meal is interupted by an arrow coming through the window. More arrows enter the room. Ichiro starts to take the humans up to the second floor, but hearing a noise he goes to investigate alone. Flaming arrows have started a fire. Ichiro puts it out then is attacked by indians who came through the skylight. Back on the first floor an indian breaks in to attack the photographer (only adult male in the room), Rieko hits the indian on the head with a frying pan. Ichiro beats of the indians and puts out another fire. Morning comes.

An indian tosses a tube into the room, when the tube breaks open a bunch of centipedes fall out. Ichiro finds a blow torch and fries them. Ganta makes a white flag and tries to surrender, hodlding the flag out a window. Indians come through the window. (We never seen Ganta again after this). Ichiro defeats the indians. He hears King Indian outside. Steps outside to answer his challange.

King Indian - monster form

On horseback, King Indian throws a spear at Ichiro. Ichiro cathes the spear and breaks it in half. King Indian tries to hit Ichiro with an axe. Ichiro dodges the blows then mounting Double Machine rides off. King Indian follows on horseback. Ichiro stops and transforms into Kikaida 01. King Indian dismounts and goes after 01 with his axe. 01 Cut takes care of the Axe. Shadow Knight tells King Indian to attack 01's computer. King Indian uses magic against 01. The spell causes King Indian to transform into his monster form. The spell appears to be working against 01. Suddenly, Kikaida appears to knock King Indian down, ruining the spell. Shadowmen appear but they're of now help to King Indian. 01 quickly uses Blasto Endo. Shadow Knight picks up the defeated King Indian's axe. Gill Hakaida appears to make threats against 01 as Ichiro and Jiro drive off.

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