Episode 18: History Unparalleled!! The Android Great Explosion


Giant Devil

Despite having lost the plans to Giant Devil the Shadow scientists continue to work on it. Big Shadow and the incomplete, Giant Devil converse. The head of Giant Devil seperates from its body. It flies over the city and bombs it. Aftewards the head returns to the Shadow base and reattaches itself to the head. To finish Giant Devil the plans Akira carries are still needed.

Standing at a carwash Akira watches a car enter the machine. Suddenly he pulls off his shirt and tries to enter the carwash, to remove the Giant Devil plans from his back. Rieko stops him. He forces his way past her, only to be stopped by Jiro.

Back at the Shadow base, two android replicas of Akira are revealed.

Akira attempts to drown himself. Jiro jumps into the ocean after him. The android Akira explodes.

The pickpocket and the other young boy, sleeping outside, wake up. They go back to sleep. While Rieko searching the beach for Jiro and Akira finds Jiro's guitar floating.

Gill Hakaida riding White Crow, appears to have captured Akira. Ichiro appears transforms into Kikaida 01 and goes after Gill Hakaida.

Back at Shadow base Akira is in the hands of a Shadowman.

01 takes Akira back from Gill Hakaida. There is an explosion. The pickpocket finds Ichiro's trumpet, with a bunch of robot pieces.

Back at Shadow base the plans on Akira's back are used to continue work on the Giant Devil. In case 01 survived another plan for his destruction is revealed. Three Shadowmen each having the head of 01 walk through three hallways. Each is trap designed to destroy robots. The three androids explode. As work continues on the Giant Devil an alarm goes off. Ichiro has arrived, but wait, something is wrong, the anti-01 system isn't working. When Ichiro tries to take Akira, Gill Hakaida pulls of Ichiro's face to reveal, Rieko. The executions of Rieko and Akira are ordered.

The executions are to be held outdoors. As Shadowmen, one carrying a sword, the rest carrying those red and black lightning bolts approach the condemned a trumpet is heard. The trumpet is played by Jiro! Gill Haikaida raises Hikaida Shot to shoot at Jiro when a guitar is heard, played by Ichiro! The Kikaida brothers toss each other their instruments before transforming and doing battle. 01 frees Rieko, Kikaida frees Akira. 01 enters the Shadow base to find the Giant Devil robot. Kikaida enters the base too.

Double Brother Power

During the fighting Gill Hakaida manages to pin 01's hands behind his back. Shadow Knight comes at 01 with his sword. Kikaida attacks Shadow Knight. Suddenly Gill Hakaida and Shadow Knight vanish. Giant Devil which has been silent suddenly speaks and fires missiles at 01 and Kikaida. The missiles miss. 01 and Kikaida linking arms shout "Double Brother Power" and from their two free arms two whilte bolts shoot out hitting Giant Devil. Giant Devil bursts into flames. Jiro and Ichiro flee the Shadow base before it explodes.

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